Amazing Restaurants in Thonglor Bangkok

When it comes to visiting Bangkok, one of the go-to places in Bangkok that serves some of the best Thai cuisine is the great neighbourhood of Thonglor. If you want to think and act like a local, visit some of the amazing restaurants in Thonglor; all of which are home to some of the most diverse menus, serving dishes inspired by British, Korean, Japanese, and French cuisine.


 Restaurants in Thonglor Bangkok


Restaurants to Try in Thonglor Bangkok

You can always opt for street food – it’s cheap and fun – or you can go try some of these amazing local restaurants.

Below are 17 amazing restaurants to try in Thonglor.


1. Wonderful Thai Friendship (WTF)

Wonderful Thai Friendship, most commonly known as WTF, has only been around for a couple of years, but has already become one of the best Thonglor bars in the area. It gives off a rather retro vibe as it serves Sazeracs and provides a cozy environment for you and your friends to reminisce and catch-up. Furthermore, it is also such a welcoming place where you can find some of the best cocktails in the city. WTF also has an inventive bar snacks complete with smoked cheese, steamed buns complete with fried soybean curd, Sriracha mayonnaise, and kimchi.

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2. Haoma

One of the contributing factors that made Haoma part of Thonglor’s long list of amazing restaurants is its urban farm concept and an attempt to go zero-waste. The kitchen of Haoma serves some of the best dishes while growing a selection of edible greens. By this year 2019, Haoma is aiming to become one of the first restaurants in Bangkok to be completely carbon negative. You can feast on some of their best dishes including roasted duck, fresh pasta complete with morel mushrooms and winter truffle, and more.

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3. Badmotel

Contrary to what the name suggests, Badmotel is actually a good place to get to know the real beauty of Bangkok. While it is true that this place is kind of kitschy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people are not finding this restaurant fun. In fact, Badmotel is considered as one of those unique Thai places between the sweet spot of being a bar and a restaurant. You can have a good laugh while drinking, and enjoy some of the best local dishes the country has to offer. If you are overwhelmed with the long list of choices, we highly recommend trying the Nam Prik Oong coupled with their over-the-top Never Say Never drink.

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4. Soul Food Mahanakorn

The Soul Food Mahanakorn is a great Thai restaurant that recently opened its doors in the year 2010. The atmosphere in this place perfectly describes the word “trendy.” Four years later, this amazing restaurant continues to serve some of the best dishes in the city. We highly recommend trying their Southeast Asian-influenced bites as you wash it all down with some of their signature cocktails.

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5. Ginzado

As you may have already noticed, Bangkok is frequented by the Japanese, many of whom reside in the beautiful neighbourhood of Thonglor. As a result, there are a great number of Japanese restaurants in the area. The most sought-after dish in this amazingly Japanese DIY grill joint is their imported Wagyu beef. Furthermore, you can also opt to try their Japanese-style pickled vegetables complete with a crunchy crusted bibimbap. If you are planning to try the amazing food at Ginzado, be sure to book a table as early as you can so as not to miss out on the best cuts.

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6. Studio Lam

Another amazing restaurant in Thonglor is the Studio Lam. This may be a relatively new bar; however, this place runs with the same people behind ZudRangMa, a Thai record label. If you want to listen to what the locals are listening to, Studio Lam is a great opportunity for you and your friends to enjoy live performances from some of the best local artists. Furthermore, you can also enjoy live DJ sets while drinking Studio Lam’s finest herbal Thai liquor.

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7. Bo.lan

If you are looking to get into the rich history of Thailand food, you should opt to visit Bo.lan. This restaurant is a renovated Thai villa that serves the best dishes from ancient cookbooks. Surely, they know that true meaning of cuisine as some of the served food has not seen the light of day in decades. You truly get to experience the real meaning of having a Thai meal. With Bo.lan, you can rediscover the foods that have been lost over the past decades.

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8. Baan Ice

The chefs at Baan Ice specialize in some of the best Southern Thai cuisine. If you are someone who is particularly interested in Bangkokian food, you can enjoy the herbal-flavoured dishes as well as the fiery spices Baan Ice has to offer. The interior of the place is not much; however, the atmosphere within Baan Ice is something most tourists would want to experience. In addition to the traditional Southern ingredients used in some of the crowd-pleasing favourite dishes, Baan Ice also offers their famous stink bean and black-banded trevally.

