What Makes a Boutique Hotel in Chiang Mai

Travellers and tourists have a lot of options when it comes to accommodation. They can stay in traditional hotels, check out AirBnbs, or even stay in hostels. Big cities have ample options for visitors and each of them have their pros and cons.

One option that has been getting a lot of traction in recent years is boutique hotels! Boutique hotels give you the best of all worlds; a comfortable and safe place to stay right in the heart of the city, interesting culture, great food and a reasonable price.

Chiang Mai, Thailand's jewel to the north, has its fair share of these types of boutique hotels. When you are visiting this mountain city it's a good idea to check out a boutique hotel. You'll get a unique and unparalleled experience and have a great home base to check out the city. What makes boutique hotels so special? Read on for five reasons that you will love staying in a boutique hotel!

Boutique Hotel in Chiang Mai

Boutique Hotels Are Often More Small And Intimate

Big hotel chains can sometimes seem a little sterile and impersonal. Sure, you'll get all of the amenities that you'd get at home, but you most times you will not get that personal touch! Boutique hotels are generally smaller and more intimate than regular hotels, giving you the feeling that your needs are important and special.

This atmosphere also fosters a sense of camaraderie in the guests, making boutique hotels especially attractive to guests who are travelling by themselves. You have a better chance to make friends and join a group to explore the city together!

Boutique Hotels Have A Great Gastronomical Culture

Looking for great dining options in Chaing Mai? Look no further than your boutique hotel! Boutique hotels are famous for having tons of amazing dining options, from international food to the best local cuisine. Their restaurants are generally more innovative and serve up amazing food alongside custom-made cocktails.

It is extremely convenient to have some of the city's finest dining right at in your hotel. You do not need to go far or search around for an amazing meal. Better still, you will meet other guests from the hotel at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Boutique Hotels Are Generally Pet-Friendly

Are you travelling with your fur baby? Many large traditional hotels will not allow companion animals to accompany their guests. Boutique hotels sometimes make allowances for well-behaved dogs and cats, so you do not need to worry about being turned away because you are traveling with your pet.

For this reason, boutique hotels are great for animal lovers. 

Boutique Hotels Have A Lot Of Charm And Character

Along with a relaxed, open and personalised atmosphere, many boutique hotels are visually stunning places that feature art, personal touches from the region and plenty of quirky and fun elements. With the emphasis on originality and beauty, boutique hotels offer an interesting and creative atmosphere.

In this way, boutique hotels really offer the best of both worlds. Generally, hostels or AirBnbs have creative touches but often lack the modern amenities that today's travellers have come to expect. Boutique hotels offer every luxury you need to have an enjoyable and comfortable trip, with a few creative touches that make you feel special.

Boutique Hotels Bathroom Chiang Mai

Boutique Hotels Are In The Middle Of The Action

Have you ever booked a hotel room only to find that it is 20 kilometers from the city center? You will rarely have that issue with boutique hotels! Most boutique hotels are right in the middle of the city, so they are close to any and all attractions you might want to visit.

Most boutique hotels are also in very safe areas of the city, so you will not have to worry about walking the streets nearby in the evening. This combination of safety and proximity to the heartbeat of the city makes boutique hotels an excellent option for people who want comfort and closeness.

Travellers are really spoiled for options when it comes to finding the perfect place to make their home base in a new city. Next time you visit beautiful and fascinating Chiang Mai, consider staying in a boutique hotel. It is the best way to see this incredible city. You will be right in the middle of the action, meet other people and stay in a place where your comfort and happiness are extremely important. Boutique hotels are great options for people who are travelling by themselves, or for a fun family getaway. What's more, you will experience a unique culture that you will not get from a standard hotel.



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