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Nestled within the northern highlands of Thailand is pristine Chiang Mai province. Embraced by mountains on three sides, she presides over her land like a queen. The Ping River pays homage, flowing gently at her feet. Ancient walls surround her. Temples kiss the sky. Within the welcoming arms of Chiang Mai, history and modern life merge.

The Thai of Chiang Mai are hospitable, happy people. Beautiful shops house their handcrafts. Native artists create exquisite jewellery and exotic carvings. Chefs fashion food with thrilling flavour and fragrance.

All these elements are featured on lively Nimmanhaemin Road. Situated east of the mountains and west of the moat, this byway is a busy city centre. The Nimmanhaemin name is that of Chiang Mai’s oldest family. Originally, the street sported noodle shops and humble homes. Now it thrives with restaurants, galleries, and cafés. Nimmanhaemin Road is chic, modern, and romantic. It’s also known as “Coffee Street.” Here we present the highlights of this novel neighbourhood.


Nimman Promenade in Chiang Mai

Address – Nimmanhaemin Road and Nimmanhaemin Soi 4 Intersection
Hours – 10am to 11pm

Nimman Promenade in Chiang Mai

Nimman Promenade is an eclectic collection of boutiques, cafés, and speciality shops. Here are some highly favoured local spots:


Chabbaa Clothing Store

Address – 14/32 Nimman Promenade, Nimmanhaemin Road
Telephone – +66 053-221-824
Hours – 10am-6pm daily

Upon entering the turquoise doors of Chabaa, you feel you’ve gone over the rainbow. The shop features women’s clothing in every hue imaginable, fashioned by a team of two sisters. Their designs are casual, comfortable, and colourful. Among their high-quality apparel are dresses, kaftans, skirts, and scarves. You can accessorise outfits with beautiful jewellery, featuring polished stones and beads. Complete your ensemble with a bright embroidered handbag. Women will leave this store in style!


Sugar Nails Salon

Address – Tall Teak Plaza, Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 13
Telephone – +66 053-215-524
Hours – 11am-9pm daily

This nail salon pops with colour from pink wallpaper to crimson chairs. Ladies will feel luxuriously pampered with meticulous manicures and pedicures. Between cushy reclining chairs and gentle massage, guests feel like they’ve gone to heaven! Professional nail stylists take their time and give full attention to their craft. Ladies will leave this little haven feeling relaxed and looking lovely.


Chiang Mai Coffee Shops


Chiang Mai Coffee Shops on Nimmanhaemin road



Address – 16/2 Nimman haemin, Soi 5
Telephone – +66 053-895-678
Hours – 10am-9pm daily

Librarista is an amazing little oasis on Nimmenhaemin Road. It’s a coffee house amidst a treasure trove of books. Librarista consists of three sections, a library, indoor lounge, and outdoor terrace.

With floor-to-ceiling windows, the library provides a unique vantage point to view the Nimmenhaemin neighbourhood. Shelves of books in English and Thai line the walls. WiFi is also available. Comfy chairs invite you to curl up with a coffee cup. The library is relaxing and quiet, a place where you can read and dream and think.

The coffee lounge has comfy chairs and a spacious atmosphere. An outdoor terrace provides seating at umbrella tables overlooking a Koi pond. A front lawn sports ceramic statues of cute animals. The collection includes a dancing cat, yellow poodle, pink rhino, and green giraffe. Some provide a perfect perch for small children. Librarista’s menu offers a wide variety of coffee, tea, smoothies, cakes, and waffles.


libarista coffee shop on nimmanhaemin road


Librarista is a relaxing refuge on Nimmanhaemin Road.


Marble Arch

Address – 12/6 Nimmanhaemin, Soi 9
Telephone – +66 053-212-323
Hours – 9am-10pm daily

Marble Arch, named after the London underground station, bears a British theme. Union Jack knick-knacks flank the walls. A British guard and bright red phone booth greet you at the door. Seating options include a lounge, coffee bar, and window tables. Gleaming floors and bright light create a cheery ambience. WiFi access is provided. Add to this a friendly staff and upbeat music, and you have a lovely place to enjoy a cup of joe. The menu at Marble Arch includes toast, tea, coffee, shakes, and smoothies. Their lattes are legendary.


