Shopping in Nimman Chiang Mai

Nimman offers exceptional shopping in markets, shopping malls and individual boutiques. A wide variety of unique stores are located just west of the Old City of Chiang Mai. The city has an entrepreneurial and bohemian feel most noticeable near Nimmanhaemin Road. This is due to the Chiang Mai University and a lot of the Nimman stores cater to young students and hipsters including providing low prices. This is the area where the best bargains and souvenirs are located as well as fantastic coffee shops.


Shopping in Nimman Chiang Mai


The Best Shopping in Nimman

This is area is full of boutique stores and we could not possible list them all, so we have provide a wide range of stores for all tastes in Nimman, Chiang Mai.


The Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre

Due to the location in the popular area of Nimman, the Maya Sopping Center may be the best known mall in Chiang Mai. The selection of shops is limited but treasures can be found by walking through the shops. There is also a cinema to relax and watch a movie, vegetarian dishes available at the food court and the rooftop bars are great places to stop and drink. This little mall offers numerous brands, including American Eagle, Starbucks, Daiso, Sports World and Moshi Moshi.

This shopping mall is enormous with a futuristic appearance. This unique mall features six floors filled with entertainment, health, fashion, beauty, technical gadgets, restaurants and banking. The shops provide a sensational mix of international and Thai brands including Panpuri, Oakley, Herb Basics, CC-00, Jaspal, Samsung, Adidas and Guess.

The first floor offers ladies fashions with bargains at boutique stalls. The second and third floors provide numerous options including the 71 Export discount, The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, the Casa Marocc Hotel, the Bodhi Serene Chiang Mai, the Le Meridien Chiang Mai, the Shangri-La Hotel Chiang Mai, Tamarind Village, dance performances, dinners, bike tours, a Thai cooking school, and excursions to the Golden Triangle and Chiang Rai. The fourth floor offers exquisite foods, restaurants, fast food chains, bakeries and cafes. There is a 24 hour cafe frequented by university students and a fantastic entertainment zone located on the fifth floor.

This is an excellent afternoon to enjoy arcade games, karaoke and a digital cinema with multi-screens. The top floor completes the atmosphere with a party zone, and Rooftop Bars.


The Kantrary Terrace

The Kantrary Terrace is a stylish shopping complex next to the 5 star Kantary Hills Hotel. This complex is gorgeous with a traditional Lanna roof and a lot of glass. The cafe serves homemade gelato Italian style, sandwiches, cakes and coffee. There is a lovely variety of shops including an electronic store, souvenirs, bags, home decoration and the Bangkok Airways office. The Moo Ping Khun Por serves delicious grilled pork and the HOBS House of Beers is always worth a stop. The second floor offers a wide range of imported Italian wines at Italasia and Yoga by Kru Noom and the Guru's Box are found on the top floor.


The Nimman Promenade

This is a unique and fun shop place with numerous independent vendors. Everything can be found here from ladies fashion and accessories to upscale boutiques. There are also tacky but lovable souvenirs, artwork, gadgets, handicrafts and electronics.

The shopping center is best marked by the Nimmanhaemin branch of Wawee Coffee, a Thai coffee chain offering only beans from northern Thailand.


Kad Na Mor

Although this is not strictly in Nimman, we though we would include this night market. The Kad Na Mor is also referred to as the Student Night Market. This market is located in front of the Chiang Mai University and opens at sunset each day.

The front is filled with fashions, the middle with food and there are in excess of 100 shops and stalls. There is cheap clothing for women and men, beauty products, handbags, shoes, sunglasses and underwear available. The average t-shirt is priced between 80-150 baht and 300 baht for most handbags. This is a sensational place to take a stroll while enjoying bubble milk tea and smoothies. There is a Thai food court, open-air restaurants offering Korean and Japanese food and hot pot. The decadent dessert stalls offer mango, ice cream and sticky rice.


