Where to Stay In Sukhumvit Bangkok

One of the most spectacular travel destinations in the world is in Sukhumvit Bangkok. Sukhumvit Road is the main commercial district in the city. This is one of Thailand's four major highways in addition to being one of the world's longest roads. Sukhumvit Road begins in Bangkok and continues all the way to Trat. Where both Siam and Silom have built reputations for shopping and sleaze, Sukhumvit offers you social activity, peace, sophistication and sleaze along with a little of everything else. You will see five-star international hotels such as the Akyra TAS Sukhumvit hotel, street stalls, Thai shophouses and tower blocks beautifully blended together. A lot of the expatriates of the city live here due to the cosmopolitan touches of the West, Asia and Thai.

Where to Stay In Sukhumvit Bangkok

The TAS Sukhumvit Hotel

The TAS Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel is one of the most highly recommended hotels in Sukhumvit Bangkok. This is an innovative five-star boutique hotel constructed with both innovation and style. One of the best benefits of staying here is the location. You will be in the heart of the most dynamic area for tourism right on Sukhumvit Soi 20. You will find this neighbourhood lively with excellent nightlife, exquisite restaurants, sensational spas, lifestyle malls and green spaces for recreation. There are fifty rooms providing accommodations between thirty and sixty meters. Every suite and room was designed to complement the views of the city. You simply slide open the glass doors running from floor to ceiling to enjoy the amazing views from your generous balcony.

The style of the design is a combination of modern-retro chic and natural woods to create a unique identity without losing the intimacy and charm of the urban landscape. The interior accents, artwork and furnishings complement the theme beautifully. The hotel is the ideal blend of exceptional hospitality, contemporary design and the culture of Thailand. Your room will become the ideal sanctuary after exploring everything Bangkok offers. You will feel good about staying in a plastic-free, single-use hotel. All of the amenities are designed using bamboo and rice material. You will love the luxurious suites and rooms with all of the comforts and services you could desire.

You can ensure an optimal stay with no restrictions by booking an all-inclusive daily package. This includes:

  • A three-day and two-night stay
  • Daily breakfast
  • Each person will receive a cocktail at sunset
  • Each person receives a Thai massage for a full sixty minutes
  • One special Thai dinner for two
  • A BTS Stytrains pass including THB100 for each person to explore the city


Exploring Sukhumvit Bangkok

This is Thailand's longest road with numerous adjoining sub-streets or sois. You will not find many tourist attractions, but the nightlife, eating and shopping are superb. The area has a modern cosmopolitan feel due to the hip hop clubs, air-conditioned malls, bars and fashionable restaurants. This is where the most sinful spots are located such as the Soi Cowboy and the red-light districts. There are also serene areas including the lush day spas, charming cafes and delicious restaurants. You can easily explore the entire area on the Skytrain available through most of downtown. You will discover galleries, spas, bars and shops on the sub sois. During the day you will enjoy visiting the Emporium Shopping Centre, the traditional Thai homes including Kamthieng House, the Creative & Design Centre and the parks.

A different world emerges at night. There are nightspots, funky clubs and incredibly cool bars. You will enjoy the eclectic mix at Ekkamai and Thong Lor. If you are interested in something a little naughtier, visit Soi Cowboy or Nana. You can find debauchery or classy cocktails and everything in between. The local vendors appear at night with shops along the street for some unique shopping. There are numerous hotels to choose from, with the Akyra TAS Sukhumvit Hotel being one of the best. The area offers good public transport, nice options for western and local food and a central location. You will find Bangkok's best tailors here if you want to have a dress or suit made, you can enjoy a Thai massage or try the local street food.


The Siam Area

The Siam area is farther down the road in the direction of the river. You will usually see crowds at the Siam Skytrain station because of the extensive shopping malls. This includes:

  • Siam Center
  • Siam Discovery
  • MBK Center
  • Siam Paragon
  • Central World Mall

You will find numerous roof bars / sky bars here due to the Hangover 2 movie, a lot of restaurants in the malls and some local street food. The Siam area is extremely glamorous and glitzy. You will have many opportunities here including:

  • Shopping at the numerous malls in Bangkok
  • Bargaining with the vendors at the MBK Shopping Mall
  • Enjoying a gorgeous Thailand sunset at one of the rooftop bars
  • Visiting the Jim Thompson House


The Silom Area

This is the financial district of the city with a large expat community, skyscrapers and the biggest park in Bangkok, Lumphini Park. Take a stroll through Lumphini Park, visit the red-light district or enjoy the best local dishes of Thailand at Baan Somtom. Do not miss the Dahra Spa for a sensational afternoon. You can get an amazing deal if you call in advance.



Chinatown offers you a unique cultural experience. The best way to taste all of the amazing food is to take a Chinese street food tour. You can enjoy excellent street food and purchase the local Chinese spices. China town is filled with the aroma of the street food and neon signs. This is one of the biggest Chinatowns anywhere on the globe.