marble arch coffee shop on nimmanhaemin road


Wawee Coffee

Address – Nimmanhaemin, Soi 9
Telephone – +66 053-260-125
Hours – 8am-9pm daily

Wawee Coffee is the Thai equivalent of Starbucks. The shop sources its beans exclusively from local coffee plantations. Part of the proceeds from each cup of coffee goes to underprivileged children in Thailand. Enjoy your yummy coffee with a river view and your choice of indoor or outdoor seating. Sandwiches and sweets are scrumptious accompaniments. You can also take advantage of their free Wi-Fi. Leave this cafe recharged for exploring more of Nimman Promenade.


wawee coffee shop on nimmanhaemin road


Art Galleries on Nimmanhaemin Rd


JI-QOO Art GAllery

Address – 4/2 Soi 5, Nimmanhaemin Road
Telephone – +66 053-894-250
Hours – 11am-8pm, Tuesday through Sunday; Closed Monday

This art gallery features over 100 contemporary paintings displayed on three floors. The ground level houses the gallery’s private collection. The second floor showcases the work of local artists. The top floor is dedicated to student artists. The second floor exhibit changes monthly. Framed against bright white walls, the paintings are intriguing and enchanting, making for a most memorable visit.


Chiang Mai University Art Museum

Address – 239 Nimmanhaemin Road
Telephone – +66 053-218-280
Hours – 9am-5pm, Tuesday through Sunday; Closed Monday

This art museum offers a wide variety of rotating exhibits, highlighting the work of renowned national artists, students, and visiting artists. Lecturers also present their point of view. Students of the Faculty of Fine Arts host an annual show of their thesis work, which is always fascinating. An on-site dance school offers entertaining shows.


Chiang Mai's Weather

Chiang Mai enjoys three seasons:

cool season – November to February
hot season – March to June
green season – July to October


Cool Season

The cool season features cloudless azure skies and comfortable temperatures. Daytime highs average 25°C (77°F). Mornings and evenings average a refreshing 15°C (59°F), when you’ll likely need a jacket and scarf. The cool season is holiday time, from November through February.


Hot Season

The average daytime temperature during the hot season is 40°C (104°F). Nights average 25°C (77°F). From noon to 2pm, you’ll need to be especially careful to avoid sunburn. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydrating. Talcum powder has a nice cooling effect. March is mango season, when the fruit is traditionally served with rice and coconut milk. April features Songkran, a water festival marking the Thai New Year. May honours Buddha, with many temple celebrations, to which visitors are invited. June is the month for mangosteen and lychees.


Green Season

The green season has daytime average temperatures of 30°C (86°F) and abundant rain. Precipitation can range from a heavy downpour of 1-2 hours to a light drizzle all day. Be sure to bring a raincoat if you travel from July through October. There are still dry days, though not always sunny. The green season is great for photographers, when skies can be sensational, especially during sunset. Waterfalls are also at their most powerful. If rafting is a favourite activity, August is your month. October brings the end of the green season, with bright blue skies.


Nimmanhaemin Rd Hotel

akyra Manor Chiang Mai is a Five Star boutique luxury Hotel in Chiang Mai that offers an intimate and exclusive all-suite luxury hotel experience.

 Five Star Hotel in Chiang Mai on Nimmanhaemin Road

Welcome to akyra Manor Chiang Mai, a five-star, intimate and exclusive all-suite luxury Nimman hotel, each suite created around a courtyard-within-a-room concept. It’s the hip downtown hotel Chiang Mai never had.

Check in to pure urban style and big city sophistication in the heart of this charming northern city’s most buzz-worthy street  Nimmanhaemin Soi 9. Take in the chic boutiques, galleries, bars and coffee shops, then return to your sanctuary and warm northern Thailand hospitality and the showstopping experiences of Rise rooftop bar and Chiang Mai’s best new restaurant, italics.


Nimmanhaemin Rd Rooftop Bar

akyra RISE BAR is an exquisite rooftop bar in this trendy Chiang Mai hotel. Catty corner from the spectacular Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center on Nimmana Haeminda Lane right off Nimmanahaeminda Road is one Chiang Mai’s premier five-star boutique hotels. On the fifth floor of the Akyra’s Manor you will find the Rise Bar. One of the trendiest rooftop bars in town anywhere, and definitely the place to be on a hot summer evening. Serving the best in Thai and international cuisine, savour one of their special pizzas while sipping on one of the special concoctions that has already made the Rise the choice for cocktail connoisseurs.


Chiang Mai Old City Rooftop Bar on Nimmanhaemin Road


Enjoy all the sights, sounds, and flavours of novel Nimmanhaemin Road. A visit to Chiang Mai isn’t complete without a trip to “Coffee Street!”



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