Why Nimman, Chiang Mai is the Perfect Singapore Getaway

Uniquely enjoyable shopping and dining experiences attract visitors to Nimman in Chiang Mai and provides the perfect atmosphere for a great change of pace from Singapore. The fashionable location in northern Thailand offers many diversions to guests who enjoy an abundance of attractive options.


Singapore Getaway to Nimman Chiang Mai - akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel


Singapore Getaway to Nimman

The influences of the past and present combine to create an upscale, trendy environment where excellence in food, drinks, shops, art, culture and sightseeing abounds. Uniting the old and new into a remarkable mix of cultural expressions, the famous landmark street presents elegant delights. The range of interests that it serves appeals to the senses in shops that line the street and make every day a rewarding adventure.

This Boutique Nimman Hotel offers easy access to Nimman Road, the Chiang Mai National Museum and many other points of interest. Visitors can enjoy representative highlights of the culture at the Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center. In addition, some notable landmarks attract visitors to the Phae Gate and the Chiang Mai Zoo. A restful retreat highlighted by the diversity of boutique shops, fine dining and evening entertainment makes an escape from Singapore worthwhile.


Starting at the Think Park Nimman

A great visit can start at a creatively styled shopping mall where the shops vie for attention from the hip and trendy shoppers. A wide array of products and services make the Think Park Nimman a perfect starting place with adjacent parking that makes access easy. Any interested shopper can find numerous purchases that complement a home, office, landscape or interior design. The shopkeepers greet visitors warmly and offer assistance with finding something especially pleasing. An entire day of shopping may pass without any hesitation or delay in the fascinating experience. The personal attention that shopkeepers offer to visitors makes the experience even more meaningful.


Exploring the Nimman Alleys

Each of the 17 alleys that line the main street of Nimman provides space for shop owners to display artistic treasures, hand-crafted items, extraordinary furniture selections and interior décor specialties. With innovation and charm, each shop in Nimman Road offers an opportunity to explore and find something uniquely pleasing. The engaging shops and the incredible range of merchandise can keep shoppers browsing, buying keepsakes and selecting gifts for others for many delightful hours.


Experiencing an Exciting New District

The Rim Khan junction offers a Western-style building with an open space in the middle of the first floor for staging events. Restaurants and shops surrounding the area provide plenty of attractions to explore. Conveniently located shops on the second floor invite visitors to choose clothing, cosmetics, souvenirs, food and even home appliances. Particularly fascinating for many, the shops that display handmade textiles draw attention and admiration. A reward for the artistically inclined connoisseur, the unique creations in Nimman shops delight anyone who appreciates the beauty of art, design and architecture.



Savouring Coffee

A restful break from enjoying the cultural sights and finding thoughtful gifts for loved ones can provide an opportunity to enjoy special blends of coffee. Aficionados can find local coffee blends that rival Starbucks or choose to stick to familiar favourites. The aromas of roasting coffee beans draw everyone into a delightful bar for a deliciously invigorating cup before returning to the shops.

The variety and availability of numerous coffee shops encourage visitors to take several breaks during the day to sample the delicious beverage. Proprietors regard the development and preservation of flavours as an art that they cherish and protect. Concoctions represent the best of their ingenuity in developing a pleasing taste in every sip. Upscale atmospheres in the coffee shops make them appeal to tourists and local inhabitants alike.



Satisfying Discerning Gourmets

The diversity of tastes that restaurants in Nimman provide for guests allows the presentation of magnificent dishes and flavours. Some feature fusion-style that blends fresh greens with spicy pork salad. A side dish of colourful and nutritious tomato, cucumber and carrot creates a refreshing repast.

Northern-style entrees let visitors experience gooseberry soup containing ant eggs, minced pork salad and elegant mushroom curry dishes. Some restaurants feature seafood that tempts the gourmet palate with a spicy dip, In addition, curried noodle dishes or innovative flavours produced in fried rice and pineapple combinations enhance the dining experience. Crispy wonton appeals to many diners along with rice vermicelli and other local favourites. Visitors may find familiar entrees as well in restaurants that serve French toast or eggs Benedict in addition to bowls of acai, northern curries and sausages. Many serve clients at any hour of the day or night, but most open around 8 p.m. or later.



Nimman offers a paradise for visitors with shops that appeal to almost every interest with elegance and sophistication. Clothing, handmade textiles and locally-make shoes and bags provide many enjoyable shopping experiences and purchases. In addition, shoppers can find Korean, Japanese, European and American imports of shoes and bags. Anyone who enjoys shopping can find an endless array of items to consider as a keepsake of a trip to Nimman or a well-appreciated gift for someone.

The upbeat atmosphere in Nimman provides a suitable location for beautiful homes, hotels and guesthouses. Everything that appeals to the tastes and preferences of people who live in the trendy, stylish Nimman Road makes it an enjoyable day of shopping. Bookstores, coffee shops, art galleries, fine dining, bistros and bars enhance the area. An active nightlife scene appeals to everyone with live music to enjoy in bars and pubs.

Whether a casual style pub with live music or a sedate dining experience at an intimate café, every visitor can find a pleasing place to enjoy a tasty meal. The opportunity to buy a fashionable accent for a gift or home décor encourages shoppers to visit Nimman many times.



Understanding the Background

Visitors to Chiang Mai know that at least one visit to Nimman becomes an essential experience. Long recognized as a center of activity, it provides a destination where shoppers, diners and bar hoppers can find something to enjoy. A gift of the land where it stands to the Thai government from Gi and Gim Ho Nimmanhaemin created the area. Its status as a thriving, upscale location makes it a must place for people to see and enjoy. As one of the most intriguing and unique commercial locations in the Chiang Mai province, it offers everything that upscale, active and hip residents and visitors prefer.


Something to Remember

A lovely getaway from Singapore, Chiang Mai’s Nimman provides the diversity that makes a trip memorable. Whether visitors choose the delicate cuisine of a fine dinner or prefer the wares that street food vendors provide, everyone can enjoy experiencing the culture and the attributes of Nimman on every visit. Its unique appeal makes it a worthy choice for a getaway, an escape from a routine or a chance to try something different.

akyra Manor Chiang Mai caters to groups as well as couples and individual travellers. Our accommodations suit the preferences of honeymooners, adventurers, golfers and anyone looking for a fun-filled vacation in beautiful Thailand. We invite guests to experience the beauty of Thailand’s hills, rivers, streams, country lanes and pastoral landscape. Every visit leads to a desire to return again and again.


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