Why An Extended Stay In A Serviced Apartment Hotel Makes Sense

Serviced apartment hotels offers you a lot more than just a place to sleep like the average hotel room or suite. Whether you are on a business trip and need a place for your family to stay or are simply a regular traveller, your comfort is the number one priority of serviced apartment hotels.


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Serviced Apartment Hotels Offer:


1. The Comforts of Home

Serviced apartments provide a comfortable and secure environment. There are often separate areas for sleeping and living with a wide variety of entertainment equipment. This includes a television, DVD, free Wi-Fi, music systems and a private telephone line.


2. Freedom and Privacy

Once you have arrived, you can relax, play and work at your whim. You will not have to worry about reserving a conference room because you can hold meetings in your dining or living room. Entertain your family and friends in the privacy guaranteed by your apartment. You will not be disturbing anyone.


3. The Flexibility

Flexibility is extremely important for every corporate employee. Consultancies require time and are often extended. Working with an inflexible contract for lease is both difficult and challenging. A luxury serviced apartment is the ideal solution if you travel for corporate business and need flexibility in your accommodations.


4. Fully Equipped Kitchen

A fully equipped kitchen is incredibly beneficial for lengthier stays. A serviced apartment offers you a private kitchen with a cooker, fridge, dishwasher and washer and dryer. This is especially important if you have special requirements for your diet. If you do not feel like going out but do not want to cook, contact the concierge. They will arrange to have a private chef cook and serve your meal.


5. Sensational Locations

Serviced apartments hotels are generally located in the city's most desirable areas. The locations enable you to easily access the entertainment and business districts. You will find Michelin Star restaurants right on your doorstep. You can arrange transport anywhere you need to be just by calling the concierge service. This gives you the time you need to concentrate on your business.


6. 24/7 Concierge

The majority of serviced hotels provide a 24/7 concierge. Every concierge will help you with your social and travel arrangements. They have insider knowledge regarding the area, delivery services, restaurants, transport links and theatre showings. Not only will this ensure your stay is something special but it will also help to relieve any stress.


7. Security

Serviced apartments are self-contained and private by nature. The security is excellent with around the clock service and staff, secure entry and 24-hour CCTV. Your security has been ensured before you even arrive.


8. Personalised Space

You can bring personal memorabilia to enhance your comfortable and luxurious surroundings. Just a few photographs will make your serviced apartment feel like home. Pack something that holds important memories such as your child's artwork, a special book or a few of your favourite DVDs. Bring something you will enjoy for those quiet nights in like knitting, sketching or puzzles. All of this will greatly enhance your level of comfort.


9. High Standards

Regular assessments are conducted for serviced apartments to ensure the stringent standards for service and quality are being met. The guaranteed quality is the difference between short term private lets and serviced apartments. Your luxury serviced apartment is guaranteed to provide the highest accommodation standards. This includes the support staff, decor and appliances.


10. The Exclusive Experience

Your stay in a serviced apartment provides an exceptional customised and exclusive experience. You can make special requests such as having your kitchen stocked with everything you enjoy the most or secure parking. This ensures your experience will be above and beyond your expectations.


11. The Quality of Living

Just because you have spent a lot of money on a private let does not mean it will be comfortable. Businesses have begun to understand quality living is extremely important. When a consultant or director is required to relocate by the business, accommodations do not have to be a concern. Whether you are moving for the short or long term, ensuring your move will be comfortable makes a great deal of sense. Most serviced apartments provide you with thirty percent more space than staying at a hotel. This provides you with a level of comfort you will not find in a hotel or a private let.


12. Family Friendly

You may be relocating with your family. Whether your family is visiting for a lengthy period of time or making the move with you, the accommodation must be appropriate for every member of your family. This is when service becomes a critical issue. A serviced apartment provides you with maid service and catering. This will reduce the stress of moving with your family.


13. Housekeeping Services

One of the best parts of staying in a serviced apartment hotel is you get the best of both worlds. You have hotel services and home-style living. You can simply relax since linen and cleaning services are both provided daily.


14. Excellent Maintenance

The maintenance is structured because the management of service hotels is covered under an umbrella of properties. The property managers make certain every malfunction is checked and every light bulb is changed. Issues can happen during short and medium corporate lets despite the luxuriousness of the property. The property manager can access maintenance immediately to ensure any issues you may experience are solved fast with no fuss.


15. Fitness

Your well-being is dependant on maintaining your fitness routine during your extended stay. This is especially true if you exercise on a regular basis. The concierge can find you membership at a gym for the short term or locate the best places for riding your bike or going for a run. London also offers some exceptional green spaces so you are not limited to spending your time in a gym.


16. Cost-Effectiveness

The majority of apartments charge a specific rate for each unit. The opposite is true of serviced apartments because the rates are usually according to the number of occupants. This means you will pay a lower rate for your business trip accommodations. When you plan on staying for a longer period of time, you will generally receive a better rate. This provides you with even more value for your money.


17. Living Like the Locals

Certain destinations are very important for an extended stay. When you take a vacation with your family, you are most likely more interested in galleries and art museums. During a business trip, local restaurants, delicatessens and cafes become more important. This does not detract from the value of cultural destinations. It simply means your desired destinations are dependent on the purpose of your trip. The concierge at a serviced apartment offers you local knowledge for finding whatever type of destination you need.


18. Welcome Package

Your serviced apartment is your temporary home. To ensure your comfort, your apartment will be stocked with essential items such as toiletries, coffee and tea before you even arrive. This will enable you to relax and do whatever needs to be done on your schedule.


19. Price Comparison

At first glance, a serviced apartment may appear to be above the budget of the corporation. You have to take into consideration the discounts offered for lengthier stays and the costs of support and travel for choosing a private, remote and un-serviced let. This makes a tremendous difference in the price comparison. A luxury serviced apartment offers benefits for both finances and comfort.


20. Packing Light

Staying at a serviced apartment means you can pack lighter. You will be provided with both a washer and dryer and a fully stocked kitchen. You will be able to enjoy regular ironing and laundry services. This means you do not have to pack nearly as much clothing. If you intend to stay for a lengthier period of time, you will need to consider both wet and dry weather conditions. Having fewer suitcases to manage will make your trip and unpacking much easier. If you require dry cleaning services, all you have to do is ask the concierge to receive what you require.


The only way you will feel comfortable during a lengthy stay is to become familiar with both your apartment and the surrounding area. Feel free to walk around, check out the technology and ask questions. The concierge service or building manager will be there to answer your questions, address any concerns and help you in any way you need. This will raise your level of confidence and make you feel right at home. The best part of staying at a luxury serviced apartment is all of your needs will be met. You will not have to worry about security, maintenance or cleaning your apartment. Your daily chores are eliminated. This will enable you to concentrate on the business that brought you here.


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