10 Sukhumvit Restaurants Worth a Visit in Bangkok

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Bangkok? If so, then you must search along Sukhumvit road. This major street in the Thai capital has become the epicentre of the city's ever-evolving restaurant scene. Here you'll find a diverse array of restaurants ranging from phenomenal fine dining to delicious smaller establishments. Any foodies visiting Bangkok must try a few of the Sukhumvit restaurants listed below.


Sukhumvit Restaurants in Bangkok

1. Enoteca Italiana

Enoteca is often regarded as Bangkok's premier Italian fine dining restaurant. The interior design of this restaurant, which is heavy on wood and bricks, will instantly transport you to a cozy rustic retreat in the Italian countryside. Although most of the dishes on Enoteca's à la carte menu are complex, they also compliment to the restaurant's comforting ambience.

A few favourite menu items at Enoteca include the duck leg in vanilla celery cream, slow-roasted suckling pig with veggies, and salmon topped with beets and black garlic. Almost all of the ingredients used at this Michelin star restaurant are shipped into the restaurant from Europe every day.

Oh yeah, and then there's Enoteca's acclaimed wine list. It should also come as no surprise that a restaurant named after a "wine library" offers guests almost 400 authentic European wines to choose from.

Please note: Enoteca prefers guests to wear "business casual" attire, which means no flip-flops or sleeveless shirts.

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2. Kebabs & Kurries

Craving some spicy Indian food while in Sukhumvit, plan to visit the highly-acclaimed Kebabs & Kurries. This modest restaurant near Bangkok's financial district specialises in Pakistani-Indian fare like Golouti kebabs, biryanis, and tikka masala. Indeed, some of the most highly praised dishes at Kebabs & Kurries are the fish tikka masala and the chicken tikka masala. But don't worry if you're not into eating meat; Kebabs & Kurries also has an extensive vegetarian menu.

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3. Sunrise Tacos

What are you to do if you're in the mood for Mexican food in Bangkok? Simple: stop by Sukhumvit's Sunrise Tacos, there are a few in Bangkok.

City residents consider Sunrise Tacos to be the most authentic (and delicious) Mexican restaurant in the city. You'll find all the staples here: tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and fajitas with your choice of meat. In addition to Mexican fare, Sunrise Tacos offers many American classics like juicy hamburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, and, of course, warm apple pie. Be sure to wash down your meal with a cool margarita or a smooth tequila.

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4. Cabbages And Condoms

Only in Thailand will you find a restaurant as unique as Cabbages and Condoms. No, this isn't some risqué Red Light district haunt. Actually, Cabbages and Condoms is on a mission to promote sexual health throughout Thailand. To achieve this goal, a portion of the restaurant's revenues goes to the Population & Community Development Association (PDA).

The menu at Cabbages and Condoms is all based on traditional Thai cuisine. Some of the most popular main courses offered here include stir-fried asparagus and shrimp, grilled pork neck, and northern Thai chicken curry. There's also an extensive vegetarian menu at Cabbages and Condoms that includes green curry with tofu, bean curd with cashews, and soup of mushroom with coconut milk and galangal. Oh, and don't forget to save room for ice cream!

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5. Whale's Belly

Whale's Belly is another award-winning European-themed fine dining restaurant in Sukhumvit. And, yes, it does really look like you've entered the belly of a whale in this restaurant!

Just like Enoteca, Whale's Belly gathers the freshest possible produce and meat every day from international sources. Unlike Enoteca, however, Whale's Belly incorporates more Asian flare into its otherwise classic French dishes. A few staples on Whale's Belly's à la carte menu include fois gras, yuzu cold capellini, and wagyu beef cheek.

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6. Siam Soul Café

People looking for superb contemporary Thai cuisine in a sleek setting should visit the Siam Soul Café. This all-day restaurant is a part of the Akyra Tas Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel and seats 66 people inside, outside, and at the bar. Guests love the natural light that pours into this café, as well as the exceptional views of Bangkok from the outdoor terrace.

Besides the décor, Siam Soul Café is celebrated for its mix of Western and Thai dishes. A few unique menu options guests enjoy include the Thai tea tiramisu, cinnamon waffles, and deep-fried spring rolls. As mentioned above, there's a full-service bar at Siam Soul Café. Also, breakfast is available all day; so, don't feel awkward about ordering your scrambled eggs late at night.

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7. Akira Back

Famed Korean-American chef Akira Back opened his first major Bangkok restaurant in Sukhumvit's Marriot Marquis Bangkok Queen's Park. Situated on the hotel's 37th floor, this exhilarating restaurant offers exceptional views of Bangkok's skyline with its floor and ceiling windows.

All of the menu items offered at Akira Back are a mix of traditional Asian cuisine with Western touches. Some of the signature dishes at Back include a tuna pizza, king crab legs, and a wagyu short rib. In addition to the 100-seat dining area, Akira Back also has a sushi bar, four private rooms, and an omakase bar.

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8. Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery

The Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery is a Michelin-listed restaurant that prides itself on using all organic products from local farms. That's right, all of the food products listed here come from artisan producers who are certified organic.

Most of the options on Cocotte's menu are based on the rich heritage of French cuisine, but there are also many great BBQ dishes here. A few of the signature dishes at Cocotte include the truffle risotto, grilled bone marrow, and the ravioli duck and morels.

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9. China Table

Bangkok has a large Chinese immigrant population that has left an indelible mark on the city's cuisine and culture. One of the best places to taste authentic Chinese cuisine in Sukhumvit is China Table in the Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok.

This Cantonese-based restaurant has a distinctively modern ambience with many speciality bars. One of the highlights of this restaurant is that you could order all-you-could-eat dim sum snacks. A few must-try dishes offered at China Table include steamed snow fish drizzled in soy sauce, Hong Kong-style crispy pork, and, of course, Peking duck.

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10. Bo.Lan

Although Bo.Lan is last on our list, it's one of the highest reviewed restaurants in all of Bangkok. Conveniently located near the Thong Lor BTS Station, Bo.Lan is all about authentic Thai cuisine.

This restaurant has set menus that change depending on the season. A few famous menu items that were listed on Bo.Lan's menu include grilled pork and squid salad, red chicken curry with veggies, and shrimp in chili relish and coconut cream. To help enhance your relaxation, there's a lovely garden area around Bo.Lan to marvel over.

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No matter what cuisine you're hunting for, you'll find something to satisfy your tummy in Sukhumvit. Just be sure you reserve your seats well in advance if you're opting for one of these dining experiences.


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