Cool Places to Stay In Chiang Mai

Just over 700km from Bangkok lies Chiang Mai, a verdant valley that seamlessly blends the ancient wonder of the country with modern amenities. The region offers quite a significant number of activities and beauty to take advantage of, which is why it’s been growing in popularity as a tourist destination in recent years.

There are a few notable reasons for this, with the area’s beauty being just one. Alongside this is that it offers a significant amount of shopping, with there being quite a large variety of local goods available.

The history and customs of Chiang Mai can also be an attractive proposition for many travellers, especially those looking to see the region’s hill tribes. As a result of this growth, there have been a significant number of hotels and other accommodations that look to take advantage of it. While this is great for people travelling to the location, it could mean that there’s an overwhelming choice for where to stay.

Alongside this is the fact that many travellers will want to find somewhere unique to stay while they’re visiting. Though Chiang Mai is unique by itself, there are a variety of places to stay where you’ll be able to feel comfortable while taking advantage of outside-the-box features and styles.

Since each of the hotels have their unique benefits and advantages, deciding between them could become quite difficult. However, you could find yourself drawn to one of the properties or even a few of them. There are a few you should look out for when you’re booking a holiday to Chiang Mai.

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Unique Places To Stay In Chiang Mai

1. Akyra Manor Chiang Mai

The five-star Akyra Manor Chiang Mai is centrally located in downtown Chiang Mai, so you’ll be located close to quite a significant number of amenities around the city. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll want to leave the hotel too much, as it has quite a significant number of features.

One of the most notable of these is the design of the rooms themselves, which was created based on a courtyard-within-a-room concept. As a result, it offers some of the more unique rooms that you’ll find around the city, with each of these rooms being suites.

Alongside this is the fact that the rooms have been designed to blend sophistication with an urban style, which helps to enhance the feeling of luxury in the hotel further.

With its central location, people who stay at the Akyra Manor hotel will be able to take advantage of everything that Chiang Mai has to offer. The property itself offers a considerable number of experiences, such as the one-day Elephant Experience.

Done in partnership with Elephant Parade, there are a variety of features to this experience, such as a Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital Foundation trip, and a traditional Thai lunch. After this is a visit to Elephant Parade land where you can paint your own elephant.

Alongside this are various other experiences to capitalise on, such as white-water rafting, and much more. As a result, visitors to the hotel will be able to create their own blend of sporting and luxury activities, or simply put their feet up in style in a beautiful accommodation.

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2. Lan Na Wild Glamping

There are quite a significant number of things to take advantage of with the Lan Na Wild Glamping site, with its overall design being one of the most prominent. Since glamping is geared toward enjoying nature with a considerable amount of comfort, these are areas that the design of the site and accommodation help enhance.

The primary driver of this is that you’ll be able to stay in a beautifully designed tent-style wooden structure that allows you to take in a 360-degree view of the surrounding grove. There are also a variety of amenities to take advantage of, with some of these being dependent on the tree-house that you’re staying in.

For example, two of the tree-houses feature Onsen baths, with this offering a beautiful view while also keeping you private. As a result, you’ll be able to relax while taking in the sites. There are also a few features geared toward large groups of travellers, such as a Deluxe Gang tent.

With nature at your beck and call, this is definitely a recommended choice for people looking to glamp in style for an affordable price.

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3. Giant Bamboo Hut

There are few things similar to staying in a bamboo hut, which is something that you’ll be able to take advantage of with the Giant Bamboo Hut, a hotel that’s exactly what it sounds like. There are quite a significant number of unique benefits to staying here, with the design of the hotel being the most obvious.

If you’re looking to get in touch with nature, then you’ll be able to do so here, as you’ll be able to hear birds chirping every morning while watching butterflies fly by. Alongside this is a beautiful setting, with travellers being able to capitalise on some terrific views.

Though the hotel is made entirely from bamboo, there’s somewhat of an African feel with how many of the rooms are designed. Much of this is seen through the use of warm, animal print materials.

Alongside this is the feeling of serenity that you should be able to take advantage of, as well as the overall relaxing atmosphere that the hotel helps promote. As a result, the Giant Bamboo Hut can be a great choice for people looking to reconnect with nature in a stress-free environment.

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4. Grand Morocc Hotel

One of the primary reasons that the Grand Morroc Hotel stands out from many other hotels in Chiang Mai is that it focuses on a Moroccan design, which you can tell from the name. As a result, the property has a significant sense of grandeur and luxury while reflecting the values of the country that inspired it.

Outside of this, there are a variety of features that many people may fall in love with, such as the swimming pool, which is placed at the heart of the hotel, with everything being built around it. The sense of grandeur doesn’t mean that the Grand Morroc Hotel compromises on luxury, however, as the beds here are quite lush-er and softer than you may find elsewhere.

Alongside this is the fact that the rooms come with quite a significant number of amenities. Some of the most notable of these include a kitchenette, lounge, coffee machine, and even gold detailing around the room. The sense of luxury is enhanced further with the furniture, much of which have a variety of small details that help to add to the effect.

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5. Archita Hostel

While the word ‘hostel’ might be off-putting to many potential travellers, it shouldn’t be here, as the Archita Hostel primarily uses this as a way to describe the sense of community that it helps provide.

The design of the property is inspired by traditional Chinese-style accommodation and households, both of which focused on bringing people together. As a result, many of these properties were built around a courtyard where people could sit and eat together while featuring rooms divided by screens.

