Family Days Out in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a city that welcomes families with open arms, offering a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and engaging activities. Known as the 'Rose of the North,' this serene destination blends the charm of ancient temples and traditional Thai culture with the excitement of modern attractions and natural wonders. Chiang Mai's warm and welcoming atmosphere makes it a perfect getaway for families seeking an enriching experience that caters to all ages.

From the moment you step into this historic city, you are greeted with the sight of majestic temples that dot the landscape, each telling a story of a bygone era. The city's well-preserved Lanna culture offers families a unique opportunity to dive deep into Thailand's rich traditions through interactive experiences, such as traditional Thai cooking classes and cultural shows. Beyond its cultural allure, Chiang Mai is surrounded by lush countryside and spectacular mountains, presenting endless opportunities for adventure and exploration. Whether visiting ethical elephant sanctuaries, hiking through the breathtaking scenery of Doi Inthanon National Park, or cooling off in the natural waters of the Sticky Waterfalls, Chiang Mai ensures that families have many ways to connect with nature and each other.

Chiang Mai's array of family-friendly activities extends to creative and educational experiences, such as making paper from elephant dung at the Elephant PooPooPaper Park or exploring the immersive world of 3D art at Art in Paradise. The city also boasts a variety of markets and bazaars where families can explore local crafts, savour Thai delicacies, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere together.


Family Days Out in Chiang Mai - akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel


Your Chiang Mai Family Adventure

A family adventure to Chiang Mai promises an enriching experience filled with cultural, natural, and recreational activities. A little planning goes a long way to ensure your trip is as enjoyable and smooth as possible. Here’s how to make the most of your family getaway to this Northern Thai gem.

Chiang Mai's climate significantly determines the best time for your family visit. The ideal months are between November and February, when the weather is cooler and dry, making it perfect for outdoor adventures and temple visits without the discomfort of the hot sun or the inconveniences of the rainy season. This period also coincides with several vibrant festivals, such as the Loy Krathong (Lantern Festival) and the Chiang Mai Flower Festival, offering families unique cultural experiences.

March to May marks the hot season, with temperatures climbing significantly, which might be less comfortable for outdoor activities, especially with young children. The rainy season from June to October offers lush, green landscapes and fewer tourists, but be prepared for daily showers that could affect your plans.


Getting Around Chiang Mai with Kids

Chiang Mai is relatively easy to navigate, making it convenient for families to explore. The Old City, a square area surrounded by moats and ancient walls, is compact and walkable, filled with temples, markets, and cafes.

  • Tuk-Tuks and Songthaews (Red Trucks):
    These are readily available and offer an authentic Thai experience. Negotiate the fare before boarding to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Grab:
    Southeast Asia's answer to Uber is a convenient and safe option for families needing a private ride. It’s handy for airport transfers and visits to attractions outside the city centre.
  • Rental Scooters:
    Ideal for adventurous families with older children, scooters offer flexibility. However, ensure you're comfortable with local driving conditions and always wear a helmet.
  • Bicycle Rentals:
    A great way to explore the less crowded areas, many guesthouses and rental shops offer bicycles suitable for adults and children.


"Familycation" Package at akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel

The akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel presents an enticing "Familycation" package for families seeking a comfortable and hassle-free stay. Designed with families in mind, this package includes:

  • Accommodation:
    A minimum of 2 nights in a Premier Suite, spacious enough to accommodate two adults and one child, ensuring a comfortable stay for the entire family.
  • Dining:
    Daily breakfast for three at the hotel’s Italics Restaurant, offering a range of delicious options to start your day right. Additionally, children below 12 eat free from the kids' menu, making meal times stress-free and enjoyable.
  • Experiences:
    Complimentary round-trip airport transfers remove the hassle of arranging transportation, allowing your family to begin and end your adventure easily. The package also includes a set of afternoon tea at the Rise Rooftop pool, offering stunning views and a relaxing atmosphere for family bonding time. The exclusive pizza-making activity for one child entertains and engages them in a culinary experience.


