Bangkok Street Food Tour

Welcome to the world's street food capital! Join us on a food-fuelled adventure along the alleyways and main arteries of Bangkok to explore and indulge in some of the city’s culinary wonders. From the fiery flavours of northern Thailand to the sweet sensations of Bangkok's best mango sticky rice, this tour is the tastiest way to discover our neighbourhood around Sukhumvit 20 -- and your new favourite dish!


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Street Food Tour


1. Dancing Duck Noodles

Something of an institution for those in the know, this unassuming open-air eatery serves up some of Bangkok’s best duck noodles. Rumour has it that the unusual name hails from the proprietor’s tendency to burst into the occasional jig while whipping up dishes for the queues of hungry regulars. Sadly his son, who recently took over the almost-40-year-old restaurant, hasn’t continued the tradition. He does however follow in father’s footsteps when it comes to creating steaming bowls of succulent duck and homemade noodles in a rich broth bursting with authentic flavours. A few other dishes are available but the duck noodle soup is undoubtedly the main drawcard.

Opening hours: Daily from 07:00-17:00


2. Thong Sai E-Sarn Food

Tucked away off bustling Sukhumvit on the corner of Soi 18, Thong Sai is a perennial favourite with locals, tourists and expats for its no-nonsense northern Thai dishes that let the flavours do all the talking. Expect to find Isaan classics such as gai yang (Thai-style barbecued chicken), som tam (papaya salad) and laab (minced meat salad). A regular on lists of Bangkok’s best street food spots, the ubiquitous queues and crowds vying for one of the sparse plastic stools set up next to the stall is a giveaway that you’re in the right place. Many of the dishes will keep your tastebuds on red alert so an accompany ice-cold beer is highly recommended for washing down those fiery flavours!

Opening hours: Every evening until late


3. Moo Tod Jeh Jong

Another legendary neighbourhood eatery that has people queuing (almost) around the clock, Auntie Jong’s prides itself on bringing together all walks of life to savour her famous fried pork and rice. The trick is to get in line and order your dish while you wait for an available seat. Don’t worry, it is far more orderly than it seems and you’ll be sat down in no time — possibly with complete strangers, but that’s part of the experience! The tender deep-fried pork belly, which is coated in flour before being sizzled in oil and served with warm white rice, is obviously what brings in the crowds, but there are plenty more dishes on the menu including spicy northern-style sausages, chicken, fried fish in curry paste, crab and an array of other fried delights.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 06:00 to 17:00


4. Wattanapanit

Supposedly one of the oldest beef stew restaurants in the business, Wattanapanit recently received an honourable mention in Bangkok’s Michelin Guide, which is hung alongside the countless other accolades on its well-worn walls. The first thing you’ll notice at this old-school Chinese-style shophouse is the giant pan of bubbling beef stew that rightly takes pride of place on the counter. The melt-in-the-mouth cubes of meat are left to simmer in the rich broth for hours and are best served in a steaming bowl with noodles, although rice is also available. In addition to its pièce de résistance, the 50-year-old institution is also known for its braised goat stew — something of a rarity in the Thai capital — which is also well worth ordering if you can make the space!

Opening hours: Daily from 09:00 to 21:00. Closed on the last Sunday of the month


5. Mae Varee Fruit Shop

Mangoes, mangoes and even more mangoes! On arguably the Thai capital’s swankiest street, there’s something refreshing about a fruit stall being one of its more popular establishments. Located at the top of hip Thong Lor, Mae Varee does a roaring trade in Thailand’s best-loved dessert, mango sticky rice. The fresh fruit, which depending on the season comes in a variety of options, warm glutinous rice, crunchy mung beans and coconut milk is served in takeaway portions (there’s no seating here) and is reputed to be the finest the Big Mango has to offer. Other classic Thai desserts, including the notorious durian and sticky rice, are available, as well as dried and fresh fruits, but Mae Varee is really all about buying, and quickly devouring, the signature dish.

Opening hours: Daily from 06:00 to 22:00


6. Pad Thai Mae Am

Is there a meal as divisive as Pad Thai in Thailand? The unofficial national dish, which contrary to popular belief was only invented in the 1940s, is a mainstay on menus across Bangkok and countless vendors, restaurants and cafes lay claim to cooking the city’s best. The reality is that the sweet-salty stir-fried egg noodles can often be underwhelming, greasy or simply overhyped. But there’s no chance of that at Pad Thai Mae Am. Using traditional cooking techniques, including soaking the noodles for hours in the sauce before adding to the charcoal wok, this family-run shophouse restaurant off busy Rama IV is old school in all of the best ways. Although they offer a few different riffs on the classic shrimp and tofu option — namely squid, chicken and shellfish — there are no gimmicks or pretensions at Pad Thai Mae Am. It is just honest food cooked with care for the crowds of regulars who frequent this back-to-basics gem.

Opening hours: Daily from 12:00 to 22:00


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