The Archita Hostel takes this concept and adds a unique twist while adding a certain amount of privacy, although the sense of community is still there. While the rooms are more compact than many travellers may be expecting, they do include a variety of natural textures that improve the overall design.

Because of this, the rooms can feel much warmer than you may expect, which can help to promote an overall feeling of zen. There are also quite a significant number of room types available, ranging from those with single or double beds up to dormitory-style rooms that can hold between four and eight people.

The only real drawback here is that each of the rooms have shared bathrooms, which many people may want to avoid.

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6. Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa

The Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa has grown in popularity in recent years for a few reasons. Perhaps the most notable of these is that it’s surrounded by a significant amount of natural beauty, ranging from greenery to mountains and rivers. As such, it’s one of the recommended choices for people looking for a natural retreat.

The resort is set on a hillside and offers a variety of Lanna-Balinese style cottages, each of which is placed alongside cascading waterfalls and jungle beauty. The features that the Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa provides have drawn in quite a significant number of celebrities, which has drawn a large amount of attention to the hotel.

While the majority of celebrities have stayed in the hotel’s pool villas, there are several other types of rooms that you’ll be able to take advantage of. One of the more notable of these includes tented villas that are placed near the waterfall.

Staying in one of these will allow you to have quite a peaceful night’s sleep. There are also a few benefits here, such as hearing the water trickle down the boulders, as well as the mist that can be created around the area.

These could help to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you mightn’t be able to find in many other areas. You’ll also be able to use the hotel’s sling bridge to reach the tented villa. If you’re a fan of mountain biking or nature hikes, then these are also available, as well as bird-watching and a variety of other activities.

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7. The River Flows Camp

While this is situated a little outside of Chiang Mai proper, this Kued Chang-based accommodation provides quite a significant number of amenities. One of the more notable of these is free transport to and from the airport, so you shouldn’t need to worry about getting to the hotel.

However, it’s when you arrive at The River Flows Camp that you’ll see why it’s become a popular destination. There are several villa-style bungalows to stay in, which are all placed alongside the river that the resort takes its name from.

Privacy is one of the more notable aspects of this, with each villa having its own pool, as well as a patio that stretches around the villa itself. On top of this is a balcony that winds its way up around a tree, which adds quite a unique touch to the stay. This privacy is also see with breakfast, which is served to you on your patio every morning.

Naturally, there are a variety of river-based activities to take advantage of, such as white-water rafting, among several others.

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8. Mountain Float

Many of us may have stayed on a boat before and experienced the feeling of sleeping on the water. The Mountain Float takes this to another level, with the whole resort being placed on a lake. As a result, it can offer quite a unique experience that many people may not have seen before.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few other reasons why you should stay here, however. In contrast, you’ll be able to take advantage of a few other amenities. When you first arrive, a water taxi will take you to your room, which can be an experience in itself.

Each of the available villas varies in size, depending on how many people are staying in them, although they all offer quite a fantastic view of the adjacent mountains. This is further enhanced by the balcony and deck that accompanies each villa.

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9. San Pareni Hotel

One of the more notable reasons that the San Pareni Hotel stands out is the mix of European designs and themes that it includes. As a result, there are buildings based on the architecture of various countries and cities, with Amsterdam, Tuscany, and Interlaken featuring prominently.

These themes extend to each of the rooms, with all of them featuring private balconies, and much more. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Daddy’s Antique, an in-house restaurant, and café that offers a significant ambience, as well as nightly music and entertainment.

The San Pareni Hotel is also only a short distance from Chiang Mai’s city centre, so you’ll be able to take advantage of all the amenities that the region has to offer. It should be noted, however, that there aren’t any hotels here, so it’s worth trying to get a room on the ground floor.

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10. Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort

Though the Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort is located somewhat farther from Chiang Mai than many other resorts, it does offer quite a few unique benefits. One of the most notable of these is that it’s located in a village that has become known for its tree-houses, which is one of the primary attractions of the hotel.

As a result, you’ll be able to take advantage of the full tree-house experience, with the rooms and villas that you can stay in blending into the forest. By doing so, you should be able to interact with wildlife and nature as much as you want.

Each of the tree-houses is unique from each other, so you may be able to have a different experience with each of the ones that you stay in. There are also several activities to take advantage of, such as biking, fishing, trekking, and much more. As such, you’ll be able to be as sporty or as relaxed as you want while you’re there.

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The choice of where to stay in Chiang Mai can be a personal one and is driven by a variety of preferences. These can range from price to what kind of amenities it offers, and where in the region that it’s located.

The area itself offers quite a significant number of features to take advantage of, such as its misty mountains, among many others. While these should be enough of a reason, themselves to attract you to the area, your choice of where to stay while there can make or break your holiday.

Each of the above, however, come highly recommended from travellers who’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the region. As a result, you should be able to ensure that you have an enjoyable and truly unique experience while you’re in Chiang Mai.

With the various experiences that the hotels can offer, it can often be recommended that you try a few of them. When you first visit Chiang Mai, it can be quite easy to fall in love with the region. As a result, you could find yourself booking into quite a considerable number of hotels in the coming years.

None of the above should cost an arm and a leg, so you shouldn’t have to worry about cost. Instead, you can focus on taking advantage of the considerable number of features that the hotels and region itself offers. What’s stopping you from booking a holiday to Chiang Mai today?



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