Choosing the "Familycation" package at akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel provides a blend of comfort, convenience, and memorable experiences, making it an ideal accommodation choice for families exploring the cultural and natural wonders of Chiang Mai.


Family Friendly Attractions in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a playground for families, with attractions catering to the curious, adventurous, and nature-loving spirits of both young and old. From the ancient echoes of Lanna culture to the thrilling calls of the wild, here's where families can create unforgettable memories together.


Cultural and Historical Exploration


Explore Ancient Temples:

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep:

Perched on the mountains overlooking Chiang Mai, this temple is a sacred site with a golden spire that can be seen glimmering from the city below. A visit here offers families a glimpse into Buddhist traditions, with the bonus of panoramic views of the city and surrounding countryside. The journey up the mountain and the 306-step naga staircase to reach the temple can be a fun adventure for kids and a spiritual experience for adults.

Wat Chedi Luang:

Located in the heart of the Old City, this temple is home to a massive chedi (pagoda) that once housed the Emerald Buddha, Thailand's most sacred religious icon. The temple's spacious grounds and impressive architecture make it a peaceful place for families to explore. Children will be fascinated by the temple's history, and the family can enjoy a serene stroll under the ancient trees that populate the temple's courtyard.


Cultural Immersion:

Participating in a cooking class is an engaging way for families to dive into Thai culture. Chiang Mai offers numerous cooking schools that welcome children, where families can learn to prepare traditional Thai dishes in a fun and interactive setting. From market tours to picking fresh ingredients to the joy of cooking and eating your creations, it's an enriching experience that feeds both the mind and body.


Nature and Wildlife Encounters


Elephant Nature Park:

Elephant Nature Park provides a sanctuary for rescued elephants, offering families an opportunity to learn about these majestic creatures in an ethical environment. Visitors can observe elephants roaming freely, learn about their rescue stories, and participate in feeding sessions. It's a heartwarming experience that highlights the importance of conservation and animal welfare.


Doi Inthanon National Park:

Known as the "Roof of Thailand," Doi Inthanon National Park is a must-visit for nature-loving families. With trails ranging from easy walks to more challenging hikes, it offers breathtaking waterfalls, lush forests, and the chance to spot diverse wildlife. The park's highest peak provides stunning views and a cooler climate, making it a refreshing escape from the city.


Chiang Mai Zoo:

The Chiang Mai Zoo offers a chance to see a wide range of animals, including the zoo's stars, the Giant Pandas. The expansive zoo grounds are perfect for a family day out, with educational programs and interactive experiences that engage children's curiosity about wildlife and conservation.


Adventure and Fun


Grand Canyon Water Park:

Transformed from a limestone quarry, the Grand Canyon Water Park is fun for families. With inflatable obstacle courses, zip lines, and areas for swimming, it promises a day filled with laughter and excitement. The park's safety measures ensure that children of all ages can enjoy the water activities under the watchful eyes of lifeguards.


Pongyang Adventure Park:

For families seeking thrills amidst nature, Pongyang Adventure Park delivers with its ziplining and ropes courses. Set against a lush forest backdrop, the park offers various difficulty levels, making it accessible for adventurous kids and their parents. It's a fantastic way to bond as a family while overcoming challenges.


Sticky Waterfall (Bua Tong Waterfall):

With its mineral deposits that provide a natural grip, the Sticky Waterfall offers a unique experience where families can safely climb up the cascading water. It's a refreshing activity that combines adventure with the beauty of nature, perfect for a memorable day out in the countryside.


Educational and Creative Activities

Chiang Mai is not just about exploring the outdoors and immersing in cultural experiences; it also offers a wealth of educational and creative activities that are both fun and enlightening for families. These activities are designed to engage young minds, spark creativity, and instil a sense of environmental responsibility—all in the most enjoyable ways imaginable.


