Christmas in Bangkok

Bangkok is Thailand's capital that attracts visitors from all over Asia, with a great deal to see, a vibrant culture, it also serves as a world class destination for visitors from around the globe. Bangkok attracts many visitors during the winter holiday season and those who decide to head to Bangkok at Christmas can find many ways to enjoy the city's tremendous culture and wonderful city life. While most Thais are Buddhists, there is a small community of Christians present who make the most of the holiday season and are happy to greet travellers looking to do the same. Many Thais also acknowledge the season in some ways. Secular Christmas decorations are commonly seen in many areas shopping centres and restaurants. Thais love the chance to party, eat and give gifts so if that's what you love, you'll find plenty of opportunity to do all those things when you're here. Bangkok is also a major shopping regional holiday shopping destination so you can expect plenty of company as you search for the right Christmas gifts. From great food to lots of mall time and places to worship in person, celebrating Christmas in Bangkok can be a source of huge delight and true holiday fun.


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Christmas Decorations at Shopping Centres

If you're in the mood for the holiday spirit, one of the best places to find it are the shopping centres. Shopping is a much adored pastime in the city and you can easily join in. There's lots of malls to pick from in many parts of the city. The central part of Thailand is particularly popular area for large central shopping centres. Begin with a visit to Iconsiam, one of the newest developments in the area and home to condos as well as a shopping centre. The Central World Shopping centre is another place to find beautiful things to buy and seasonal decorations. Expect lights and welcoming signs. There's no snow but the holiday mood is festive and familiar. Central World, in the Ratchaprasong area typically has a large tree with decorations and lights that attracts a happy crowd. If you need something to drink, try the adjacent beer gardens for a toast to the coming year and beer both from local brewers and all over the world. There's also lots of holiday music and plenty of space to sit back and enjoy it. Take advantage of the city's Skytrain system with multiple stations. Use it to visit several malls during your stay here. Paragon mall is an easy few stops on the train from the central area. It's also full of holiday scenes and bright lights. While you're there, check out MBK Mall that's just about across the street. The mall is well known for innovative and exciting outdoor Christmas decorations that are clever and exciting.

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Visiting a Church

Most Thais are not Christian. However, as a major city, Bangkok is dotted with churches ready and happy to welcome in Christmas with visitors to the city. These are good places to get away from the hubbub of urban life and find a place that offers spaces for serene relaxation, quiet reflection and lots of holiday cheer. Service in the native Thai language is common but it's also possible to find places where other languages are spoken. Those who prefer services in English can find them in many different regional churches. They serve many different Christian denominations. You'll find choices that include Catholic churches as well Eastern Orthodox and many protestant places. The Evangelical Church of Bangkok is located in the downtown area with the Holy Redeemer Church a few blocks away. It offers many services throughout the holiday season with an international audience and spacious places to sit. The Christ Church Bangkok, is an Anglican church with services in English. The International Church of Bangkok is primarily Presbyterian but also welcomes others of varied protestant backgrounds. The Bangkok International United Pentecostal Church or (BIUPC) can be found at the Bangkok Christian Guest House and makes it easy for people to walk in and enjoy traditional holiday songs and services.


Shopping With Locals

Shopping opportunities are everywhere in this thriving economic centre. Now is the time to find a great deal on gifts for your loved ones when you return home. While not every retailer is geared towards the holiday season, many choose to invite shoppers to spend funds on holiday gifts with great discounts. Malls not only have holiday cheer. They have free or low cost gift wrapping options so you can get things wrapped up before you head back to your own space. Start with a visit to Asiatique. This massive market lies across the riverfront. It's home to hundreds of stores and lots of cultural events. There's ten enormous warehouses to explore and lots of items for sale. Every single warehouse district has shops as well as bars and individual restaurants well worth a visit. Large lit up maps all over the place make it easy to see where you are now and where you'd like to visit. When you're done shopping here, take a break and relax as people go by. There's lots of seating where you can enjoy the view and sip a cup of tea. There's also a huge ferris wheel and multiple authentic shows that include singing and boxing demonstrations.

Another popular area that has lots of bargains for the shopper is the Sansiri Winter Market. Sansiri comes alive with colour and lights during the holiday months. As both a shopping area and a residential part of the city, it offers a wonderful place to interact with locals in a convivial outdoor space. It's an annual event designed to show off and celebrate Thai arts and crafts as well as offering places to dine and shop. Be prepared for crowds. However, there are free shuttle buses and easy access to local area transport so that makes it easy to get there and get back to any hotel room. Food trucks offer a taste of authentic Thai food and a chance to sample some home cooking from experts who do not have their own restaurant. Local artisans share their wares and offer a way to purchase directly from community members. This is an excellent way to pick up a totally unique gift that can't be found anywhere else. If you're here with family, check out the dedicated family play area that's safe and lots of fun for the little ones. Get into the holiday spirit by shopping at vendor's stalls and walking through a celebratory market. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the spectacle and appreciate a space where community life takes center stage.


Other Outdoor Activities

One of the great joys of visiting Bangkok in December is the area's mild climate. Relaxing in the area's warm sun is one way to appreciate the season without shivering under cold ice. Visitors who want to add just a little touch of winter to their lives can head to a city ice skating rink. Ice skating is a popular activity for natives and visitors alike looking to escape the heat. Lessons are available along with skating rentals. Places like the Rink Arena, the Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club Sukhumvit, and Open Ice offer lots of time to get in touch with your inner holiday ice special and even master a few skating moves.

National parks are another excellent option during the cooler months. Getting away from the city means getting in touch with nature during the holiday season. Sam Roi Yod National Park is a quick trip from the centre of the city. Camping and local hotels make it easy for travellers to stretch out and appreciate the area's many charms. Hiking trails are easy to follow and lead to views across the entire area. See a royal throne deep inside a mountain cave. Miles of beaches are next to warm waters, making it one of the highlights of any vacation. Bird lovers can take full advantage of the fact that is migratory season in the area. Hundreds of birds dot the local landscape with incredible colours and vivid plumage. Three hundred different species can be spotted, making it one of the premier places to see such migrating birds in their native local habitat.

For those who love flowers, consider a visit to nearby Sanburi. This is a much loved day trip for many Bangkok residents and a fast and easy trip by car or train. Sanburi is home to dozens of sunflowers fields. They come in bloom during the winter season. Vendors along the road sell sunflower seeds and other related items for a tiny fee. Have a picnic on the grounds while taking a few dozen selfies. There's also a bee farm right near Sanburi. The farm has locally flavoured honey and other related products that Thais adore. Take a ride on an elephant and admire the local mountains.


Eating Out

Bangkok is home to one of the world's best foods scenes. It's easy to find everything from a quick breakfast from a street vendor to upscale meals worthy of international praise and four stars. Those who are staying in one of the city's largest hotels will find hotel chefs happy to provide them with a taste of home and lots of dishes with western influence. Five star hotels typically offer gala dinners as the holiday approaches with lots of buffet items and plenty of alcohol to bring in the season. Visitors in search of something a bit more casual and budget friendly may want to consider one of the city's many pubs. This is where many expats and travellers head for something a bit more low key but just as festive. Turkey with lots of side dishes is common at this time of year. Lots of restaurants are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Think about changing it up and trying something new for the holiday season. A meal with curry, grilled meats, seafood and Thai spices can be just as enjoyable as the standard Christmas turkey or ham.



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