Exploring Terminal 21 Shopping Mall

In the heart of Bangkok, centrally located and close to public transportation is a shopping mall that lets you see the whole world without leaving The City Of Angels. You don't need your passport; just a good pair of shoes and the desire to spend a few hours soaking in air conditioning. Although there are plenty of malls in Bangkok, Terminal 21 is in a class all of its own.

Terminal 21 is undoubtedly one of the premier shopping destinations of Bangkok, known for its five-star food court, high-end shopping options, and elegant design. Aside from being a welcome reprieve from the stifling Thailand weather, Terminal 21 is an air-conditioned little bit of heaven. There are a number of reasons why you should put Terminal 21 on your "Bangkok Must See" list and make some time to explore this titan of Bangkok shopping malls.


Terminal 21 in Bangkok

The first thing that Terminal 21 has going for it is "location, location, location". It is perfectly situated right on bustling Sukhumvit Street, right in the heart of the city and you can easily access it from the BTS, Bangkok's Skytrain. Simply jump on the BTS and travel down to Asok station and you are steps away from Terminal 21. If you don't want to travel by public transportation you can be sure that any taxi or motorbike will fully understand where you want to go when you tell them "Take me to Terminal 21".

Its central location makes Terminal 21 an attractive choice for your Bangkok shopping experience. Unlike bustling Siam where you'll have to battle crowds on any day of the week, it's possible to have a leisurely stroll around Terminal 21 because it's slightly off the beaten path but still perfectly reachable from anywhere in the city. The fact that it's not as much on the map as Siam Paragon or the chaotic MBK makes Terminal 21 a great choice for tourists who want a little air-conditioned peace in the bustling city.


Terminal 21 Architecture

One of the best things about Terminal 21 is its whimsical architecture. Even if you are not planning on doing some shopping, you'll still want to stop in and take a quick tour of what Terminal 21 has to offer. Each floor is a different theme, and everything from the decor, to even the bathrooms, reflect that theme. A stroll through Terminal 21 is one of the most delightful ways to spend a weekday afternoon, even if you just get a cup of chilled Thai tea and wander through the floors. Each floor has a different theme and each one has been lovingly thought out and designed to give you, the visitor, the best experience possible.

We will break down the best of what you can expect to find in Terminal 21 below.


The Levels Of Terminal 21 Explained

Leave your passport at home. You will not need it for this trip around the world!


Terminal 21 Shopping Mall in Bangkok


Level LG (Lower Ground) Caribbean

Get ready for a dose of Vitamin Sea as you descend into the very bottom floor of Terminal 21 for the beginning of your exploration. This floor has all of the colours of the Caribbean as well as a beach, anchor, and lighthouse. You'll feel as if you are sipping a drink on a beach far far away as you explore this bottom floor. There are plenty of banks here, so you can grab some cash in case you want to purchase a few souvenirs (you will), and several food options so you can fill your stomach before heading up to check out the other floors. Don't eat too much though! You'll want to save some room for the Food Court on the top floor. This floor also contains the Gourmet Market where you can pick up some delicious soup, any number of Thai delicacies, fruit and even ice cream. Get your fill and then head on up the escalator.

Level G (Ground) Rome

The ground floor of Terminal 21 is breathtaking in its beauty. Decorated like classic Rome it is a miracle of marble and glorious statues. Even the bathrooms have a large Roman-style fountain in the middle. It should come as no surprise that this floor hosts some of the more luxurious stores that you'll find in Terminal 21 including Jaspel and Guess. Terminal 21 also offers its guests free WiFi, so make sure you save your data and take advantage of this perk at the Information Desk.


Level M (Main) Paris

If you haven't been to the romance capital of the world to check out the Eiffel Tower for yourself, you can see a pretty lovely representation of it at Terminal 21, as well as the famed French Arc de Triomphe. If designer digs aren't your thing, you'll really like this level because it hosts mid-range brands H&M and Victoria's Secret. There is also no shortage of beauty shops on this level. You should really try some of the premier Asian products that you wouldn't find at home. Spend some time browsing in beautiful Paris and you will not leave disappointed.


First Floor Tokyo

Modelled after a Tokyo market this floor is full of intrigue and sophisticated, with Japanese statues and inspired touches like paper lanterns. You'll feel like you're in one of the most charming and exclusive markets in Japan and you won't find any better options for ladies wear than on this floor. Take some time to really explore the nooks and crannies of Tokyo and you'll be sure to walk away with some bargains and surprises.


Second Floor London

In the real world the trip from Tokyo to London would take hours but with your Terminal 21 passport you can get there in a matter of minutes and the Japanese statues of the floor below will be replaced with the telltale red phone booths of old London. The most interesting piece has got to be a life-sized double-decker bus that sits squarely between the shops. You'll find sporting goods shops and all the gifts you need for the men in your life on this floor. Make sure you pick up a few goodies before bidding goodbye to grand old London and jumping on the escalator to get your passport stamped on the next floor up.


Third Floor Istanbul

We should tell you that it's entirely possible to skip Tokyo and London and head straight up to Istanbul from Paris. There is a mega escalator in the middle of Terminal 21 that will allow you to accomplish this. Of course, for the purpose of fully exploring this incredible shopping mall, you'll want to get to all of the floors. If you're in a rush, you can always take the plane straight from Paris to Istanbul where you'll find rows of all sorts of delights; stuffed animals, unique bags and treasures that you can't get back home. Spend a little time soaking in the atmosphere of Istanbul and wandering its winding corridors. You are sure to find something delightful to pick up.


Fourth Floor San Francisco (City)

The designers of Terminal 21 must have really loved San Francisco because they devoted two entire floors to it! The first celebrates San Francisco the city complete with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and California style trams. You can find some of Bangkok's best dining options on this floor, but for the really good stuff, you need to go up one more escalator.


Fifth Floor San Francisco (Pier)

Welcome to the finest Food Court in all of Bangkok! If your thoughts on Food Courts have been understandably coloured by the Western Food Courts that offer up subpar and re-fried versions of classic foods, you are in for a treat. Terminal 21 does it right! You can choose from any number of Thai specialities, served up in an instant. With generous portions and inexpensive prices, this Food Court is one of Bangkok's best-kept secrets. Dine like the locals do and get your fill on the fifth floor of Terminal 21.


Sixth Floor Hollywood

Here's an insider hint. Electronics are inexpensive in Southeast Asia, so after dining at the Terminal 21 Food Court, you will want to make your way up to the sixth and final floor of the mall and check out the booths of electronics. You can find extra headphones, phone chargers, or even inexpensive phones. If you're interested in checking out a movie to cap off your Terminal 21 experience, you can find one of the best movie theatres in Bangkok on the sixth floor. Appropriately decorated in old Hollywood style, the sixth floor is glamorous and intriguing, the perfect place to end your Terminal 21 exploration.

On your visit to Bangkok, The City Of Angels, set aside a few hours to shop and have lunch at Terminal 21. It is guaranteed to be unlike any mall experience that you have ever had and you'll be wowed by the whimsy and design of one of Bangkok's favourite landmarks. Who knows? You might also be able to pick up a gorgeous souvenir to bring back home and snack on some delicious curry at the famous Food Court.



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