Elephant PooPooPaper Park:

Elephant PooPooPaper Park is a unique eco-friendly attraction that turns the process of recycling elephant dung into paper into an educational adventure for families. This innovative park not only introduces visitors to sustainable practices but also provides hands-on experiences that are both fun and informative.

The journey begins with a guided tour explaining the importance of elephants in Thai culture and the environment, followed by the fascinating process of turning elephant poop into paper. The tour is interactive, making it engaging for both children and adults.

After learning about recycling, families are invited to get their hands dirty. Visitors can participate in the paper-making process, from picking the raw material to creating their very own piece of PooPooPaper. This hands-on experience is educational and immensely satisfying as you create eco-friendly souvenirs.

The park aims to educate visitors about sustainable living and conservation. It's an excellent opportunity for families to discuss the importance of recycling and environmental stewardship, instilling valuable lessons in young minds.


Art in Paradise Chiang Mai:

Art in Paradise Chiang Mai offers a break from traditional museum visits with interactive 3D art installations. Families can walk through galleries filled with optical illusions and larger-than-life artworks, where they become part of the art themselves. It's a delightful experience that combines creativity with digital technology.

The museum features various scenes, from underwater worlds to fantasy landscapes, where visitors can pose and take incredibly realistic photos. Kids and adults alike will be amazed at how they can "interact" with the paintings.

Encouraging children to pose and think creatively about how they can become part of the artwork fosters imagination and artistic expression. It's fun to engage with art, moving beyond passive observation to active participation.

One of the highlights of visiting Art in Paradise is the opportunity to create unique family photos that will stand out. Whether you're escaping from a shark or walking a tightrope over a canyon, the photos you take will be unforgettable reminders of your family's creative adventure in Chiang Mai.

Both Elephant PooPooPaper Park and Art in Paradise Chiang Mai allow families to explore new concepts, learn about sustainability, and unleash their creativity in vibrant and interactive settings. These activities are entertaining and offer valuable educational experiences that families will treasure long after their visit.


Relaxing Family Moments

Finding moments to relax and unwind together as a family is essential. The city provides serene settings and activities that allow families to relax, pamper themselves, and enjoy each other's company in peaceful environments. Here are two ways families can savour relaxing moments during their Chiang Mai getaway.


Family-friendly Spa Treatments:

Thai massage, known for its therapeutic and rejuvenating qualities, isn't just for adults. In Chiang Mai, several spas offer family-friendly treatments that allow parents and children to experience relaxation together. These treatments are a fantastic way for families to introduce wellness practices to young ones in a calming and welcoming environment.

Recognising the unique needs of younger bodies, spas provide tailored massage treatments for children, ensuring a gentle introduction to Thai massage. These treatments often focus on relaxation and gentle stretching, suitable for young ages.

Many spas offer private rooms where families can receive treatments simultaneously. It's a shared experience that relaxes and strengthens family bonds through a shared activity that promotes health and well-being.

Opting for a Thai massage gives families a deeper insight into Thai culture and traditional healing practices. It's an educational experience highlighting the importance of self-care and mindfulness in Thai culture.


Leisurely Afternoons:

The akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel offers an exquisite afternoon tea experience at its Rise Rooftop Pool for families looking to enjoy a leisurely afternoon in a luxurious setting. With breathtaking city views and a tranquil atmosphere, it's the perfect setting for families to relax and indulge in delicious treats.

The Infinity Pool offers stunning panoramic views of Chiang Mai, providing a serene backdrop for an afternoon of relaxation. It's an opportunity for families to take in the city's beauty from a peaceful vantage point.

The afternoon tea features a selection of savoury and sweet delicacies alongside various teas and beverages. It's a delightful culinary experience that caters to all ages, with particular attention to creating a menu that also appeals to younger guests.

