Boutique Chiang Mai Weekend Escape from Bangkok

Are you tired of Bangkok's never-ending noise and chaos? Yearning for a place that offers relaxation wrapped in luxury, where ancient traditions meet modern elegance? Look no further than Chiang Mai, the northern gem of Thailand. Nestled amongst lush mountains and adorned with centuries-old temples, Chiang Mai has become the perfect weekend escape for those seeking a blend of culture, serenity, and boutique indulgence.

Meet akyra Manor Chiang Mai, an oasis of charm in the heart of this cultural city. From its artistically designed suites to the mesmerising views from the Rise Rooftop pool, akyra Manor is not just a place to stay; it's an experience. Offering an intimate setting amid the city's vibrancy, this boutique hotel exemplifies modern luxury with a touch of Thai grace.

Whether planning a family getaway, longing for an extended stay, or making a spontaneous last-minute escape, akyra Manor has crafted special offers to suit your needs. From the fun-filled "Familycation" package to the tempting "3rd Night Free" offer and the exclusive last-minute discounts, the options are as diverse as the experiences waiting to be explored.

Enjoy a weekend escape to Chiang Mai, where the bustle of Bangkok seems a world away, and luxury awaits at every corner of akyra Manor. So pack your bags and get ready to uncover an escape like no other!


akyra Manor Chiang Mai Experience

When you step into akyra Manor Chiang Mai, you're not just entering a hotel but embracing a unique boutique experience that resonates with sophistication and warmth. With each suite thoughtfully crafted to reflect modernity and tradition, the ambience is chic comfort fused with artistic flair. Imagine sipping a fresh Thai iced tea on your private balcony or soaking in an oversized bathtub with sky views. It's more than a stay; it's a sensory adventure that stays long after you leave.


Boutique Escape

No boutique escape is complete without indulging in exclusive amenities. At akyra Manor, the Italics Restaurant tantalises your taste buds with innovative Italian fare and local flavours, creating a unique culinary journey to Chiang Mai. Fancy a refreshing cocktail? The Rise Rooftop pool is where panoramic city views meet creative mixology. Lounge by the pool, let the sun kiss your skin and savour the artisanal creations of Akyra's skilled bartenders. And that's just the beginning; a world of luxurious comfort awaits discovery within its elegant walls.


Boutique Escape in Chiang Mai from Bangkok - akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel


So, what sets akyra Manor apart? It's the thoughtful attention to detail, the personalised touch in everything from the room décor to the curated experiences. It's the staff's smile, the feeling that you're not just a guest but part of the akyra family. Whether a customised spa treatment to melt away the city's stress or a private tour to discover Chiang Mai's hidden treasures, akyra Manor goes beyond hospitality. It invites you into a world where your desires are understood before you voice them. And isn't that what true luxury is all about?


Familycation Package

Pack the bags and gather the family; it's time for a "Familycation" like no other! akyra Manor Chiang Mai's exclusive Familycation Package has been meticulously designed to offer a blend of leisure, excitement, and family bonding. Tailored to enhance your family's stay in Chiang Mai, this package is the ultimate treat for families looking for a memorable escape.

With a minimum 2-night stay in a Premier Suite, the Familycation Package goes beyond your regular holiday offerings. It starts with a complimentary round-trip airport transfer to whisk you away to the manor. Wake up to daily breakfast for three at Italics Restaurant, where culinary delight meets morning freshness. Treat yourselves to a leisurely afternoon tea at the Rise Rooftop pool, with views that add flavour to your sips. And for the little one, a free exclusive pizza-making session awaits, turning mealtime into a creative adventure.

Available from now until 31 October 2023, with a stay period between 1 June and 31 October 2023, the Familycation Package is a limited-time treasure. Ensure you seize the opportunity to make memories with your loved ones in Chiang Mai's embrace.

But what truly makes the Familycation Package stand out is its commitment to fostering family connections. It's not just about enjoying luxurious amenities; it's about creating shared experiences that will be etched in your family's memory book. From culinary explorations to creative fun for the kids, akyra Manor turns your family getaway into an enriching journey of togetherness. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can gift your family an extraordinary escape in Chiang Mai?


