Elephant Parade: Find our Elephants in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is set to host the renowned Elephant Parade exhibition from the 4th of November to the 6th of January. This significant event will see the city come alive with 50 distinct elephant sculptures, each telling its unique story and reflecting the creativity of different artists.

These sculptures are more than just artistic displays; they represent a broader mission of elephant conservation and the passion of the artists who understand the importance of this cause. Visitors and locals alike will have the opportunity to witness, up close, the diverse interpretations and designs, emphasising the versatility and significance of the elephant in various cultural contexts.

Hosting the Elephant Parade in Chiang Mai offers numerous benefits. First and foremost, it acts as a powerful medium to boost tourism. As travellers from around the globe converge to experience this exhibition, the local economy receives a significant uplift. Moreover, the event raises brand awareness for the Elephant Parade initiative and Chiang Mai as a hub of cultural activities and conservation efforts. This, in turn, solidifies its reputation as a must-visit destination and a city deeply committed to meaningful causes.


Elephant Parade's Mission

At the heart of every movement lies a story, an event or an encounter that ignites passion and drives change. For Elephant Parade, that spark was Mosha. In 2006, while vacationing in Thailand, Marc and Mike Spits chanced upon a baby elephant named Mosha. Tragically, Mosha had lost part of her leg after stepping on a landmine. This poignant encounter wasn't just an emotional experience; it sowed the seeds for the inception of Elephant Parade. The story of Mosha's resilience and the plight of elephants facing numerous challenges compelled the father-son duo to take action. Thus, Elephant Parade was born.

The organisation's mission is multifaceted, cleverly intertwining Art, Business, and Conservation. Through art, it engages the public and the media, leveraging the creations of artists and celebrities to produce unique and attention-grabbing elephant sculptures. These aren't mere decorative pieces; each one echoes the urgency of elephant conservation. On the business front, Elephant Parade operates as a social enterprise. This model ensures sustainability, as 20% of its annual net profits are funnelled directly into elephant welfare and conservation projects. Moreover, a minimum contribution of €50,000 annually is made to NGO Elephant Family, reinforcing its commitment to the cause.

Elephant Parade's essence as a social enterprise makes it stand out. Beyond mere profit-making, it prioritises purpose, ensuring that each business decision aligns with and contributes to its overarching mission: the welfare of elephants. By intertwining commerce with conservation, Elephant Parade amplifies awareness. It generates tangible support for these majestic creatures, reinforcing the belief that businesses can and should be a force for good in the world.


Activities at the Elephant Parade

The Elephant Parade in Chiang Mai isn't just a passive viewing experience; it offers attendees numerous ways to engage, learn, and immerse themselves in the world of these magnificent creatures.


The Elephant Parade Pop-Up Store:

The Elephant Parade pop-up store will be an unmissable stop for those keen to take home a tangible memory or gift. Here, visitors can purchase hand-crafted replicas of the exhibited sculptures and merchandise. Each item encapsulates the essence of the Elephant Parade, ensuring that the mission's message continues to spread even after the event concludes.


Elephant Parade Workshops:

Have you ever imagined painting an elephant sculpture of your own? The Elephant Parade workshops make this dream a reality. Suitable for adults and children, these sessions give attendees the unique opportunity to express their creativity while crafting their elephant masterpieces. Guided by professionals, it's a chance to connect with the cause on a personal and artistic level.


Prioritising Children & Education:

Understanding that today's children are tomorrow's conservationists, Elephant Parade significantly emphasises education. An educational workbook with fun facts, assignments, and vital information about endangered species is available. It is an engaging way for young minds to comprehend the gravity of the situation faced by elephants and other wildlife. Moreover, children can let their imaginations run wild with the Elephant Parade drawing template. This tool allows them to design their elephant statue or replica, fusing fun with learning. A colouring competition will foster healthy competition and creativity, offering young artists the platform to showcase their talents and interpretations of the noble cause.

Through these activities, Elephant Parade goes beyond mere awareness, fostering genuine engagement and nurturing a new generation passionate about conservation and art.


 Elephant Parade Chiang Mai - akyra Manor Chiang Mai


Elephant Conservation Efforts

Each statue is a testament to the urgent need for conservation efforts in the face of growing threats to the Asian elephant population.

Asian elephants, an iconic and revered species, are unfortunately teetering on the brink of endangerment. Several factors compound their difficult situation. Human-elephant conflict, often arising from shrinking habitats, is a significant concern. Elephants are frequently found wandering into human settlements for food, leading to clashes that often result in fatalities for these gentle giants. Additionally, the rampant loss of natural habitats due to deforestation, poaching for ivory and other body parts, and illegal capture for the entertainment industry are severely decimating their numbers. A stark statistic stands out: in just three generations, we've witnessed a staggering 50% decline in the Asian elephant population. Estimates suggest that fewer than 50,000 wild elephants remain across Asia.

Often referred to as 'the gardeners of the earth,' elephants play a pivotal role in maintaining ecological balance. They disperse seeds, leading to forest regeneration. Their feeding habits ensure varied vegetation levels, benefiting many other animals. As they carve paths in dense forests, they create crucial water sources and clearings. Simply put, many ecosystems would falter without elephants, leading to a cascading effect on various species that depend on them.

While the challenges are manifold, organisations like Elephant Parade are making tangible differences. By harnessing the combined power of art and commerce, Elephant Parade raises awareness and amasses critical financial support for elephant welfare. A significant 20% of their net profits directly fuel elephant welfare and conservation initiatives. Partnering with NGO Elephant Family ensures consistent funding for projects that provide these majestic creatures a fighting chance.


Meet Our Elephant at akyra Manor

akyra Manor Chiang Mai has its very own elephant, Saenglah, proudly standing on the rooftop pool, keeping watch over the city.


akyra Manor Chiang Mai Elephant - Saenglah


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