In the comfort of the rooftop setting, families can enjoy quality time together, sharing stories and laughter and creating memories over the shared enjoyment of tea and treats. It's a moment to pause, reflect, and appreciate the joy of family.

These relaxing family moments in Chiang Mai offer a perfect balance to the more adventurous activities, ensuring that your trip is filled with excitement and moments of tranquillity and bonding. Whether through a rejuvenating Thai massage or a leisurely afternoon tea with stunning city views, Chiang Mai provides ample opportunities for families to unwind and connect meaningfully.


Culinary Delights for the Family

Chiang Mai is a haven for food lovers, offering various culinary experiences that cater to all ages and palates. From traditional Thai dishes that tell the story of the region’s rich culture to interactive dining experiences designed for the youngest of gourmets, families can embark on a flavorful journey that is as educational as it is delicious.


Child-Friendly Dining:

Navigating dining options in a new city can be challenging with little ones. Still, Chiang Mai’s welcoming atmosphere extends into its restaurants and cafes, many of which offer kid-friendly menus and comfortable family settings.

Many establishments in Chiang Mai cater to families by offering a range of dishes that appeal to younger tastes, including milder versions of Thai classics and familiar international favourites.

Some restaurants go the extra mile by providing play areas or activities to keep children entertained while parents enjoy their meals, making for a relaxed dining experience for everyone.

The warmth of Thai hospitality is evident in how families are received, with staff often going out of their way to accommodate the needs of children, from customising orders to providing high chairs.


Special Experiences:

For a memorable dining experience that combines fun with flavour, the akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel offers an exclusive pizza-making activity for kids. This hands-on culinary adventure allows young chefs to get creative in the kitchen, making it an enjoyable and educational activity for the whole family.

Under the guidance of the hotel’s skilled chefs, children can learn the art of pizza making, from kneading the dough to selecting their favourite toppings. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a meal you’ve made yourself; kids will beam with pride as they share their homemade pizza with the family.

This activity provides a unique opportunity for families to bond over food, encouraging teamwork and creativity while making delicious memories together.

Chiang Mai’s culinary scene offers an enticing blend of traditional flavours, kid-friendly dining, and interactive experiences, making it an ideal destination for families looking to explore the tastes of Thailand. Whether indulging in local delicacies, enjoying the comforts of familiar international cuisine, or getting hands-on in the kitchen, Chiang Mai promises culinary delights that satisfy adventurers of all ages.


Shopping and Night Markets

Chiang Mai transforms as the sun sets, with its vibrant night markets offering an enchanting shopping experience that is as much about savouring local flavours as it is about finding that perfect souvenir. These markets are not just shopping destinations; they're cultural hubs where families can immerse themselves in the local way of life, enjoy live entertainment, and sample various street food.


Night Bazaar:

Located in the city's heart, the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is a must-visit for families after dusk. Stretching along Chang Klan Road, this bustling marketplace is alive with vendors selling various goods, from clothing and accessories to handcrafted items and art.

The Night Bazaar is a treasure trove of goods, offering something for every family member. You'll find it all here whether you’re looking for traditional Thai crafts, modern fashion, or unique gifts. Numerous food vendors and eateries are among the shopping stalls serving delicious Thai street food and international dishes. It's an excellent opportunity for families to dine al fresco and taste local specialities like pad Thai, mango sticky rice, and fresh fruit smoothies.

From live music to traditional dance performances, the Night Bazaar often features entertainment that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages, adding to the lively atmosphere.


Weekend Walking Streets:

The Weekend Walking Streets, including the famous Sunday Walking Street on Ratchadamnoen Road and the Saturday Walking Street on Wualai Road, are where the local culture shines brightest. These markets are less about the hustle and more about strolls through rows of handcrafted goods, with plenty of opportunities to interact with local artisans.

