Things To See and Do In Thonglor Bangkok

Bangkok is a city of over eight million people. It is also the capital of Thailand and has almost a quart of the country’s population in residence. This formerly small trading post is the capital of Thailand and has become the heart of Thailand through its cultural struggles and a booming economy. It is also one of the best places to see and visit. In particular, Thonglor has emerged as a place to go if you need to be the centre of Thailand’s social world.


 Things to See and Do in Thonglor Bangkok


Thonglor, Bangkok

Thonglor was once only the financial district for Bangkok, not it has a little bit of everything. It is a place to live, shop, eat, and enjoy an active social life. The neighbourhood is called molten gold and it has come to live up to its name as the city has grown and expanded beyond its car dealership roots. The new businesses that came in and restaurants are what made this area into the trendiest area around. This happening area has grown and changed into an area where creativity and life are abundant. It is easy to navigate the area and find any number of things to do and see and participate in.


Thonglor Tourist Attractions

There are many things to do in this area depending on how you want to spend your time and your interests in the local culture. Much of the city is dedicated to urban living and experiences so you will find an unending selection of fun activities to participate in and view.

  • Thonglor Art Space

The Thonglor Art Space is the place to go if you like creative visual art expressions. They have at least 12 talented artists in residence with several artists’ directors that are developing some of the best movement-based art in the area. Live musicians accompany the dancers and bring a local and international flare to the performances.

  • Painting in Bangkok

Taking painting classes are some of the best things to do in Thonglor and other hip cities. It is a way to be entertained and express yourself through the use of paint. The establishments promote their open atmosphere through their building’s unique desire which is mostly windows; providing the perfect light for artistic expression. They also have a wide selection of alcohol ready to enjoy while you paint.

  • The Urban Climbing Playground

Anyone that is ready for some thrills will love climbing through the Urban Playground. It has 7,000 sq feet to climb and swing through. It is perfect for any traveller as it is good for all skill levels. They do have beginning climbing classes available for those that need a little extra instruction.

  • Gameover Lounge

This is the perfect area for the traveller that is also a gamer. It is known as the electronic playground and they have everything gamin available to enjoy. You will be able to play board games, Computer games, and pool. Some evenings you will even find games of beer pong some nights. They have an i-store café which serves amazingly thick milkshakes, French fries and Thaiger burgers o you don’t have to leave to get food while you are having a good time.

  • Devasathan (Brahmin Temple)

Rama the first, built the beautiful temple of Devasathan in 1784. It was part of the royal court and its building and dedication were to cultural tolerance. It is a simple temple that has three different sections. Each section of the temple has been dedicated to a different Hindu deity. The admission to this temple is free though no photographs are allowed to preserve the integrity of the simple decorations.

  • SeenSpace Mall

SeenSpace Mall is an outdoor mall which is full of fashionable shops and trendy must be seen Thai young people. It is a place for the young and hip to shop. This is a mini shopping area where there is a popular tourist destination as well as a hangout for the locals. It is a well-dressed area so come prepared to wow the crowds. It is also a place to enjoy a good meal or do something fun like kickbox. It is a very flexible area to visit.

  • Let’s Relax

Let’s Relax is a massage parlour known for its amazing massages. This is a place for you to come as you are or as a couple to enjoy some amazing relaxation. They will serve you tea while you wait and give you a hot towel. You can enjoy about an hour of relaxation at a price that is well below what you would get at a hotel.

  • Ei8ht Thonglor

This is a classic touch to this neighbourhood, yet it is also one of the trendiest spots to visit in Thonglor. This large urban shopping mall boasts of over 40 shops from wine stores to beauty therapists. It is a place where you can find almost anything hip and buy it, wear it, eat it, or just love it. If you are lucky, you might just get to see a YouTube star or celebrity strolling the stores with you.

  • Kashikiri Onsen and Spa

If you need a place to relax and recharge that a visit to this Japanese style spa will do the trick. You can soak in wooden baths and enjoy aromatherapy at the same time. Their most popular packages include a hot oil or candle massage with a Bamboo muscle relaxant.

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Food in Thonglor

When it comes to food, you can almost eat anywhere in Thonglor and get a good meal, but there are some places that stand out and require a visit.

  • The commons

This is the place to come if you want to focus on your urban lifestyle and enjoy good food at the same time. This is a terrific place to buy food of all kinds; you can pick any almost any nationality and find food for it from Spanish food to Italian and American cuisine. If you love trying new food, this is the place to start.

  • VR 1: Thonglor Virtual Reality Café

This was the first virtual reality café in the Thonglor area. It is one of the largest virtual reality places to play. There are more than 100 different kinds of games in several different systems including Playstation VR, VIVE, Oculus, and HTC. The place is a perfect place for the entire family to visit; it can handle large groups and social events.

