Bars with Live Music in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a city situated in Northern Thailand nicknamed “The Rose of the North.” It is a place that is full of adventure, intrigue, natural wonders, history, and romance, which makes it one of the must-visit sites in the entire Asian continent. It is an ancient city that has a lot to offer, whether you want to tour around during the wee hours of the morning, in the middle of the day, during a lazy afternoon or the cool evenings.

If you enjoy socialising, having a beer with your old and new friends, and just enjoying good music, you will love the fact that there are several places to have fun at night.

So if you want to stay up till the early hours of the morning or you only wish to relax while listening to good tunes, here are some of the best bars with live music in Chiang Mai.


Bars with Live Music in Chiang Mai


Live Music Bars in Chiang Mai

If you want to stay up till the early hours of the morning or you only wish to relax while listening to good tunes, here are some of the best bars with live music in Chiang Mai.


1. The North Gate Jazz Bar

As the name of this bar suggests, it is where you can enjoy jazz music. If you are a fan of this genre, you will eventually find yourself at the North Gate Jazz Bar, which is one of the most popular bars for smooth jazz grooves in Chiang Mai. Every night of the week, you can watch artists play live music, including local and international jazz hits.

New bands and singers who specialise in jazz music gather here. Sometimes, you can get a treat and get serenaded by jazz musicians from other countries. If you love this genre so much and you feel like you have a talent for singing or playing jazz music, you should visit the place on Tuesday nights. At this time of the week, you can showcase your capabilities during the Jazz Jam Session where anyone can pick up and instrument and play.

If you want to visit this bar and start taking pleasure in live jazz music, you can find the establishment at the North Gate of the city’s ancient moat.

Mon-Sun 7pm - 12am


2. The Rasta Café

If jazz is not your thing, but you want live music that focuses on Jamaican culture, the Rasta Café is where you should go to. It is where Bob Marley fans convene to enjoy the cool Jamaican-themed bar in the city. It has a house band that plays music that best represents Rastafarian music, including ska, reggae, and sometimes sporadic pop songs.

According to the pub, anyone who visits this place should close his or her eyes, and they will have that feeling of being transported to any Jamaican city.

Before the Rasta Café, it was once known as the Rasta Bar. It closed temporarily and reopened with a new name. Today, it is well-liked because it is situated in an outdoor place with a laid back atmosphere. It is located at the area of the Night Bazaar, just next to the Iron Bridge at Charoen Prathet Road.

This café first started its operations back in 2004. Every night, you can enjoy live music here, where mostly ska and reggae are played till the bar closes. However, there are also times when the band would play rock and jazz music.

Compared to several of the establishments in the area, the Rasta Café is quite small. However, many people say that it is still a recommended place to spend your night. It is where you can find good food, while you listen to superb music. The Rasta Café is best for people who do not want to be disturbed, so they come here where the environment is just chill.

Although it is not as massive as the other bars around, it has some of the best staff members who always welcome the guests with smiles. Aside from good music, you will also like that the staff serves Jamaican-style food.

Mon-Sun: 6pm - 1am


3. The Garden

This guesthouse offers live music on Sundays when the walking street market is open. Great place to pop in after visiting the market for a beer and some live music.

Walking Street Market, which takes place every Sunday. During this time of the week, the streets outside the gates of the guesthouse are closed because of the heavy traffic. The whole area becomes the Walking Street Market where you can find a variety of arts and crafts, along with dance and music groups.

There is a fully licenced bar here, and delicious meals are offered until late evening. Live music varies in style to the performer that weekend. This has a great vibe and buzz around it with the market and people about. The


4. Boy Blues Bar

Located on the second floor of the Night Bazaar building, you will find the Boy Blues Bar near the food court. It is famous for those who are looking for a place to listen to live music, mainly blues. Live bands play here almost every night, except on Sundays when the bar is closed. It has a beautiful location where it overlooks a sea of stalls and shops.

The bar got its name from the band called Boy that plays classic blues soundtrack nightly. Sometimes, he invites his friends to belt out some live tunes for the people to enjoy. Every Monday, there is Jam Night, which gives the patrons the chance to either embarrass or impress their dates since anyone can perform on that day. Boy Blues Bar can accept younger people as long as they are with their parents or an adult.

Mon-Sun: 8pm - 1am


5. Roots Rock Reggae

For an upbeat and cool vibe, the Roots Rock Reggae bar is where you can find what you want. It is an alternative to the Rasta Café where there are both live music that features reggae, ska, and rock genres. Most of the people in the crowd here are foreigners, but there are also some Thais who stop by at the place, especially those who are into this atmosphere and music.