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9. La Bottega Di Luca

The city of Bangkok serves as a home to a wide racial background. Thus, no one would be surprise to see a variety of dishes being served at the different restaurants in Thonglor. The La Bottega Di Luca is an Italian restaurant that produces meals featuring authentic flavour – a combination of what Thailand and Italy has to offer. Nevertheless, Chef Andrea Ortu has the capability to concoct some of the most amazing, most creamy, and most indulging risottos in the city. You can wash it all down with their Super Tuscans.

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10. Canvas

If you will not be staying at Bangkok for long, we highly suggest your visit Canvas. Canvas is one of those high-end restaurants in the city that offers a wide array of dishes from all around the globe. Furthermore, Canvas is a bistro at Thonglor, a place where there is good food and great people. One would also notice the enchanting warm and earth-toned aesthetics of it all. You can enjoy Chef Riley Sanders’ dishes, most of which are served in a six-course or nine-course meal. With this internationally-inspired restaurant, you can expect to savour seasonal local ingredients that are presented in the most creative way possible.

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11. Khao

Khao offers one of the most traditional Thai dishes prepared by Chef Vichit Mukura. This Thai restaurant uses fresh ingredients from Vichit’s favorite market, most commonly known as Or Tor Kor. The Khao restaurant walks the fine line between the sweetness of it all as well as the sour-like tendencies of Thai dishes. You can enjoy a holy basil-laced seafood soup complete with various umami flavours. Truly, if you want to experience the best Thai cooking in the city, Khao is your best bet.

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12. Khua Kling + Pak Sod

Despite the place always seeming crowded, people still flock the Khua Kling + Pak Sod restaurant. This is a family-run Thai restaurant that serves dishes using of a wide array of spices as well as some of the freshest ingredients on the market. You know that the food is great if people are willing to put up with the occasionally distracted waiter and the long wait.

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13. Meatlicious

Another restaurant in Bangkok that serves dishes inspired by cuisine from all over the world is the Meatlicious restaurant. This restaurant is inspired by the aesthetics found in mid-century temples. In addition, the founder of Asia’s three-time best winning Gaggan, by the name of Gaggan Anand, serves the food at Meatlicious restaurant. People, both local and international tourists, would flock the Meatlicious restaurant just to get a taste of their infamous pepper-encrusted char as well as their Foie Gras Breakfast. For most of you who do not know, the Foi Gras Mousse at the Meatlicious restaurant is to die for! It is served like crème brulee with a side of cherry compote and brioche.

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14. Surface

This restaurant serves some of the best French dishes in Bangkok. What did we say about Bangkok providing its locals and international tourists with a wide array of dishes? Well, if you are opting for a more European-styled dish amongst the indulging spices of Asia, Surface restaurant is your best bet.

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15. Teppen

Another great Japanese restaurant is Teppen. This offers some of the best sashimi, robatayaki or charcoal barbeque, karaage or simply deep-fried chicken, and warayaki. Warayaki is a process of roasting meat over very inflammable straw resulting in the rich smoky and delicate flavour of the dish. On top of all of these flavourful Japanese meats, you can top it off with some of their best beers!

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16. The Eight Restaurant

The Eight Restaurant opens onto the expansive pool terrace and is also the venue for the daily gourmet breakfast, an indulgent spread providing a nourishing start to an inspiring day in the city. Get the perfect start to your day with our range of Western and Asian breakfast favourites. Choose a nourishing meal to power up for the morning, or savour an indulgent spread for a great start to a relaxing day.

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17. The Lounge Restaurant

The Lounge Restaurant is an art-deco sanctuary with a choice of plush seating and private alcoves, the perfect dining destination based on an East Meets West concept with exquisite Thai cuisine complemented by international specials and a wide selection of fine wines to bring out the flavour of the freshest ingredients. The Lounge Thonglor is also a cozy place to gather with friends or family while enjoying afternoon tea, or relax with coffee, cake or a class of wine after a long day shopping in the Bangkok malls.

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In the end, Bangkok features restaurants that do not only serve Thai-inspired dishes. The neighbourhood of Thonglor boasts its wide array of restaurants that are home to some of the best cuisine from all around the globe.


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