3rd Night Free Package

Why limit your escape to a few nights when you can indulge more? Introducing akyra Manor Chiang Mai's 3rd Night Free Package, designed for those who crave an extended boutique luxury experience. Stay three nights and pay for only two, letting your weekend escape from Bangkok stretch into a leisurely retreat.

Beyond the allure of an extra night, this package showers you with the thoughtful touches that akyra Manor is celebrated for. Enjoy daily breakfast for two at Italics Restaurant, setting the tone for blissful mornings. The flexibility of early check-in and late check-out ensures you maximise your relaxation time, while a welcome drink at Rise Rooftop Bar adds a refreshing twist to your arrival.

The 3rd Night Free Package is simple and generous. Book three consecutive nights at akyra Manor Chiang Mai; the third night is free. Available for booking until 30 September 2023, with a stay period between 1 June and 30 September 2023, this offer is a golden opportunity for travellers seeking more from their Chiang Mai visit.

Longer stays mean deeper connections, more explorations, and an enriched travel experience. The 3rd Night Free Package invites you to take the time to fully immerse yourself in Chiang Mai's cultural richness, the bespoke luxury of akyra Manor, and the boundless beauty of Northern Thailand. Whether a peaceful retreat or an artistic quest, this package ensures that your weekend escape transforms into a fulfilling and lavish adventure. So extend your horizons and make the most of this irresistible offer!


Last Minute Offer

Sometimes, the best travel plans are those made on the spur of the moment. If you find yourself longing for a quick escape from Bangkok or your plans suddenly change, akyra Manor Chiang Mai has you covered. Their Last Minute Offer accommodates the spontaneous spirit, turning sudden travel whims into delightful realities.

akyra Manor Chiang Mai believes that last-minute plans should be rewarded, not punished. That's why they've crafted an exclusive Last Minute Offer that grants you a generous discount of up to 35% on your stay. Whether it's a sudden urge to explore or a need for an immediate break, this special offer ensures that your unplanned trip is not just possible but also irresistibly affordable.

This dynamic offer is available only within 0-6 days of arrival, making it perfect for those quick decisions and unplanned weekend escapes. With no compromise on the quality of stay and the luxurious amenities offered by akyra Manor, this is a golden chance to act on your travel impulses without breaking the bank. Book now and let spontaneity lead you to an unforgettable getaway.

Isn't there something thrilling about the unexpected? About packing your bags and heading off on an unplanned adventure? The Last Minute Offer from akyra Manor understands and celebrates this sense of excitement. So go ahead, let your wanderlust guide you. Chiang Mai and its boutique charm await you, just a spontaneous decision away. It's never too late to make memories, especially when akyra Manor Chiang Mai is ready to welcome you with open arms and an irresistible offer.


Chiang Mai Attractions

With its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes, Chiang Mai offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. The proximity of akyra Manor Chiang Mai to some of the city's most enchanting attractions only enhances its appeal as the perfect base for your weekend escape.

Doi Suthep Temple: A short drive from the hotel, this beautiful temple offers stunning views of Chiang Mai. Don't miss the golden pagoda; it's a true architectural marvel.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar: Shop, dine, and immerse yourself in local culture at this vibrant market, just moments away from akyra Manor.

Art in Paradise: Unleash your creativity with interactive 3D art, perfect for family fun and whimsical photos.

Elephant Nature Park: A responsible and ethical elephant sanctuary offering an unforgettable experience with these gentle giants.

Old Town Exploration: Stroll through the historic streets, visit ancient temples, and soak in the traditional Thai culture.

Chiang Mai's cultural richness is best experienced first-hand. From tasting the local cuisine to participating in traditional Thai crafts, there's no shortage of ways to connect with the local culture. The friendly staff at akyra Manor are experts in the local area and can guide you in choosing the activities that best suit your interests.

akyra Manor Chiang Mai doesn't just offer a luxurious place to stay; it provides the gateway to a world of exploration, adventure, and cultural connection. Whether you're a history buff, a food enthusiast, or simply looking to relax in a beautiful setting, Chiang Mai and akyra Manor have something unique to offer.


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