The bar is famous for backpackers not only because of the nightly performances but also for the buckets of whisky that many Thais love as well as the cheap beer. Roots Rock Reggae is where you can hear different varieties of music, including English songs. Some bands play Thai music, but the primary goal is to make sure to be loud. Everyone should be on his or her feet and just have fun with the rest of the party goers.

Roots Rock Reggae is situated in the old city area right at Moon Maung Soi 6. Make sure that you go to another place first because this bar opens late and the real fun starts after 10 PM. If you want to enjoy the wildest time in this site, you should stay until after midnight where everyone gets rowdy, and the music is turned up to keep the crowd on their feet.

Mon-Sun: 7pm - 1am


6. Good View Bar and Restaurant

This Thai establishment opened in January of 1996 and for more than two decades, it has been a favourite of both locals and visitors in Chiang Mai. It serves good food, exquisite drinks, and fun entertainment for everyone who wants to have a great time while in the area of the Mae Ping River.

It is where you can find different selections of wines and cocktails, along with non-alcoholic drinks. The restaurant offers an extensive menu that features local food, as well as Japanese, European, and Chinese cuisines. When it comes to live music, you can stay here to listen to soothing and cheerful tunes every night where two bands perform live.

The Good View Bar and Restaurant also has other outlets in Thailand, namely in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Vientiane. The business is aptly named because it provides a fantastic view of the city, the Doi Suthep Mountain, and the river. It has a large restaurant that profoundly showcases Thai styles and designs. There is a huge wooden deck, too, where you can watch the whole performances of the band while enjoying the surrounding views.


7. Inter Bar

One of the bars in the city that get rave reviews from their patrons is Inter Bar, which is situated at Tha Pae Road in Chiang Mai. It is where you can enjoy live music, especially if you are a fan of rock songs. It is a pub where the friendly members of the staff serve cold drinks.

Inter Bar is not just a place where you can have fun with your friends while sipping some wine and listening to live rock or metal music. It is situated at Thapae Road, just close to Thapae Gate and this bar is considered one of the oldest ones in the area, especially those that play live music. Whether it is a busy or slow season, this bar still manages to attract lots of customers.

The bands here play heavy rock classics every night, but they can also play mellow rock and pop rock songs. Typically, a local group, Toy, opens the night with a set of acoustic blues tunes. There is also a house band called the Scorpions, which play both original and cover rock music from top artists like Pink Floyd, Metallica, and AC/DC.

Mon-Sun: 7pm - 12am


8. The Brasserie

This bar is where you want to go if you wish to have fun in the afternoon until the early hours of the morning. It is open from 5 PM to 2 AM and comes with snacks and drinks that are moderately priced. It is a great venue for single people, as well as groups and even seniors, although it is not recommended for families with kids.

Tuk, a renowned name in the RnB scene of Thailand, owns The Brasserie. It is situated on the north-eastern edge of the channel that encloses the Old town. Back in the day, Tuk is well-known for all styles of playing guitar, whether it is blues, rock, or alternative rhythms. He is also the uncle of Boy, who plays at the Boy Blues Bar.

If you want to enjoy good live music in a relaxed atmosphere, while eating tasty food served by the friendly staff and browsing the web with the free Wi-Fi, you will undoubtedly love it here.

Mon-Sun: 5pm - 2am


9. Beer Lab (formerly HOBS)

Beer Lab, formerly HOBS, which is an establishment located in Nimmanhemin. It features a vast open-air garden and possesses a friendly vibe that delights the visitors. The place is filled with woody designs and has a modern feel to it as if you are in Bangkok and not in Chiang Mai.

If you come here for a beer, you will not be disappointed. The business has a 20+ page menu that consists of imported craft beer, giving you an impressive variety. They also have wine and cocktails for those who do not like beer. It can be quite surprising that the selections are well-priced and you can enjoy eating steaks, snacks, and sausages. If you want to try Thai dishes, you can find some here, as well.

Of course, you can come here to enjoy great music. Make sure to reserve a seat if you are planning to visit on Fridays or Saturdays because the place is packed during these days of the week.

Mon-Sun: 6pm - 12am


10. Myst

Located at Maya Mall, Myst gives you a slice of what it feels like to be in Chiang Mai with a Bangkok feel to it. You will enjoy seeing the views while on a rooftop since this bar is situated at the peak of the new mall in the city.

Myst is where you can find fancy molecular drinks and is where you should be if you want to enjoy some shisha pipes with unusual flavours. It can be expensive here so this place may not be for you if you are on a budget. It is, however, an excellent choice if you are celebrating a special event. Listen to live bands play from 5 PM to 1 AM.

These bars are a great way to spend your evening, especially after going around the city of Chiang Mai for a cultural experience.

Mon-Sun: 5pm - 1am



Looking for a evening out without the live music, try one of these rooftop bars in Chiang Mai and our very own RISE Bar at akyra Manor Hotel Chiang Mai.



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