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Karen Hill Tribe in Chiang Mai

akyra Manor Chiang Mai

The Karen Hill tribes originally from Burma, started moving into Thailand in the 17th Century, the majority of the tribes can now be found in the Northern parts of Chiang Mai.

The tribes have become one of the most popular tourist destinations or guided tours in Chiang Mai, the villages are one of the “Must Do” Chiang Mai adventures, you will have the opportunity to participate in one of the Karen rituals like the Lord of the Land and Water, or simply revel in the old and ancient traditions of this ancient culture.

The Karen are most popularly known for the large amount of Neck rings worn by the women, which elongate the length of the neck to dramatic proportions. These friendly and welcoming people will guide you through their daily lives take you into their stilted homes deep inside the Chiang Mai Forests.

The Karen Hill tribe is a short drive from the 5 Star akyra Manor Hotel, ask at reception for more details or availabilities of the tours.

Seventy KM’s North of Chiang Mai lies the 2175 meter high Chiang Dao caves, a massive outcrop of rocks that rise into the clouds and can be explored throughout the year, this natural spectacle and popular tourist destination can be viewed throughout the year. Take a guided tour or arrange to rent a car at the akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel’s reception to discover this natural wonder and most awe inspiring view of the North of Thailand.

The Chiang Dao caves are the highest in Thailand and overlook the Famous Karen Hill Tribes below, make a full day tour by starting with the 1 kilometer trek through the caves, you will need to be rent a lantern from the locals at he entrance as the caves become dark very soon as you enter the mighty caves, there are different levels within the caves to suit children or the elderly. After your exploration through one of Thailands most beautiful natural highlights venture down to the various Hill Tribes to get a true feeling of the North culture.

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Location of the hotel was great. The surrounding was reasonably quiet, with access to many nice restaurants, be it local or international. The room was very spacious, and in very good condition.
- by By Kimmy L. (Stay date July 2016) -
I stayed at this hotel for 3 nights and from the moment we were picked up from the hotel our experience was amazing. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful especially Nee she was the best. The room was perfect and that outdoor tub was the best. The bed was extremely comfortable and pillows were perfect.
- by By Kyle David (Stay date July 2016) -
Beyond expectations...beautiful architecture and decor genius. Wonderfully competent staff! Great location in trendy area. Restaurants, bars, massage, and laundry foot steps away. Food is also awesome!!
- by By Anielle S. (Stay date July 2016) -
Where do I begin? This hotel was the most amazing hotel I have stayed at in my life. It is so modern and clean! It is small and intimate which was amazing. The pool was so unique and beautiful. Their breakfast is so delicious that it is hard to put it into words.
- by By Bernice B. (Stay date May 2016) -
This boutique hotel serves you at your every request from their heart and helped create a wonderful birthday surprise for my wife. All staff members are friendly and accessible and I would say the hotel probably reflects the best of friendly Chiang Mai. I would highly recommend it to every one
- by By Dennis C. (Stay date July 2016) -