  • Roast Coffee and Eatery

If you need a good breakfast and an amazing cup of coffee than the roast Coffee and Eatery is the place to come for breakfast to get you going for the day. It has hearty western-style breakfasts along with specialities such as hash browns made with duck or strawberry waffles stuffed with vanilla ice cream. Their drinks range from a good cup of coffee to the Nicaraguan Jinotega and Ethiopian Sidamo natural organic. They serve a good brunch, lunch, and dinner as well with BBQ ribs being a speciality.

  • Phuket Town

If you love Southern Thai cooking than you need to go to Phuket Town. They uphold the spirit of Southern Thailand along with their cooking. The place is decorated with large murals that are designed to resemble a shophouse. The kanom jeen rice noodles are some of the best as they are served with a spicy coconut-based fish sauce and serves hard to find dishes such as sataw (shrimp and stink beans with chili paste).

  • Bo.Lan

Bo.Lan is one of the best restaurants in Thonglor. The restraint uses local products that have delivered straight from the farms to the restaurant. They like to give back to the community and support it as a whole. They are trying to have zero carbon footprints by using only locally sourced foods and using recycled materials. They are a classic Thai restaurant that has a tasting menu that lets you get a little bit of everything before you place your final order. Some of the most popular dishes include free-range duck salad and Penang curry.

  • Maki on Fifth Sushi Bar & Bistro

If you are a lover of sushi and Japanese food in general than a visit to Maki on Fifth sushi bar and bistro is just the place to visit. The food is authentic and the atmosphere includes works of art that walls. They have zesty styles of sushi that are inspired by cities and spices that are not native to Japan or Thailand that add a delicious flavor and style to their sushi. They also are a performance bar where if you order particular dishes you get a shop such as their Poseidon of Fire sushi which mixes shrimp, crab, and scallops together into a chili paste that is then set on fire. It doesn’t matter what you order here. It is all good.

  • Soul Food Mahanakorn

If you love food, then this is the establishment to visit. They serve the best of Thai street food in a converted Chinese shophouse restaurant. This is a popular place for locals and visitors to enjoy some Burmese curry or roasted larb phet duck salad. The ingredients are extremely fresh with a good mixture of spices and the restaurants own unique way of preparing the dishes. What's great about this restaurant is being able to enjoy Thai street food while sitting down.

  • Supanniga Eating Room

This is establishment looks smaller than it is. It is a relaxing place to enjoy terrific meals. It has been compared to enjoying grandma’s cooking and kitchen while relaxing into the scene. The menu is extensive with many old Thai recipes that are cooked to perfection such as their moo chamuang that are considered tender and seasoned perfectly with just the right mixture of Thai herbs. The food might appear plain when it is delivered to your table, but it is anything but plain. The food you are being served tastes like nothing you have enjoyed before.

  • Uomasa

This is a slightly hidden establishment that is extremely popular with the Japanese businessman or family that is on holiday. The reason for this is the fish they serve. The fish is very fresh and flown directly from Tokyo’s fish market. The lobster, maki rolls, and sashimi stand out as the top of the market products as well. They also make an amazing beef tongue stew which is famous at Uomasa. The prices aren’t as cheap as other places, but it is a very good place to eat with pleasant energy to the establishment. The sushi counter does get crowded, but there are tables or tatami style seating available.

  • The Missing Burro

The Missing Burro is a Mexican restaurant run by two Mexican brothers that know how to cook. They serve authentic Mexican food with a Thai influence. Much of their menu is authentic Mexican food such as their traditional tacos and tortillas, but they mix in some of the Thai influenced with unique spices and fried bread. The area is popular with the locals but is also a place to come if you are visiting the areas. Its own location is unique as it uses re-purposed shipping containers are part of their restaurant. It has outdoor seating for nice evenings and live music available on special nights.

  • Somtum Der

Somtum Der is an authentic North Eastern-influenced restaurant. It is run by Thanaruek Laoraowirodge, one of Bangkok’s top restaurateurs. The restaurant is popular for the unique street meals such as their larb tawt which is a spicy pork salad that is minced. There is a mixture of locals and international visitors at this establishment because it has won several awards for their culinary masterpieces and authentic flavors. Best of all, the place is very affordable if you are on a budget.

  • The Eight Restaurant

The Eight Restaurant opens onto the expansive pool terrace and is also the venue for the daily gourmet breakfast, an indulgent spread providing a nourishing start to an inspiring day in the city. Get the perfect start to your day with our range of Western and Asian breakfast favourites. Choose a nourishing meal to power up for the morning, or savour an indulgent spread for a great start to a relaxing day.

  • The Lounge Restaurant

The Lounge Restaurant is an art-deco sanctuary with a choice of plush seating and private alcoves, the perfect dining destination based on an East Meets West concept with exquisite Thai cuisine complemented by international specials and a wide selection of fine wines to bring out the flavour of the freshest ingredients. The Lounge Thonglor is also a cozy place to gather with friends or family while enjoying afternoon tea, or relax with coffee, cake or a class of wine after a long day shopping in the Bangkok malls.

