Shopping in Chiang Mai: Markets, Malls, Boutiques & Bazaars

Chiang Mai is an amazing retail destination that is uniquely different to any other Thai City. Chiang Mai shows off it traditions and cultural heritage with its distinct style of handcrafted goods and craftmanship. Yes, you can still find traditional brands and shops but Chiang Mai still manages to injects its own signature into this too.


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Chiang Mai Markets

Chiang Mai's night markets are a well known attraction, with different markets specialising in different offerings. Soak up the atmosphere, enjoy some street food and yes of course, do a little shopping.


  • Tha Phae Gate Market

The market at Tha Pae Gate is heavily focused on local arts and crafts but you can also find clothing, footwear and accessories. This also extends into Tha Phae Walking Street.

Street food is Chiang Mai centric.



  • Warorot Market

The Warorot Market specialises in fresh produce. It is open from 4 a.m. to 6 p.m. and has three floors of market stalls. You may not be needing to shop for your products, but if you are interested in seeing something different, then this is certainly worth a visit.

You wont go hungry either with vendors cooking up a storm



  • Jing Jai Market

The Jing Jai Farmer's Market is the place to visit for a feeling of normality, community, and optimism. Every weekend, the Jing Jai Market, which means "honest" in Thai, welcomes a wide range of vendors, including coffee shops, second-hand shops, restaurants, food booths, and live entertainment.

This enormous market covers 35 acres and offers just about everything you could possibly want to buy. It is a quiet and peaceful market for those who dislike crowds, and the local area has enough restaurants and shops to keep you busy over a pleasant afternoon.



  • Bor Sang Village

On the outer edge of Chiang Mai is Bor Sang Village's crafts market, well-known for its paper-umbrella quality. Shoppers can choose from a dizzying array of cocktail umbrellas, parasols and enormous patio umbrellas. Additionally, artisans offer beautifully adorned fans and lanterns made with the same techniques. The crafts market runs from 3 pm until closing time on Saturday and Sunday. Depending on the time of year, there is also the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival.



  • Ton Lamyai Market

Ton Lamyai Market is all about flowers and florists. Ton Lamyai is divided into two by the Talat Warorot Market: one part is home to the creative florists, while the other is home to the handicrafts and clothing stores. You wont ever forget the fragrant Jasmine wafting through the stalls, which adds another layer to this market experience.



  • Wualai Walking Street

Each Saturday, the Wualai Market, is a scaled-down replica of the Sunday market and is organized close to the ancient city walls. The market, as usual, is well known for all the must-have products in Chiang Mai. Delicious street food, distinct trinkets and attractive arty handicrafts.



  • Sunday Walking Street

As one of Chiang Mai's widely known markets, Sunday Walking Street is an exhilarating roller coaster journey for the senses. There're few sites in the city that can compete with this lively market when it comes to finding unique gifts and sampling the locl cuisine. Thailand's origins may be found in the market, where locals and tourists can taste the country's vibrant culture.



Chiang Mai Malls

Chiang Mai malls include various international brands, fantastic cafés, exciting arcades, and cutting-edge multiplex theatres.


  • Central Festival Mall

"Fest" spans five stories and boasts 60 acres of floor area, including roughly 300 retailers, an IMAX cinema, and an ice skating arena!



  • Maya Shopping Center

The Maya Center is an features dozens of boutiques, gift shops, eateries & a cinema. It is pretty spacious and does not feel crowded.



  • Patnip Plaza

Small shopping center in the middle of the night bazaar, feels like a neighbourhood shopping center. This mall is known for its electronics so if you are looking for computer, camera and phone accessories, this is the place to visit.



  • Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall

Four story mall with clothing stores, health & beauty services, a fitness center & supermarket. It also offers twenty four hour coffee shops, sandwiches and burgers. Nightlife Beer garden, wine bar with live music every night.



  • Kad Suan Kaew Mall

Kad Suan Kaew is currently closed, however there are several restaurants and hotels around the location that serve wonderful food.



Chiang Mai Boutiques

Chiang Mai's boutiques are a honey pot of creativity, style, flair and a shoppers paradise.


  • Wooden Shop Houses

Chiang Mai riverfront boutique stores along Charoenrat Road provide a pleasant promenade. Wooden shops have been refurbished to serve as retail locations for various top-level Lanna art and craft companies.

The buildings that house the stores are more than a hundred years old and considered architectural gems. This is also a great are to wander around for its historical significance and beautiful riverbank views.



  • Think Park

Think Park isn't the most popular shopping destination in Chiang Mai, but it's a great spot to purchase some unique, high-quality goods manufactured by local craftspeople. It's a great place to get designer handbags, cosmetics, and other bits.



  • Nimman Promenade

This is a unique and fun place to shop and features numerous independent vendors. Everything can be found here from ladies fashion and accessories to upscale boutiques. There are also tacky but lovable souvenirs, artwork, gadgets, handicrafts and electronics.



Chiang Mai Bazaars

Bazaars in Chiang Mai are probably the city's well-known attraction. The vibrant blend of stores and shops vend all kinds of stuff, from embroidered textiles to silks, ceramics, and carvings.


  • Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

This night market has been around longer than any other in Chiang Mai. And the shopping experience is concentrated on the structure that bears its name. However, the neighbouring area offers additional opportunities to shop at street-side booths as well as the Anusarn and Kalare marketplace.

Cultural and touristic items may be found within the main structure's booths. Silk wraps and wood sculptures might be hard to come by, but they're worth the effort. In addition to the central Bazaar, you may get hill-tribe products in Anusarn Market and an extensive range of indigenous cuisine at Kalare's eateries.

The bazaar is open every night from 6 to 11 p.m.; however, you're advised to visit past 7, when most businesses are operational. Visit on Saturdays and Sundays when many people visit the Old City's walking market.



  • Kad Rin Kham Night Bazaar

This tiny treasure can be found near the bustling Rin Kham crossroads, just opposite Maya Mall. Thai's mostly attend the bazaar; however, it's worth your time if you are searching for bargains or a hint of a true Thai bazaar.

Besides old-fashioned apparel, Kad Rin Kham's sellers also offer tattoo studios, affordable hairdressing salons, and food booths serving veggies and grilled meat. And it contrasts nicely with the Maya Mall across the street.




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