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Although most hotels are primarily designed to accommodate tourists, many people are now travelling for business. For instance, New York, Chicago, Bangkok and Paris enjoy high rates of business travellers. As the demand for corporate traveller accommodations increases, so, too, do the number of hotels. However, times have changed. In particular, the specific needs of corporate travellers are evolving. Tourists, for instance, look for a home away from home. Corporate travellers need an exceptional home away from home, but they also require an office away from the office, something that used to be beyond the typical hotel stay.

A serviced apartment hotel, provides a private bedroom, separate living and dining room, and a fully stocked kitchen, giving corporate travellers a sense of peace and quiet that is similar to home. This feeling of home and the ability to truly relax and unwind are just a few of the many reasons why corporate travellers are choosing serviced apartment hotels over typical hotel accommodations.


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1. Space

Conducting business at the corporate level is a demanding occupation. There is a lot of day-to-day pressure. Travelling can increase this pressure because you have to juggle living, no matter how temporary, in a new setting with all of the logistics that entails. Returning to a claustrophobic space that many hotel rooms exude only adds to the pressure. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, provide approximately 30 percent more space than a hotel suite.

Being away from the comforts of your own home, and the space to move around, can make it difficult to manage the stress and demands that professionals in the cooperate world must handle. As such, when travelling, it is important to feel as if you are staying in a more home-like atmosphere. The added space that a serviced apartment affords you will give you the feeling of a home away from home.


2. Meals

Eating out while travelling can get old. Of course, it can also get expensive. Ordering room service, for instance, while convenient, comes at a premium. Additionally, sitting on your bed and attempting to eat your meals while trying to avoid spilling your food on work papers is not a very productive or pleasant experience.

Conversely, a serviced apartment allows you to visit the local market and choose the exact ingredients you want to use when preparing your meals. You have all the options you might have at home, which is much more affordable than eating at a restaurant or dialling up the hotel's room service. Additionally, if you have food allergies or suffer from a food intolerance, eating out can be difficult as well as dangerous.

In your room, you have the open counter space and a full refrigerator to help you stay organised. Suites also often have a dining table as well as a bar area where you can enjoy your meal, watch television, and keep your veggies from intermingling with your manilla folders. Additionally, if you host meetings, the ability to cook as well as dine in a designated area with your colleagues or clients can help to make your business trip more enjoyable and productive as you spend time building rapport and getting to know one another.


3. Service

In addition to the services the most attentive hotels provide, you can be sure that a serviced apartment will provide you the support you need beyond anything you have experienced at even the best hotels. For instance, you can access remote PA services regarding any professional need you may have. The concierge is equipped to provide you the information you need about the local area, which will significantly ease the stress of addressing your daily needs. Finally, some serviced apartments provide chef services to make your stay more special.


4. More productive

An important factor to professional success is effectively managing the pressures of your corporate stay. Routines can be very helpful when managing a stressful situation. A serviced apartment allows you to continue with your daily routines. You can cook and eat your meal in the kitchen, watch some television in the living room and then retire to the bedroom for the night, just as you if you were at home.

Speaking at a seminar or pitching a new idea requires that you focus most of your energy on your responsibilities. There is no question that you need to be productive. The comfort and support a serviced apartment provides allows you to stay organised and focus on the important things. As a result, you are much more productive.


5. Location

Hotels are purposely centrally located. They are typically found on busy city streets. That said, all of the commotion that comes with traffic can actually be tiring. Conversely, many serviced apartments designed for corporate stays are located away from all the noise.

This extra quiet can be very beneficial as it can give the added feel of being at home, in a quiet and peaceful place, while actually being only minutes away from the action. This balance can make your corporate stay much more pleasant and peaceful, which can help make your corporate business much more successful.


6. Cost effective

Many people are under the impression that a stay in a serviced apartment is a more expensive option than a traditional hotel stay. However, this is simply not correct. In fact, organisations that require regular or lengthy stays often develop relationships with a serviced apartment to enjoy a more economical approach.

Savings on the pricing of the stay or the expense bill can often be negotiated. Additionally, because job performance can be negatively affected by stress, it important to consider the well-being of the corporate business traveller. As such, it just makes good business sense to ensure the best accommodation are utilised at a price travellers can afford.


7. Privacy

When away on business, most people do not need their bed made or their room cleaned each day. In fact, this can, for some, be an annoyance rather than a premium service. In addition to the superior services you can access when staying in a serviced apartment, you are also afforded the privacy and freedom to do exactly as you please.

Your schedule might not allow you to get to breakfast or dinner on time. In a serviced apartment, you have one-hundred-percent privacy. Your dining schedule is your own, and you do not have to worry about being interrupted or having to wait in line. Simply put, you can come and go as you please, in private, to met your professional needs.


8. Relax

Returning to your hotel room after a long business day can be just what you need. There is a big comfortable bed and large TV waiting for you to relax and unwind. However, that is all there is. If you are not ready to climb into bed, this furniture arrangement can be frustratingly inadequate.

In a serviced apartment you do not have to go straight to the bed. You can unwind on the couch and have a drink. You can cook something to eat or enjoy a bowl of ice cream. In fact, just having the option to do to something other than lie on the bed can be relaxing in and of itself.



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