8 Thonglor Shopping Mall in Bangkok

Bangkok is Thailand's bustling and lively capital city. It's a haven for everything from historic and cultural attractions to amazing foods. It's also a great place for people who are in the mood to shop. If you're interested in participating in classic retail therapy anywhere in the Southeast Asian metropolis, then it may be time for you to head to Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall.

Eight Thonglor is an upscale shopping center that is geared toward lifestyle consumers. It's home to 45 plus retailers at this moment in time and houses akyra Thonglor Bangkok Hotel. Eight Thonglor's options in shops truly run the gamut, from shops that focus on nostalgic vintage items. It has dining establishments that revolve around hearty meat dishes. It has wellness spas, yoga studios, grocery stores, bakeries and wine shops galore. It leaves nothing to be desired for individuals who are on the lookout for well-rounded and satisfying shopping journeys in the center of Bangkok. Visitors can find a vast range of widely known brands while they're at Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall.

8 Thonglor Shopping Mall in Bangkok - akyra Hotel


Highlights of Shopping at Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall

There are many things that make this mall so notable. Indoor parking is on hand to all customers. It's totally private. It's available in abundance as well. Customers never have to waste time searching high and low for parking spaces. Roughly 30,000 shoppers in total visit the mall each month. This doesn't take walk-ins into consideration at all, either. The mall sees about 1,300 walk-in customers each day of the week.

The vibe at Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall is 100 percent contemporary and cool. It's a chic spot that embraces some of the most memorable folks in all of Bangkok. Thailand's most famous faces are regularly spotted browsing the aisles of Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall. The same thing applies to fashionistas in the city in general. It's a fashionable place to be seen.

Contemporary convenience is the name of the game at Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall. Although the mail is a terrific place for people who want to pick up all of the coolest designer pieces around, it has a lot of practicality on its side as well. That's due to the fact that it features an on-site grocery store that's open for business around the clock. People who are hungry and who are searching for ingredients for meal preparation purposes can head to the supermarket on a 24-7 basis. It literally never closes its doors which is perfect for visitors using serviced apartments on their holiday.


Shops and Beyond at Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall

People never have to settle for anything that's less than the best while they're at Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall. Shoppers who want to secure striking and memorable clothing pieces can head to all kinds of shops. Several examples of apparel stores that are on hand at the mall are The Vintage Store, Shaka, Romeo & Julieta's, Ever After and the Basement of Samantha. It doesn't matter if an individual is keen on outfits that are ideal for nights out on the town. It doesn't matter if he or she is keen on clothing items that are ideal for basic daily errands, either. Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall can accommodate a vast assortment of diverse clothing shopping requests, no exceptions.

Beauty is a major focal point for the shoppers who head to Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall. The mall caters to people who wish to beautify themselves in all sorts of ways. It caters to those who simply feel like pampering themselves and taking it easy for a while through aesthetic treatments, too. Examples of the shopping center's beauty favourites are Face + By Yamano, Dr. Tattof, Dimension Clinic, Beauty Bar, S125 Clinic, Maison de Nail and Humming Hair Salon. This shopping mall is optimal for people who want to update their looks through haircuts, hair colouring sessions and beyond. It's just as optimal for those who are on the lookout for hydrating facials, pedicures, manicures, massages and related things.

Since Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall is associated with a soothing lifestyle concept, it's no shocker that the center is a hub for lifestyle-oriented businesses of all kinds. Some of the lifestyle shops that are on hand at the mall are Pantry Magic, Flower Stage, Yugen, The Conservatory and 8 Musique. Pantry Magic can accommodate people who wish to secure cooking devices that can simplify all of their meal preparation tasks greatly. It sells everything from coffee machines and basters to roasters and even mixing bowls.

Flower Stage is a favourite among visitors to Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall who are big fans of lovely and energising floral bouquets of all kinds. It's a highly regarded flower shop that hails from Japan. It presents people with design courses that are appropriate for newbies and seasoned gurus alike. It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the concept of bouquet design. It doesn't matter if you know what you're doing, either. Flower Stage can cater to your needs without any issue.

People who visit this action-packed shopping center for their daily workout can always head to Kri Yoga. Kri Yoga, true to its name, presents people with more than 45 distinctive sequential classes. These classes are centered around individuals' physique classifications, health statuses, lifestyles and temperaments. If you want to take it easy and learn about all of the things that make yoga so worthwhile, then a trip to Kri Yoga may be right up your alley. This center's training approach takes the physique into complete consideration. It takes the brain into full consideration, too.

8 Thonglor Shopping Mall in Bangkok - akyra Hotels


Eating at Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall

Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall is an undeniable staple among individuals who are crazy about shopping all throughout Bangkok. It's a staple among all of the most devoted foodies of the city as well. If you have a craving for all sorts of tantalising food items, then you won't be able to turn away from a visit to this shopping powerhouse. Its dining establishment options cater to individuals regardless of their food preferences. It's wonderful if you appreciate Southeast Asian dishes. It's just as wonderful if you appreciate European ones. The food service choices at this shopping mall do not exclude any diners at all. If you're looking to sink your teeth into meals that come from South America, then you may want to head to El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse. It's not just a wondrous spot for the beef devotees of the planet, either. That's because its choices in wine are impressive and exhilarating as can be.

Asian food enthusiasts can't say no to meals at Din Tai Fung. The positive news is they have no reason on the planet to say no to them. Din Tai Fung has been around for roughly four decades so far. It originated on the island of Taiwan quite a long time ago. It's ideal for people who want to dine on chicken soup and pork dumplings galore. It's a force to be reckoned with in numerous nations as well. People can check it out in South Korea, Japan, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Australia.

Sushi Hiro at Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall, as its name suggests, focuses on bona fide sushi items straight from Japan. The menu isn't limited to traditional sushi pieces, either. Diners can order everything from seafood salads to sashimi. People who have penchants for raw fish are often spotted at Sushi Hiro. The ambiance of the establishment is both sophisticated and refined.

True Coffee, last but definitely not least, is a terrific spot for people who are on the lookout for quick caffeine fixes during their shopping trips. It's a coffeehouse that has a soothing and welcoming vibe to it. People who want to appreciate superb coffee beverages in the middle of their shopping journeys are in many cases big True Coffee supporters.

The Eight Restaurant opens onto the expansive pool terrace and is also the venue for the daily gourmet breakfast, an indulgent spread providing a nourishing start to an inspiring day in the city. Get the perfect start to your day with our range of Western and Asian breakfast favourites. Choose a nourishing meal to power up for the morning, or savour an indulgent spread for a great start to a relaxing day.

The Lounge Restaurant is an art-deco sanctuary with a choice of plush seating and private alcoves, the perfect dining destination based on an East Meets West concept with exquisite Thai cuisine complemented by international specials and a wide selection of fine wines to bring out the flavour of the freshest ingredients. The Lounge Thonglor is also a cozy place to gather with friends or family while enjoying afternoon tea, or relax with coffee, cake or a class of wine after a long day shopping in the Bangkok malls.


The shopping mall opens its doors at 10:00 in the morning. It shuts them exactly 12 full hours later at 10:00 in the evening as well. People can easily find out more about the mall on the Internet. Eight Thonglor Shopping Mall has accounts through well-known social media networks such as Pinterest, Instagram and, finally, Twitter. People can get updates about the shopping center and all of its activities and offerings through these social networking platforms. They can interact with the mall's staff members via social media messages, too.





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