These markets specialise in items ranging from intricate silver jewellery and traditional Thai textiles to handmade toys and souvenirs. Shopping here provides families with unique keepsakes and supports local craftsmen and women. Alongside the crafts, the walking streets are lined with vendors offering an array of northern Thai delicacies, snacks, and desserts. Families can enjoy a casual dining experience, trying different dishes as they explore.

The walking streets often feature cultural performances, art installations, and workshops where families can learn about Thai culture firsthand. Participating in these activities or simply observing them provides a deeper understanding of the local traditions and way of life.

Shopping at Chiang Mai’s night markets and weekend walking streets offer families more than just a chance to buy souvenirs; it’s an immersive experience that combines culture, cuisine, and community. It’s an opportunity to connect with the local way of life, sample the city’s vibrant flavours, and bring home tangible memories of your time in Chiang Mai.


Tips for a Hassle-Free Family Trip

Embarking on a family adventure to Chiang Mai is an exciting prospect, but ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience requires some planning and preparation, especially when travelling with children.

Chiang Mai's climate varies throughout the year, with hot, cool, and rainy seasons. Packing the right items will keep your family comfortable regardless of the weather.

  • Lightweight and Breathable Clothing:
    Most of the year, Chiang Mai is warm. Pack light cotton or linen clothing to keep cool. Include long-sleeved tops and pants to protect from the sun and mosquitoes.
  • Rain Gear:
    If you’re visiting during the rainy season (June to October), don’t forget waterproof jackets, umbrellas, and water-resistant footwear.
  • Warm Layers:
    The cool season (November to February) can be surprisingly chilly, especially in the evenings or when visiting the mountains. Pack some warm layers.
  • Comfortable Footwear:
    Whether exploring the city or venturing into nature, comfortable walking shoes are a must.
  • Sun Protection:
    Sun hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are essential to protect your family from the strong Thai sun.


Health and Safety Tips for Traveling with Children in Thailand

Consult with a travel doctor before your trip to discuss recommended vaccinations for Thailand.

  • Stay Hydrated:
    The heat can be intense. Always carry water with you and encourage kids to drink regularly.
  • Food Safety:
    Embrace the local cuisine, but choose freshly cooked dishes and eat at busy spots where high turnover ensures food freshness.
  • Traffic Awareness:
    Traffic in Thailand can be chaotic. Always hold hands when crossing the street and use pedestrian bridges when available.
  • Mosquito Protection:
    Use insect repellent and consider wearing clothing treated with permethrin.
  • Emergency Numbers:
    Keep a list of emergency contacts, including the nearest embassy or consulate, local emergency services, and your accommodation details.


Adventure Awaits

Chiang Mai, with its blend of cultural richness, natural beauty, and adventure, presents endless possibilities for families looking to embark on an unforgettable journey. From the serene beauty of ancient temples and the ethical encounters with majestic elephants to the thrill of ziplining through lush forests and the creativity unleashed in art and cooking classes, Chiang Mai offers a diverse palette of experiences that cater to every age and interest.

The city's welcoming atmosphere and the warmth of its people make it an ideal destination for families seeking a holiday and a meaningful exploration of a culture steeped in tradition and a land blessed with breathtaking landscapes. Whether navigating the vibrant stalls of the night markets, sharing a meal of local delicacies, or simply enjoying a moment of quiet amidst the chaos of travel, Chiang Mai has a way of turning every moment into a cherished memory.

As you plan your family adventure to Chiang Mai, remember that the joy of travel lies not just in the places you visit but in the stories you create along the way. Each temple explored, each dish savoured, and each new experience is an opportunity to learn, grow, and bond as a family. So, embrace the adventure, step out of your comfort zone, and allow Chiang Mai to reveal its wonders to you and your loved ones.

Chiang Mai awaits with open arms, ready to be the backdrop for your family's next great adventure. So pack your bags, set your sights on this northern gem, and prepare to explore, learn, and make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. In Chiang Mai, the adventure never ends; it only improves with every step you take together as a family.



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