Fun Things for Kids in Thonglor Bangkok

Thonglor Bangkok, Thailand, has endless activities for the children, and in fact, you have more activities for children here than anywhere else in the country. Whether you have an edutainment venue where children will learn as they play, arcade games or exhilarating outdoor attractions, you never run out of fun things to do when in Bangkok, and you have activities to fit the personality of almost every child. While the little ones have fun, mom and dad have the same endless number of possibilities to have a fun day out with the kids.


Fun Things for Kids in Thonglor Bangkok - akyra


Hit the Edutainment Scene at Kidzania

Probably one of the most innovative edutainment additions to ever hit Bangkok, Kidzania lets children play the full range of their activities inside of a model toy city. They can play at the lifestyles of some of the most popular jobs. For example, he or she can play as the doctor at the miniature hospital, or he might fight fires. She might also choose to attach a law enforcement badge and protect the streets from criminals. Lastly, they could learn what it takes sushi the ways the master chefs do it.

The opening hours at Kidzania on the weekdays go from 10:00 to 17:00. On the weekend and holidays, it goes from 10:30 to 20:30.


Jump at Bounce Bangkok

Known as an action-packed trampoline, Bounce Bangkok has become one of the most popular centres in the city of Bangkok, and whether teens or children, it's open to everyone between the ages of three and up. However, young children will require adult supervision here. You can hop on tons of different trampoline types. Some of the trampolines feature a padded wall so that you can take time practising parkour flips and jumps. Meanwhile, you have other trampolines set up at the 45-degree angle. Other trampolines have been set to help you land straight into a crash mat so that you can try to do crazy tricks without a fear of getting injured.

Glide across the Ice on Skates

Bangkok has long had a heat that can knock people down, but you don't have to let it. The city has loads of ice rinks, and it's the perfect way to spend relaxing time with the family. This can be a lot of fun for both the kids and the parents, but you should remember to wear thick socks, gloves and jeans before you hit the rinks. This will cushion you against the coldness if you happen to fall.


Fun with Lasers in Bangkok!

In the past, you couldn't find a laser tag arena anywhere in Bangkok. The games have been few, which is why when Lazgam opened up with a family-friendly atmosphere, a lot of people felt excited to try the new games here. You had an all-weather activity available that kids have always loved to play. In general, a game of laser tag will last around 15 minutes, but the exercise pumps blood to the heart and enlivens you with adrenaline. Lazgam Bangkok spreads itself out over two different floors, and you have a fun maze of partitions and walls that keep the game going.

Kids can choose from several different kinds of games. However, some of the most common games that you will play here include solo play, teams and red vs blue. In solo play, it basically equates to every man for himself, and to be the best, you will have to take down all the other laser tag players. Another one of the fun and interesting game types is known as Alien Invasion. This game starts where one player will begin as the alien, and he will have to shoot the other players to make them into aliens. Lazgam Bangkok will be most appropriate for anyone who is over the age of seven. Playing the game is quite simple, and you just strap on a vest with strike points on the shoulders and chest, pick up the laser gun and leap into the heart of the action. When you make a "kill" you earn points, but when you get shot, you lose points. After each game ends, the players will be given a printout on their performance from accuracy to who shot who and other cool statistics. Rarely will one game be enough. One game at Lazgam will cost 350 baht, and it will cost 300 baht for every game thereafter.


Play at the Funarium

Have small children in the family? If you want a guaranteed hit with the kids, take them to the Funarium Indoor Playground of Bangkok. This place never grows old, and you have a large realm of awesome entertainment. While it might look somewhat like a warehouse on the outside, as soon as you step inside and past childproof gate, you will find more than 2,000 m2 of non-stop activities and a giant climbing structure. The little kids will love the soft play. For example, you have a sand and water area, but you can also try your chef skills out at the arts and crafts centre and the baking station.

Because the entire space has air conditioning, the children can run around without a worry about how the weather feels outside. Whether you're dealing with the wet monsoon season or the blazing Thai heat, you will feel protected. Along with these things, you can also go to the cafe area, which will be the perfect place to refuel after a long day. The Funarium could be recommended for children up to age 10, but the focus mostly slants itself towards the younger children. This is one cool place with secret passageways, a four-lane silver speed slide and a ball blower. In the outdoors, you will enjoy a cute teepee tent with small sandpits, and children can also shoot some hoops on the basketball court.