The Gerald Collection

This is a beautiful furniture store offering high quality sofas, tables, beds, cabinets, chair sets and draws made from many different types of wood. In addition to the larger items, the Gerald Collection also offers fold-away furnishings, funky ornaments and amazing light installations that will usually fit into a travellers luggage. The business has a factory in the country where visitors can take a tour and actually watch the furniture being made.

The Gerard Habitat Collection: This sensational collection and is made from bamboo only found in Northern Thailand, This type of bamboo grows a lot faster than trees and is a lovely addition to any home. The collection features contemporary bamboo furniture including chairs, tables, beds and sofas.


Nimman Walking Street

One of the best shopping experiences can be found on Nimman Walking Street. The joyous atmosphere has led to this area being referred to as an all-time awake street. This area of Nimman has shopping, food, entertainment and even costumes.

This is a commercial section filled with restaurants, coffee shops, bakery shops, hotels, tourist shelters and incredible shopping. The décor is incredibly easy to fall in love with. It is joyful, glorious and elegant. Spending an entire day and night here will probably not be nearly enough. Visitors can take a stroll, find something fabulous to purchase, visit a beauty salon or have something amazing to eat. The sunset is breathtaking and afterwards there is entertainment including dinner, dancing, and musical shows. The majority of the shops here provide their customers with Wi-Fi to make it easy to upload sensational pictures and selfies to social media.

The restaurants and shops stretch for seventeen blocks. Some blocks connect to one another and have a traditional Lanna appearance. Artworks and handicrafts are available for purchase for magnificent souvenirs. The range of food is spectacular such as Thai, northeastern Thai, northern Thai, western, Italian and Japanese. Everything a visitor may be looking for is conveniently located in one place.


Studio Naenna

This is an eco-textile and ethical Chiang Mai business specialising in indigo dyed products. These items are made with care and love and make excellent gifts for the visitor and their friends and family at home.


Chiang Mai Weekend Night Markets

Two of the biggest attractions on Saturday and Sunday night are the Chiang Mai weekend night markets. The artisanal vendors from all over the region provide handmade goods and there are always cheap souvenirs and clothing available. The atmosphere is completed by performers and street musicians making this an exceptional place to spend some time. This market is spread all over the Old City's eastern area and the best place to start is at Thapae Gate. Visitors generally follow the crowds from here to experience one of the best shopping experiences in Chiang Mai. There is a wide variety of crafts, art, food and music available. The spirit of Northern Thailand is clearly reflected in the quality souvenirs and goods. The Sunday Walking Street provides the venue for a lot of local events such as beauty pageants and dance recitals. The sois or lanes are on both sides of the main road and this is where the performance spaces and feature stages are located. The markets stretch from the ThaPae Gate and along Ratchadamnoen Road for roughly one kilometer. These events can be found every Sunday evening until midnight. This is such a popular event for tourists, the roads are closed while the event is being held. Numerous companies have a display at the night bazaar including The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, The Empress Hotel Chiang Mai, Casa Marocc Hotel by Andacura, Le Meridien Chiang Mai, Bodhi Serene Chiang Mai, Dusit Princess Chiang Mai, Shangri-La Hotel Chiang Mai, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, Wat Doi Suthep & Hmong Hill-Tribe Village, Tamarind Village, the National Park Tour Ping River Dinner Cruise and the Khantoke Dinner.

The most common items available during Sunday Walking Street are handcrafted products as opposed to the mass produced souvenirs and brick-a-brac available at the night bazaar. This being said, the hill-tribe vendors can be found peddling a wide assortment of trinkets for the tourists. Friendly bargaining is practised here, especially if the individual is interested in purchasing several items from the same stall. The temples on both sides of the road transition into food courts where travellers can taste everything from deep fried crickets to fried rice. There are also a lot of refreshment stalls along the road offering a nice selection of treats. The stands offering fresh fruit juices are refreshing and everyone loves a pancake on a stick. They depict different cartoon characters made out of jelly with love. There is so much to buy and see that when people's feet get tired, there are wonderful areas to sit down and receive a relaxing foot massage incredibly cheaply. Visitors can be seen walking during dusk's soft light while enjoying a fresh fruit juice, snacking on various delicacies and enjoying the handicrafts they have purchased. All of this takes place with the beautiful accompaniment of Thai music in the background being played by the street huskers. This is a wonderful escape from everyday life and the Sunday Walking Street usually provides one of the highlights of everyone's trip.

