Interesting and Unusual Museums in Bangkok

Among the traditional history, science and arts museums in Bangkok are several museums that showcase a more novel side to the city. While each has an undeniable historical element that showcases its contribution to the growth of Bangkok, you can’t avoid the quirky and unusual aspect to some of these interesting places.


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Unusual Museums in Bangkok


Coin Museum

Numismatists may enjoy a quick pop in to the Coin Museum in Chakrapong Road in the Phra Nakorn District. Here, you can track the history of Southeast Asian currency through a series of exhibitions spread over three floors.

Starting with the prehistoric era, follow the development of currency from a bartering system to early currency through 3D displays and simulations. The 3rd floor houses all the coins in circulation during the reign of King Rama IX, and shows how they have changed in size, weight and design.



Museum of Floral Culture

Flowers play a significant role in Thai life, culture and religion, and the Museum of Floral Culture gives visitors the opportunity to explore this relationship in detail. The museum was founded in 2012 as a dedication to Queen Sirikit for her 80th birthday.

The museum is housed in an old colonial mansion, dating back more than 100 years and surrounded by beautifully curated gardens. Several rooms within the museum showcase the story of flowers, floral culture across Thailand and other Asian countries, natural ecosystems and a photographic exhibition from the national archives.



House of Museums

The House of Museums offers a true vintage experience with an eclectic range of items dating back to the late 1950s. Located in the Thawi Wattana District, this quaint museum covers several floors, each with a different focus and interesting displays.

Visit an old-style barber shop, school classroom, sheriff’s office or bookstore. You an even take a seat in the vintage dentist’s chair! Each display has a mix of old-fashioned items including box-style TVs, olden-day phones and toys from the 1960s.



Tooney Toy Museum

At the Tooney Toy Museum in Nonthaburi you can truly get to grips with your inner child. The museum started as an idea to inspire imagination and creativity in both children and adults. It does just that with more than 100,000 items on display spread over 800 square metres on two floors.

Lose yourself in the diverse array of toys, dolls, figurines and accessories, and explore the range of Marvel and DC action figures and Lego mini figures. When it’s time for a break, you can relax in the small café and enjoy a refreshing beverage.



Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum

The Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum is a stamp-lovers dream. This quaint museum is located in the Samsen Nai Post Office Building in the Phaya Thai district.

The museum tells the story of the Thai postal service from its inception in 1853 to present day. Exhibits include the first Thai stamp ever used in the King Rama IV period, a 120-year old Victorian post box, ancient postal equipment and some of the country’s rarest stamps.



Bangkok Doll Museum

Bangkok Dolls House and Museum in the Makkasan district has been crafting traditional Thai dolls since 1957. The founder, Khunying Tongkom Chandavimol, learned his trade at the Ozawa Doll School in Tokyo, and his creations have since won international recognition.

There are over 400 handcrafted dolls on display in the museum. Each design is extensively researched to ensure accuracy and authenticity. The collection of dolls is divided into themes: Thai People Through History, Thai Country People, Thai Classical Dance-Drama, Hilltribes of Thailand, Thai Nativity and Cuddly Dolls.



Suksasom Museum

The Suksasom Museum in Bangkok’s Thawi Wattana District is the brainchild of Chairoj Chalearntawesit who wanted a legacy for future Thai generations to learn from. The museum houses more than 300,000 collectibles, many of which date back to the early-mid 19th century.

The displays were curated over three years and include toys, home and office appliances, old documents and consumer items and street vendor tools of old. You will also see a recreation of a waterside market and antiquated shop displays.



The Patpong Museum

Patpong has long been associated with red light activities in Bangkok, but the area has a much richer history than visitors imagine. It was once a banana plantation belonging to the Patpongpanich family from who the area got its name, before being the site of Bangkok’s first hotel with hot water and aircon. It was also home to a CIA front company supplying weapons to Chinese nationalists fighting in Burma, as well as a CIA safe house.

A wander through the museum showcases these lesser-known events and activities that have made Patpong what it is today.



Condom Museum

The free-entry Condom Museum is fittingly located in the Ministry of Public Health complex in Tiwanon Road, Nonthaburi. Although a visit here is bound to invoke discreet chuckles, the idea behind the museum is to promote the benefits of condom usage.

There are thousands of condoms on display, in all colours, sizes and flavours. Thailand is one of the world’s biggest condom producers and a series of exhibitions showcases the manufacturing process and the history of condoms. However, the main attraction of the museum is the quality and endurance testing room where you can see just how far a condom can stretch.



Sunthorn Museum

Sunthorn Museum is privately owned and operated by Sunthorn Chunothaisawat, an avid collector and antique enthusiast. The museum opens on Saturdays only, and is located in Sukapibarn Road, Bang Khai, about 45-minute drive from the Akyra Thonglor Hotel.

The museum houses Mr Chunothaisawat’s private collection that he’s built up over many years, and is a melting pot of antiques and collectibles. The focal point is the extensive collection of vintage motorcycles. Some of these date back to the World War periods and are of particular interest to bike enthusiasts. Among the other items on display are old clocks, lamps, children’s toys, radios, fans and sewing machines.


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