Discover New Worlds at the Children's Discovery Museum

In 2014, the Children's Discovery Museum of Bangkok experienced some serious renovations. They had more than 70-million Thai baht pumped into the site to help with improving the outdoor and indoor centre. The result has been nothing short of amazing, and everything in the facility has a focus on the educational and fun activities that will teach your child as he has fun. The Children's Discovery Museum can keep you for the entire day. You have plenty of things to do like hitting up the archaeological site for dinosaur bones. In addition, you can create huge bubbles from the inside.

The Children's Discovery Museum encourages hands-on learning, and you have a lot of interactive displays to aid in the process of discovery. Children will enter through the doors of the experience and take an active role in the participation of learning it. This is a much better approach than feeling like a bored and passive observer of it all. The Children's Discovery Museum has often been called one of the best places for inquisitive minds to visit help them with learning about cool things. This can also be a good place for smaller children who want to touch everything at the exhibits. This museum raises the excitement levels of the children, and it helps with keeping them curious about understanding how the world works and why. You can learn how the illusion works by entering into the "Tunnel of Mirrors," which you will find in the "Life" section of the museum. Children will also have a chance to look at the processes of the body and mind to experiment with some of the human kinetic processes.


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Dinosaur Planet Bangkok

This theme park has been dedicated to the prehistoric beasts of the world from the roaring T-rex to the vicious packs of hunting Velociraptors. Dinosaur Planet Bangkok is an amusement park. It features up to 200 life-sized dinosaurs. If you have a child who has a strong interest in dinosaurs, this will be the perfect place to ignite his imagination. Why not take an amazing family picture with yourself next to these extinct beasts. You can tell the owners of the park took no shortcuts in the construction of their models, and it is an impressive sight to see. Throughout the place, the dinosaurs have been taken to different terrains, which are thought of as their natural habitat. You will also see a centrepiece volcano.

A newly flowering biologist will love the park, and he will learn in the process about dinosaurs, their diets and how they lived. Nevertheless, while you could make this into an educational experience, the models at this site have been created more for the sake of entertainment and the shock factor. If you want more of the educational factor, you should walk over to the Dinosaur District. This is where your family will learn about dinosaur eggs and fossils, and they will discover the history of the dinosaurs. If you want to see something cool, check out the park after dark. Once the sun goes down, the Great Volcano and Extinction Live Show keeps its audiences in full engagement with an exciting light show as the dinosaurs fight for their survival. Imagine seeing the sparkling eyes of wonder in your child.


Next Family Photo: Art in Paradise

What would it be like to have an active role in a painting? At the Art in Paradise Centre, you can do just that. This is one of the fun and easy-to-reach interactive art galleries where you can inspire a love of art in your child. Not to mention, you can snap some pretty cool pictures. In each of the galleries, you will have two stories on the 3D masterpiece. The painting on the floors and the walls have been done with an impressive accuracy. You can take an active role in dozens of scenes from the Stairway to Hell, Ride a Flying Carpet and the Coronation of an Emperor.

At first, you might feel a little overwhelmed at the possibilities, but your goal is to snap the best pose for every scene. You have endless opportunities, and you will see how every guest who comes here will try to do the same with getting the best profile pic of them and their family. With most of these painting, arrows have been placed so that you can plan for the best pose and angle. The results of this have been nothing short of spectacular.


Pander to Your Sweet Tooth at Mr. Jones' Orphanage

Most hear the word orphanage and wonder what kind of experience they will be in for. This is actually a majorly cool cafe. In the cake shop, you will find an impressive number of mouth-watering sweets from a strawberry spongecake to an M&M Kit Kat cake. You have a couple dozen options, and it can be hard to choose just one. The place is a childhood dream with wooden trains, teddy bears and even a teddy bear coffee pot. While you have several branches of this restaurant today, the original Mr. Jones' Orphanage still holds a special place in the hearts of those who had been there.

Any of these activities will be a lot of fun for kids, and it will be memorable as a tourist. Thonglor Bangkok has a lot to offer, and many people have chosen to take delight in the excellent cuisine here. The district has been popular with artists and bohemians from all walks of life.



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