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The Booksmith

This is a marvellous independent bookstore offering a large selection of English and Thai books in additional to several other languages. The special interest books are lovely and include coffee table books with a Thailand theme, travel guides and Thai cookbooks.


Think Park

Think Park is one of the smaller areas for shopping in Chiang Mai. This is also the place to visit for the beautiful designer products usually made by artisans local to the area. This is an exceptional place to shop for high quality souvenirs, cosmetics, bags and accessories. There are even a few shops where colourful clothing can be purchased in true Chiang Mai style.


The Metal Studio

This is a phenomenal place to purchase hand crafted jewellery. Sirilak Samanasak personally designs and crafts every single item. She makes the items using a combination of precious gemstones and metals. The uniqueness of these items makes them perfect to give as gifts.



Ginger is one of the best kept secrets of Nimmanhaemin. This branch of Ginger offers clothing and accessories. This branch is different from the one in the Old City because the home décor items are much more plentiful. The shop makes a statement with their beautiful, bold and vibrant clothing. These pieces are one of a kind and will be cherished for many years into the future.


The Central Festival

This is outside Nimman, but given its size, we decided to include.

This is one of Chiang Mai's best malls. Many people frequent this mall because they carry extremely popular brands. The Central Festival never seems to be too crowded and offers a wide selection of shops and delicious places to eat. There is even an ice skating rink and a few spas for spending the day relaxing. The brands featured at this mall include Zara, Marks and Spencer, Daiso, Uniqlo, H&M, Converse, Mango, Muji and Lacoste.



This cute little shop takes visitors on a magical fairy tale journey. The Fairy Tale Art accessories consist of handmade enamel accessories of everyone's most favourite fairy tales. There are quirky rings, intricate baroque necklaces and so much more available. Best of all, the prices are quite affordable.


The Kad Suan Kaew

The Kad Suan Kaew is referred to as the KSK and is the oldest mall in Chiang Mai. This is perfect to pop in when heading back from the Old City for a manicure, pedicure or to see a beautician. There are also cheap electronics, cosmetics and shoes available. It is said the best place to go in Chiang Mai to have an iPhone fixed is the KSK.



Located in Nimman Promenade:

This is a wonderful collection of colourful clothing and accessories. The embroidered skirts, dresses and tops are all made on location and are influenced by ethnic chick. Chabaa also provides a nice little collection of items perfect for home décor. This is an ideal place to find just the right keepsake for an adventure in Thailand.


Kad Rin Kham Night Bazaar

The Night Bazaar is located right next to the Maya Mall at the intersection of Rin Kham. This hidden gem is visited mostly by Thai's but is worth a visit from all travellers. This combines a real night market in Thai and good deals. The majority of the vendors are selling accessories and vintage clothing but there is a lot more mixed in. There are cheap hairdressing salons, tattoo parlours and food stalls offering grilled vegetables and meat. This is a nice contrast to many of the traditional malls and bazaars in Nimman.


The Warorot Market

This is an excellent place to come to see the local life.

Warorot Market consists of two buildings and they are located on different sides of the street. One building offers food stalls and sells freshly prepared meals, live eels, turtles and fish. The mixture of scents can be difficult for some tourists to get used to. The second building offers traditional, cheap northern Thai fabrics, clothing, and household goods. This is a fantastic place to shop like the locals, find good deals and take some pictures.


Check in to pure urban style and big city sophistication in the heart of this charming northern city's most buzz-worthy street Nimmanhaemin Soi 9, known locally as 'coffee street'. Our Hotel in Nimman provides a sanctuary and warm northern Thailand hospitality and the showstopping experiences of Rise rooftop bar and Italics restaurant.




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