Luxury Beach Resort Wedding Guide in Phang Nga, Phuket

Thinking of a romantic beach wedding in a lush, island location? Destination weddings offer the couple the option of hosting their celebration in a beautiful location with family and friends and spending their honeymoon at a luxury beach resort.

A stunning location to add to your wedding wish list, is Phuket, Thailand. The crystal clear water is a vibrant blue, the beaches are sandy, and the sunsets are phenomenal. A beach wedding can be simple or as elaborate as you wish.

Beach Wedding in Phang Nga, Phuket - akyra Beach Resort Phuket

Your Guide to Beach Weddings in Phang Nga, Phuket

Phuket is a once in a lifetime destination. Nestled between the Andaman Sea and Phang Nga Bay in southern Thailand, a trip to Phang Nga offers impressive views, exciting outings, and amazing traditions.


Making Your Wedding Official

A Letter of Intent has to be filed at your country's consulate or embassy in Bangkok. The process can take up to two days. There are three ways to handle the process.

  • You may have a wedding planner in Phuket manage the remainder of the paperwork
  • You can remain in Bangkok and have a translation service process the paperwork
  • You may go to the necessary agencies and handle everything yourself

To locate your countries embassy in Thailand :


The Marriage Registry

The Letter of Intent has to be translated into the Thai language. The documents have to be registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When you go to one of the local registry offices in Thailand, your marriage is official, and you can have any ceremony you want. You must have an original birth certificate, proof of identity such as a passport, and proof of divorce if you've been married before.


Beach Resort Wedding

One of the loveliest boutique resorts in Phuket for your dream wedding is the akyra Beach Resort Phuket in Phang Nga. When you're exchanging your vows on a tropical beach, you don't want a lot of strangers looking on. One of akyra Beach Resort Phuket resorts best features is the private beach or the tropical garden for your ceremony. However, the pristine beach is a beautiful spot for your ceremony, especially at sunset.

Boutique Beach Resort Phuket Weddings - akyra Beach Resort Phuket

akyra Beach Resort Phuket resort is right on Natai Beach, and only 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport. The location of the airport is convenient for family and friends to fly in to help you celebrate your wedding day.

This Five Star resorts accommodation features 58 suites and guest rooms, and include Garden Rooms and Villas, Seaview Villas, and Deuxe Suites. The Club akyra beachfront restaurant features oceanfront dining. The lovely Upper Deck features al fresco and indoor dining, and a sumptuous breakfast buffet, all with exceptional views.


Why Use the Resorts Wedding Planner?

Planning your wedding at home can be stressful enough. When you're planning a beach wedding and reception in a destination hundreds or thousands of miles from home, you won't be able to visit the venues in person. You can't discuss all the details with the vendors in person. Hiring a wedding specialist is the most sensible option.


Your Dream Beach Wedding Day

Wedding specialists in Phuket are familiar with the local vendors since they have working relationships with them. They know who the most reputable photographers and florists are, and may be able to get lower prices for you. Another reason to hire a wedding specialist to plan your ceremony and reception is that you can have a package that the resort offers, or you can have the wedding planner customise your ceremony and reception.

A wedding coordinator in Phuket is familiar with the celebrants that are nearby and the type of wedding that each of them will officiate at. It's essential to choose the celebrant that expresses your faith and will conduct the ceremony accordingly. Some couples want a traditional Thai service while others prefer a Western tradition; some may want to combine the Christian and Buddhist faiths.


Best Time For a Phuket Wedding

One of the questions most couples want the answer to is what the best time to plan a beach ceremony in Phuket is. Phuket has two seasons; the rainy season and the dry season, also knowns as High Season that extends between November and April. Peak Season is January and February. High Season is the ideal time for a beach wedding, but there may be other considerations such as budget or work commitments.

During High Season, accommodation, airfare, food, and drink prices are higher than they are in the off-season. However, you'll have pleasant, sunny days. If you don't mind intermittent showers and the occasional storm, you can still manage a lovely beach wedding. Cloudy days still make an excellent backdrop for your nuptials.


Beachfront Weddings

Our outdoor beach venue is perfect for a romantic wedding ceremony. Our resort handles:

  • Western Engagements
  • Western Weddings
  • Thai Weddings

Our professional wedding planner is here to help you with every detail of your big day so all you have to do relax and celebrate with your family and friends. Services that our wedding planner provides include:

  • Planning the ceremony
  • Hiring the florist
  • Coordinating the floral decor
  • Assisting in finding the perfect wedding dress
  • Choosing the music
  • Finding the perfect photographer

We can begin planning your ceremony and reception before you arrive in Phuket and our wedding coordinator will keep you up-to-date on all the details by email.

Resort Weddings in Phang Nga, Phuket - akyra Beach Resort Phuket


Western Wedding Ceremonies

Since your marriage is official when it's registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs whether it's a Western or Thai ceremony, the wedding service is a formality, but many couples want their family and friends to be present.