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Thonglor Night Life

Not everyone enjoys a night out on the town, but when you are in Thonglor, exceptions should be made. There are a ton of trendy establishments that welcome customers and serve some amazingly unique drinks.

  • Diamond Thonglor

Diamond Thonglor is a trendy club where you can enjoy EDM all night while sipping the latest drinks. It is a night club with an underground feeling. The music has a good sound, there are LED lights, and people ready to have a good time. They host different events every night of the week so no two trips to Diamond are the same such as inviting different DJs for every night of the week or changing the evening themes. The way the club shifts slightly every night makes this a perfect place to return for multiple nights of fun without enjoying the same thing every time.

  • Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole is an upscale cocktail bar where you can rub elbows with some of the best dressed of Thailand. They have a wide selection of drinks and some of the best seating in the house is right at the bar where you can watch professional bartenders work their magic on many unusual mixes. It is the perfect place to come in a group or alone. You will get excellent service and be left alone if you want to.

  • Beam

Beam is a place where you come to dance and drink. It is a minimalist club set in a warehouse with a focus on the music. It’s a techno club with a regular DJ spinning the music. The state of the art sound system is one of the top draws to this club which attracts a lot of locals along with foreign visitors that want to visit this club, The courtyard to it is also full of eateries and bars so you don’t have to go far to get a snack and drink when you are done dancing.

  • Octave Rooftop Lounge and Bar

This rooftop heaven towers over the rest of Thonglor. The Octave Rooftop Lounge and Bar is located on the 45th floor of a building in Thonglor. It gives a 360-degree view of the city and they make some outstanding cocktails. Their in-house champagne is good too! They have a lot of unique drinks to serve including their Bloom over the Roof drink which is a mixture of red berries tea and vodka, mint leaf and elderflower syrup. This and more is offered at this lounge.

  • BadMotel

This trendy nightspot is unique in its decorations as it is designed to look like an abandoned house that looks like it is about to be demolished. The building is full of cracks, rubble, and graffiti which give it an authentic look. Aside from their look, the entire club is housed on three different floors of the building with stylish spots to lounge around the rubble. There is a patio garden and a rooftop lookout when you need to get some air. The place is perfect for parties with a live DJ, hip hop music and a very extensive cocktail menu. This menu includes craft beers, homemade ya dong and Japanese Whiskey.

  • Myst

Myst is a cocktail bar and club that is very open. There is plenty of room for dancing and is lit with mood lighting that is purple. There are long couches to hang out on and an outdoor deck for when the weather is nice. They severe up some amazing drinks as well. One of their signature drinks is called the Flaming Lamborghini which is set on fire as it is served to you. It is a spot for the young Thai crowd to hang out so it is a very youthful place to visit.

  • Black Amber

Black Amber is a hot social club that started life as a barbershop and slowly morphed into a stylish place to enjoy a drink while lounging on leather furniture. The room decorated in dark woods with touches of ornamentation around the room. It is a sophisticated lounge where the hippest people enjoy a drink.

  • Just a Drink Maybe

This gin bar is a bit different than what you might normally see in Thonglor. It is one of the easiest nightlife spots to get to. It welcomes gin lovers from all countries to come and sample their collection of drinks. Their collection is well stocked and well known to those that love their gin. They have classic drinks to enjoy along with their own signature drinks like Beauty & Hendrick. It mixes Hendrick’s gin with a bit of lemon and Aperol. Their drinks are unique and if you are hungry they have Taiwanese snacks available to go with the alcohol.

  • Studio Lam

If you are a lover of alternative music than a trip to the Studio Lam should be on your to-do list. This is a great way to be introduced to the Thai alternative scene and enjoy underground music. This is an establishment that is owned by a D.J. turned club owner, this is a lively space to get a mixture of alternative music while you enjoy mixed drinks. They have a regular line-up of reggae, ska, ad funk banks that routinely play the establishment that gets mixed with an electronica sound. This club plays a lot of Caribbean and African themed music.

  • Desi Beats

Desi beats is a place to enjoy a cocktail and a bit of dancing. This is an indoor and outdoor establishment that mixes Moroccan themes with red carpets and pillows. You can relax in their indoor areas on pillows or enjoy the rooftop deck on the nice evenings while enjoying Bollywood soundtracks and international music. This is a good place to host a part of dance all night on weekends and holidays. This is an urban hot spot that stays hot.

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Visiting Thailand can be one of the greatest trips anyone can make abroad. It can also be an experience in local culture and a paradise for what is new and in style. Staying in and around Thonglor can be an experience in itself. The area is alive with life and it is a lovely place to visit for all sorts of traveller.



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