Sustainability and Community for the Future

At akyra Manor Chiang Mai, we have always wanted to integrate the hotel within the destination in a sustainable way so that the local community would benefit from us. For example, our Chef always strives to find quality locally-sourced products from small family-owned suppliers, even if it means paying a bit more, as it helps them to make a living, and we believe it truly makes a difference.

In line with our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we source all our products locally wherever possible and do not import faraway mineral water but use local ones as an example.

All these efforts were recognised as we were awarded the love of local award by the Small Luxury Hotels of the world in 2017 and, more recently the "Green Hotel" award in 2020 from the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion. Last July 2022 we were awarded the "net zero" hotel award by the Tourism Authority of Thailand TAT, which recognises hotels reducing their carbon footprint.

We have also sponsored two schools since the hotel opened, and it is especially rewarding to measure afterwards the impact we had on the daily lives of the kids and teachers. The entire team is also fully committed to this initiative, so the hard work doesn’t just stop at the hotel doors.


Community School Support - akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel


With a few lifestyle choice changes, we can all make a difference, which was truly important to us. Our hotel has been single-use, plastic-free since 2018; we’re inviting our staff and guests to join us in banishing pesky plastic bottles and bags from our lives. To help you on this honourable adventure, we supply each room with only glass bottles, or guests can request our signature stainless steel water bottle, which you can use wherever you go throughout your stay. You can even buy the bottle to take home (with all proceeds going to the Pure Blue Foundation) so the memories of your stay and motivation. The combs and toothbrushes are made from corn starch and kept in stone paper packaging, and garbage bags are biodegradable. Fabric shopping bags and bicycles are available with our compliments for our guests to borrow and explore the neighbourhood in a fun and green way.

We plan to install solar panels on top of our building this year to produce green energy and continue our sustainability journey.


Net Zero Hotel Award

The Net Zero Hotel Award by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is an award to hotels making a positive contribution to the environment through their energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives. The award recognises the efforts of hotels to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint while promoting sustainable practices.

The award was launched in 2020, and the first round of awards was given to hotels in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Pattaya. The criteria for winning the award include reducing electricity consumption, promoting the use of renewable energy, and taking steps to reduce the hotel’s environmental impact.

The award is part of TAT’s broader strategy to encourage hotels to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious. The award also serves as an incentive for hotels to invest in energy-efficient technologies and practices.

By recognising the efforts of hotels to reduce their environmental impact, TAT hopes to create a positive ripple effect throughout the Thai tourism industry and encourage more hotels to adopt sustainable practices.


Green Hotel Award

The Green Hotel Award from the Department of Environment Quality Promotion (DEQP) recognises hotels that have taken extra steps to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. Award recipients are evaluated on energy and water efficiency, waste management, and green procurement criteria.

The award is open to hotels of all sizes and intended to encourage green practices in the hospitality industry. Recipients receive a certificate of recognition and can use the Green Hotel Award logo on their promotional materials.

The Green Hotel Award is part of the DEQP’s broader mission of promoting environmental sustainability and protecting the environment in Thailand.



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