The Riverside Area

There are numerous activities available in the Riverside area. Some of the best include:

  • Visit the reclining Buddha, Wat Pho. Come at sunset because there are not many tourists visiting at this time.
  • Enjoy the Chao Praya River on a dinner cruise.
  • Visit Wat Phra Kaeo, the Grand Palace. You need to bring or wear pants and ensure you have something you can use to cover your shoulders.
  • Visit the Pak Klong Talat flower market to purchase a lovely bouquet of flowers.
  • See everything you can do in Bangkok by riding the river ferry


Khaosan Road

This is an excellent destination for having a drink with your friends, enjoying the street food, having a cheap massage and watching the people. The major tourist attractions are also close by. If you are adventurous, stop by one of the bug carts to try eating a scorpion. This is also a good location for purchasing cheap souvenirs to take back home.


Terminal 21

This is an amazing themed shopping mall will several cities famous all over the world represented beneath the roof. You can visit San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, walk down Carnaby Street in London, enter Tokyo City to weave through the maze of shops or find a bargain in a zouk in Istanbul. There are nine floors all featuring a different location. The main hall in Terminal 21 has been created to look like the departure zone at an airport. The food court offers both international and Thai foods. There is also a Cineplex and 600 shops.


The Soi Cowboy

This is a red-light district bar opened during the 1970s. The atmosphere is more laid back than at Nana Plaza or Patpong. The bar is colourful due to the flashing neon lights. You will see mostly western and Japanese tourists, expats and girls in sexy outfits. You will be welcome inside, the people are open-minded and there is no charge to enter. The Soi Cowboy is one of the best go-go bars in the area.


Benjasiri Park

Benjasiri Park was built in 1992 in celebration of the sixtieth birthday of Queen Sirikit. You may hear the locals call this the Queen's Park. If you appreciate great sculptures, you need to visit this park. You will find exquisite examples of Thai sculpture throughout the park. Mesium Yipinsoy sculpted the centrepiece fountain. This is a multimedia water dance available at 6:00, 12:00 and 18:00 daily. Benjasiri Park provides outdoor sporting facilities you will not find at the majority of the public parks. This includes a rink for skateboarding and roller skating, an outdoor swimming pools, a basketball court and a multi-purpose court for sepak takraw and volleyball.


Baan Kamthieng House Museum

You will find the serenity of the Baan Kamthieng House Museum next to one of Sukhumvit's busiest junctions, Asoke. This is a teak house reminiscent of a northern Thai village. The museum has been renovated, provides insight into rural life in Thailand and offers many interesting displays. If you are passionate about the history of Thailand, you should visit the museum.


The Dinosaur Planet Theme Park

The dedication of this theme park are prehistoric beasts ranging from the Velociraptors to the T-rex. The park opened in 2016 in the Phrom Phong area featuring approximately 200 life-size replicas of the most popular dinosaurs. The constructions of the extinct beasts are impressive, offering an excellent photographic opportunity for your entire family.


Flight Experience Bangkok

Both adults and children will enjoy this flight simulation. This is an excellent opportunity if you are passionate about planes or have dreams of becoming a pilot. The experience is so realistic, numerous television shows and movies have featured this cockpit. The experience may even help you get past a fear of flying.


The Lazer Game

Unfortunately, Bangkok laser games have become fewer and farther between as time has passed. Lazgam is family-friendly and fun regardless of the weather. The game will make your heart race for fifteen minutes. There are two floors to explore featuring a maze of partitions and walls. You can choose from a good selection of different games. The most popular options are Solo Play and red vs blue teams. Alien invasion is a lot of fun because one person begins as an alien. You can turn the other players into aliens by shooting them. Anyone age seven and above can play.


Escape Hunt

You will find Escape Hunt Bangkok in the Interchange 21 tower directly across from the Terminal 21 mall. This is basically a live puzzle game. You can play with a group of two to five players. You are competing against the clock to put together the evidence. All players must be age seven or above. This is a great way to spend some time for friends, families and co-workers. Escape Hunt offers six different games, four game rooms and two different scenarios onsite. If you have more than five people in your group, you can compete against each other to try to solve the mystery fastest. There is wheelchair access available throughout the entire premises and all of the games are bilingual. This makes Escape Hunt a great opportunity for foreigners and Thais to enjoy the games together.



You will find Kidzoona in the Gateway mall on the fifth floor at Molly Fantasy. This is a great experience for both children and adults. When the temperatures in Bangkok becomes too hot or too much rain is falling, this is an ideal place to take your kids to work off their extra energy. There are trikes and trucks for the kids to speed around on, a merry pink merry-go-round, inflatable slides and a soft area for play. You will receive access to the play area for the entire day for just one price. This area is not permitted for children age twelve or above. Your best option is to take in the younger kids while leaving the older teenagers at the Molly Fantasy entrance to play the arcade games. You will also enjoy exploring the mall and the unique Japanese theme.



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