Beach Villas Tell no Secrets in Phang Nga, Phuket

Who says that there’s no heaven on earth?

Certainly, nobody who has visited Phuket  in Thailand and especially the Phang Nga area fantasy land where everywhere you look, Mother Nature has maximised her power and influence to deliver luxury holiday experiences that are straight out of romance novels and films.

There’s a reason Phang Nga is called the nation’s princess province: It’s ethereal. Gorgeous. Pristine and enchanting. From breathtaking waterfalls to the majesty of the Andaman Sea, you’ll understand the meaning of the word enchantment with every passing hour spent in this fairytale land.

What opportunities would you like to explore during your holiday in this picture postcard region? Are you keen to take guided kayak tours and wander islands, lagoons and caves? Perhaps your idea of fun is to shop until you drop at Phuket’s Old City markets to purchase mementos for yourself and gifts for those back home.

Capture the wonder of endangered animals living in their Ao Phang Nga National Park sanctuary with your camera or prioritise a visit to the Thalang National Museum where inspiration and history meet. Tour Buddhist temples, take cookery classes or see where one of the best James Bond spy thrillers was filmed...

...or you're invited to exercise your right to do absolutely nothing as you search for the center of your soul within the quiet echoes of the morning when breezes kiss your face and all of the chatter dispensed by the world can’t be heard because you left it all back home.

The temptation to stick around and immerse yourselves in the Natai Beach wonderland that serves as your home-away-from-home during your idyllic stay can be irresistible. But it’s real and from the moment you arrive, this is your private paradise found!


Natai Beach

When jaded travellers who have visited every corner of the globe arrive at Natai Beach(Pilai Beach), it’s fun to watch the transition in their facial expressions. This 10-kilometre long stretch of beach is capable of morphing a stressed visitor into the picture of tranquillity in minutes because Natai Beach is designed to soothe the spirit and offer a respite from stress. Forget the tawdry beach bars and intrusive, imposing multi-storied hotels. You won't find either here.

Natai Beach in Phang Nga, Phuket - akyra Beach Resort Phuket

Some call this a sacred space. You may agree from the moment you immerse yourself in the area’s bliss-inducing sand and surf. Yet, Natai Beach is just 20-minutes away from bustling Phuket, though it may just as well be on another planet.

Natai Beach remains a sanctuary for travellers who search endlessly for a place to unwind and get in touch with their feelings, emotions and sensibilities. There is no “rush hour” along the road that hugs the coast. And you’ll be in no rush to leave once you rediscover your sense of self.

Yes, there are places to dine in this community—-and none of them are pedestrian. In fact, Natai Beach is an epicenter of private beach villa resorts that are unrivalled in Thailand or elsewhere in Asia: The Alteena and akyra resorts where staff is committed to exceeding the expectations of every guest.


Alteena Phuket Resort & Spa

You’re exhausted. Stressed. And the relationships you treasure have been given short shrift as a result of our busy modern lifestyles. Maybe it’s time to attend to what’s really important: the people you love.

There’s no place on Earth that offers you that opportunity more than Aleenta Phuket Resort at Natai Beach where luxury, private beachfront suites and villas define the word paradise.

True, you’ll have to make a decision when confronted with so many luxury accommodation choices, but once you decide between the lofts, seaside villas, pool suites and residences, you’ll have very few decisions to make as your spirit returns into a restorative state.

What decisions? For starters, how much time do you want to spend at the resort spa? And which experiences, amenities and attractions shall we book?

Bring the love of your life to The Alteena Resort or treat your entire family to the time of their lives if that’s your favourite way to holiday! Tuck into an 80 sq.m. ocean-view loft or the beachfront Grand Noi villa featuring five roomy bedrooms and an abundance of indoor and outdoor gathering spaces that allow guests to tailor their stay to their personal proclivities and desires.

Staff are welcoming, discreet and eager to make your stay the highlight of your year, so whether you need fresh towels for your Jacuzzi or you’re eager to put that “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door, your wish is the command of our wonderfully-trained staff, each of whom specialises in the art of hospitality.

Natai Beach Villas at Aleenta Phuket Resort.jpg

It goes without saying that the beach is always steps away from whichever accommodation you select and the degree of privacy you’ll experience is unlike anything you’ve enjoyed in the past. Prestigious rating services repeatedly award Alteena five stars, though guests who return frequently say those five-star ratings aren’t high enough!

Wait until you glimpse the ambiance and “explosive journey of Asian flavors” that grace menu selections at the resort’s eateries. Dine at The Natai, a gourmand’s dream that’s trendy and the epitome of elegance or opt for casual meals taken just yards from the water by frequenting The Edge. But if your romantic intentions are focused on privacy, your request for dinner for two means you don’t have to dress for dinner. Literally.

From pristine beaches to the assignment of private chefs, butlers and chauffeurs, each of whom is devoted to making your experience the stuff of which dreams are made, you don’t have to be a billionaire to live like one on holiday if you book your stay at Phang Nga’s Alteena where we speak the language of pampering and no translation is ever necessary!


akyra Beach Resort Phuket

When time is of the essence and you seek nirvana close enough to an airport to take advantage of every second of your holiday time, your prime destination should be akyra Beach Resort Phuket. That 20-minute drive from Phuket International Airport is so quick, you could change into your bathing suit on the drive if there’s enough room in your rental vehicle to pull off that trick!

Who would blame you? Natai Beach (Pilai Beach) awaits your pleasure but the akyra Beach Club is out to capture your heart. This boutique beach resort--featuring 42 rooms and suites plus 17 exclusive beach villas has been designed to surpass your expectations. From the moment you arrive, every one of your senses comes alive, responding to the inviting breezes, flowers and sound of the sea as it washes over the shoreline.

Treat yourself to a beach-side massage. While your body is being pampered you'll find it easy to rid yourself of guilt you may harbour that says you don't deserve a break! Spend time in our fully-equipped fitness center or indulge your appetite at the resort’s eateries. Running out of things to do is never an issue if you like taking tours, seeing the sites and learning about this exotic area.

Natai Beach Villas at akyra Beach Resort Phuket

Every accommodation on resort grounds is designed with your comfort in mind and equipped with amenities you can’t live without. From cooling air-conditioning, a jumbo flat-screen TV featuring cable networks to complimentary Wi-Fi (if you insist on touching bases with the outside world), there's nothing you need that the akyra staff hasn't already thought about--including amenities like plush towels, a fully-equipped mini-bar and complementary Ayurah essential oils in case you forget to bring your own.

But you’ll not only find a sweet collection of essential oils awaiting you at akyra: this resort has its own cool Ice Cream Boutique. The creamy delights from which you can choose aren’t just for the kids! Italian gelato flavours run the gamut from exotic green tea and passion fruit to tropical coconut, mango and best-selling scoops of Oreo ice cream guaranteed to put everyone in a happy state of mind by day.

But it’s the beach-side bar and restaurant, where new friends are made to the beat of the Club’s DJ after sundown that are most likely to become your favourite memories. So, whether you're eager to indulge your inner explorer by booking tours and adventures with the akyra concierge--or your sole reason for your visit is indulging your sensuous side--find out why frequent visitors wouldn't think of travelling to another place on the planet once they've tasted the sweet life.



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