Why Serviced Apartments in Bangkok?

If you're planning a trip to Bangkok for a month or more, consider choosing a serviced apartment instead of just a hotel room. A serviced apartment will give you the chance to relax and enjoy some traditional hotel features, but will also let you fix your own meals and get a real feel for what it would be to live in the area.

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Why Serviced Apartments?


1. Multiple Guests, Multiple Areas

If you've ever been stuck in a too small hotel room, you know how frustrating it can be to struggle to live out of a suitcase for anything longer than a weekend. To avoid the risk of irritation with your travel partner, consider renting a larger space in the international treasure that is Bangkok, Thailand. You can get a two bedroom, two bath apartment with laundry and housecleaning for a month at a time for much less than you'd pay in other cities. Even better, your luxury apartment can include a balcony for great views and an oversized tub where you can relax at the end of a long day.


2. Short Term or Longer Lease

Booking a long-term stay in a Bangkok serviced apartment will put you in the heart of this remarkable city for a short amount of time. While many landlords aren't interested in short term renters, particularly those who want a furnished place, the Akyra is ideally suited to house those who travel for fun and for business alike. Your apartment will be part of the hotel, but you will have much more flexibility in your apartment than you would in a hotel. You will have laundry and cooking facilities in your room and easy access to groceries very near your apartment. You can also enjoy maid service three times a week, access to the hotel spa, gym and pool, and complimentary parking.


3. Security and Comfort

As in any hotel, the maintenance professionals are on staff and ready to help with any challenge you find in your room. Instead of having to put in a request with a rental manager or wait for an absentee landlord to approve a repair, you can make a quick call to the front desk and get a repair professional to your room quickly and with little delay. Your access to other hotel amenities include the front desk concierge service for directions and shuttle times, the security personnel in charge of safety in the facility, and discounts at the restaurants and bars within the hotel.


4. Immerse Yourself

There are more than 8 million people in the city of Bangkok, and you can get a real feel for what life in this thriving metropolis is like from your serviced apartment. Instead of staying in a standard hotel room in Bangkok, which would probably look a lot like a standard hotel room in Houston, Montreal or London, you will have a similar square footage and layout to a real apartment in the area. Take time to explore the local markets and restaurants. Eat something you've never had before. Cook something you've never prepared before in your apartment kitchen. Talk to the local folks and find out the best parks, walking trails, and shops. Celebrate the culture as you relax and spread out in your apartment, instead of juggling your life out of a suitcase.


5. Run the Numbers

Renting a serviced apartment in Bangkok can also mean budget travel costs in a luxurious space. A studio rental would easily suit a couple for a month and cost approximately $1,500. From here, you could easily access the city thanks to wonderful shuttle services offered by the hotel and easy access to transport hubs. Larger spaces all include a bathroom with each bedroom, so larger groups of family or friends could easily enjoy both terrific comfort and wonderful prices during your month-long stay in Bangkok. You could easily enjoy enough space for everyone to have a bit of privacy, and still have a space to hang out together.


6. Exploring Bangkok

To best dig into the city of Bangkok as well as the whole region around the Bay of Bangkok, consider taking a night bike tour. This teeming city may not be an ideal spot to rent a car; while hiring a car could be a wonderful way to see the outer edges of the city, driving in Bangkok is not for beginners. However, the four hour night-time bicycle tour will take you along quiet streets to the temples of Wat Arun and the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho. From your bicycle, you can find quiet pockets of peace and quiet. Since you're renting an apartment, bring your backpack so you can pick up some produce as you'll do some shopping on your tour. While Bangkok can get quite warm during the day, things cool down after sunset. Finally, leave room in your backpack for flowers. You'll be stopping at the flower market near the Choa Phraya River; you can't leave this famous market without at least a few blooms.


6. Schedule Your Tours In Advance

If at all possible, sign up for tours with transport packages and pay for everything up front. There may be scammers in front of the largest attractions, including the Grand Palace Tour. Since you have a month to explore the city, consider breaking things up. For example, you could spend one day in a small group taking walking tours of the local markets and finish it up with a cruise on the bay. Another day could be simply walking to and through Wat Pho. Consider also looking into a day trip to Ancient Ayutthaya. This Unesco World Heritage Site was once known as the capital of Siam. In addition to being able to study the ruins, you can study the ornaments and jewellery that remains of Siam at the Choasampraya Museum. You can also visit the temple Wat Chaiwattanaram at the river's edge before returning to the heart of Bangkok. The earlier you book, particularly for group events, the better chance you have of enjoying a bit of privacy and a guide who's fluent in English. Thai is a toned language, meaning that one word can have multiple meanings depending on the tone or pitching. That being said, a great many people in Bangkok are working hard to learn English, so you may be all right with a few phrases of Thai to show you're trying.


7. A Sense of Home

After a hard day of sight-seeing or a bicycle tour of a famous temple, you get to go home. If you're traveling with family or friends, you can each go grab a shower in your own bathroom and kick back and watch TV in the family room or just go to bed. Instead of figuring out where to get a bite to eat after a long day, you can go back to a room with a kitchen, stop in the hotel bar for a cocktail, or get a full meal at the hotel restaurant. During every activity as a tourist, you can relax knowing that you're going back to a real home instead of just a cramped hotel room. Your trip to Thailand can be an amazing experience. There are many amazing sights to enjoy and a great deal of history to soak up. With a serviced apartment, you can also take a down day and give your body and brain a break. Your trip, your rules, and your own apartment!



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