The Western ceremony includes a wedding planner to coordinate the festivities and a celebrant for the service. An altar with floral decor is set up on the beach. The package includes the wedding cake for up to 30 guests.

Resort Wedding Brochure & Packages


Thai Wedding Ceremonies

The Thai wedding includes the altar with Thai floral arrangements. The couple has the option to wear traditional Thai wedding costumes. Additional amenities for the ceremony include:

  • Thai flower garlands to wear during the ceremony
  • Tropical flowers for the traditional ceremony using holy water
  • Traditional Buddhist blessing ceremony
  • Monks morning refreshments
  • Temple donation

The traditional Thai wedding ceremony and the Western ceremony are based on 30 guests. If you're having a larger wedding, a surcharge is charged for each additional guest.

Local flowers such as lotus and orchids are chosen for the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets unless you plan otherwise. Hair styling and cosmetology services for the bridal party are an option before the ceremony. The resort has a spa so you can treat yourself to a deluxe spa treatment to unwind walking down the aisle.


Food and Drinks For the Reception

The resort offers a variety of options to suit every taste. Three and four-course dinners are available, with canapes and a pre-wedding buffet as options. Buffets include:

  • Safari Gourmet
  • Discover Thailand
  • Grill BBQ

Beverage options include and open bar with beer, spirits, and wine for three hours.


Entertainment and Music

If you've already chosen the music you want to be played for your ceremony, the resort offers a sound system for the service as part of the wedding package. Options for the reception include a DJ or a live band. Traditional dances by Thai performers are an option for the reception.

Beach Wedding Venue in Phang Nga, Phuket - akyra Beach Resort Phuket


Additional Wedding Options

At your request and for an additional charge, the resort will provide decorations for the chairs and lighting for the dance floor. We have transfer service to and from the airport for you and your guests, if required.

Photography services include pre-wedding photographs, one or two photographers, and videography services to capture every moment of your wedding and reception.


Pre-Wedding Events

If you have family and friends flying in for your wedding, you have the option of scheduling a pre-wedding dinner or party at the resort. The elegant function room has a lovely terrace and can accommodate between 20 and 40 guests, depending on your seating arrangements.

The function room is often used for business meetings but is a great choice for a cocktail reception or rehearsal dinner before your wedding. The wedding planner at the resort can help you to coordinate everything so you can spend the time socialising with your guests.


Entertainment For Wedding Guests

akyra Beach Resort Phuket offers charming terraced gardens or private balconies with a contemporary decor. The resort offers a beach spa, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and an entertainment room. Recreational amenities include beach volleyball, surfing, and bicycling. The swimming pool offers a swim-up bar so you can sip your favourite drinks poolside. The Upper Deck Panoramic Seaview Restaurant serves traditional Thai and international cuisine.


Attractions in Phang Nga, Phuket

If you're spending your honeymoon in Phuket, the island has cultural and religious attractions, beautiful beaches, live entertainment, and sparkling nightlife.

If you love the beach but want to avoid the crowds, Ao Sane beach is shaded by tropical trees and is great for snorkelling. Ao Yon is a small village that's frequented by local on the weekend, but is quiet during the week, and has shallow water. Banana Beach is a lovely, tranquil beach with a restaurant.

Nui Beach has a bar and restaurant and activities that include snorkelling, kayaking, and boating. You can scuba dive here, but advance arrangements are necessary.

Natai Beach offers all the beauty of better known hot spots but much more. The beach lies along the shore of Andaman Sea on the west coast of Thailand. Its coral reefs are considered some of the best preserved in the world. Just ten minutes north of Phuket, Natai is more than quiet and peaceful, you can literally walks for hours without seeing anyone. It is a ten kilometre strip of pristine beach, whose government protection ensures that it will retain its isolation from the hustle and bustle of Phuket.

Day trips to the outer islands with lunch are an option when you want some quiet time to explore. Specialised tours to Srisoonthron Temple, a pineapple farm, and for animal lovers, Soi Dog Foundation. You can arrange for private tours of the islands or Khao Sok National Park.


Nightlife in Phuket

One of the most entertaining performances in Phuket is at Siam Niramit, a large entertainment complex. The colourful, three-act program highlights Thai history. The Quip Sky Bar is the city's first rooftop bar and a great place to watch the breathtaking sunset.

The Timber Hut features live shows featuring Thai and international music, food, and reasonably priced drinks. The venue attracts locals as well as foreign tourists.

Beachfront weddings at the spectacular resort in Phuket are meticulously planned by our wedding coordinator, so every detail is taken care of. Our onsite planner handles all the arrangements with local vendors to ensure that your wedding is exactly what you want. We can assist you in customising your wedding ceremony so that it's memorable for you, your family, and friends.



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