Bangkok's Trendiest Neighbourhood

One of the most delightful, exciting and trendiest neighbourhoods you will discover in Bangkok is Thonglor. The area is filled with sensational eateries and offers a fantastic nightlife. Every traveller will find something of interest in Thonglor. Thonglor has transformed into one of Bangkok's hippest neighbourhoods. The Japanese have become particularly fond of the area resulting in exceptional Japanese restaurants in addition to delicious Thai food and trendy bars. Once you visit, you will most likely return because it is nearly impossible to see everything during one visit.


Bangkoks Trendiest Neighbourhood - akyra Hotels


Places to Stay in Thonglor

If you are interested in hotels with a fascinating history, you are in the right place. If you are backpacking through the area at the mercy of your budget, you will find an inexpensive hostel convenient to the Skytrain. Goodfellas Cafe and Hostel is charming, a nice place to spend a night or two and offers unique brews at the cafe. If you desire luxury, the Grande Centre Hotel is an excellent option


Volve Hotel

Only a short walk is required to reach the Volve from the BTS stop. You will also be near many of the finest restaurants in Thonglor. The classic urban hotel was designed by Pitipat Jongsomjit, a well-known architect. The Volve is often referred to as Khun Um and is the epitome of cool style. Somehow, the rooms manage to be sophisticated, simple and modern all at the same time. Whether you have travelled to Bangkok for entertainment or are on a business trip, you will find the ideal refuge at the Volve.

Your room will have a lovely complimentary bar fully stocked with delightful Thai snacks and water in glass bottles. If you are travelling with electronics, you will quickly discover the rooms provide more than enough outlets for all of your needs. You can enjoy the comfort of your bed for both relaxing and working without running out of power.


akyra Thonglor Bangkok Hotel

akyra Thonglor Bangkok is the perfect combination of 1950s retro and modern contemporary. The hotel is tastefully decorated with wood panelling, modern Thai art and ornate signs. Pictures are located between the floors by Thomthong Chaijinda and Nakrob Moonmanas. The young artists have portrayed everything from a hidden cat to some of the breathtaking areas of Thailand. The pictures are an excellent incentive for taking the stairs.

You can choose from an a la carte or buffet breakfast or enjoy your meals all day long at the little bistro. The hotel will provide you with a map showing you the best places to go for a sensational Thai massage, a shopping expedition, stop for a relaxing drink or enjoy a fine meal.


The Hidden Treasures of Thonglor

You will find Thonglor is filled with hidden treasures just waiting for you to discover. The palaces, cafes, restaurants and bars will keep you entertained indefinitely. Take the time to explore the neighbourhood to see as much as you possibly can.


Gardens of Dinsor Palace

Prior to the war, the house and gardens were built specifically for Thailand's royal princess. The palace now encompasses a pair of gorgeous white Indian peacocks, a delightful cafe, a phenomenal garden and an exceptional restaurant. The grounds are absolutely breathtaking. The restaurant is one of the best in Thailand with a reputation for excellent service, culinary expertise and heritage preservation. The most popular dishes include sensational coconut cake and duck confit waffles.


Tealily Cafe

The best matcha throughout Bangkok is available at the Tealily cafe. You will find the humble tea house and cafe in one of the residential areas of Thonglor. If you do not take care, you will completely miss a delightful stop. Bou is the tea master responsible for choosing only the best matcha from Japan and Uji and importing everything to Bangkok.

Her grandmother started teaching her the art of Japanese tea about ten years ago in the Japanese countryside. The only place you can find matcha anymore authentic would be to travel to Japan. You may be drawn by the matcha, but you will fall in love with a cat named Mochi. Mochi is a mischievous, positively delightful kitty who will soon own a piece of your heart.


After You Cafe

One of the most popular chains in Bangkok for enticing desserts is After You Cafe. The desserts are both creative and delicious. The cafe focuses on taste, quality and sheer decadence. Stop by and enjoy an unforgettable dessert. You can find After You Cafe's throughout Bangkok, but one of the first opened is in Thonglor. The atmosphere is fantastic. The cafe is relaxing, with sunlight shining through the tall windows. The best time to visit is during the late afternoon.


Nanase Restaurant

Nanase Restaurant is located right along Sukhumvit road. The ramen bar has stated you can find the best Japanese noodles here as opposed anywhere else in the city. Based on the popularity of the humble restaurant, everyone in the city agrees. The tori broth is mouthwatering, thick, rich and creamy and you can feel the taste sensation explode in your mouth. You can choose a Keisuke or Marutama bowl for just 140 baht. One of the very best is NanaSe. You want to give this delicious creation a try while you are in Thonglor.


Ekkamai Pad Thai

Some of the best pad thai you will ever taste us hidden near Ekkamai Soi 19. If you know good Thai, you will not be disappointed. The price is not cheap, but worth every single baht you will spend. Mee is the owner, who takes pride in serving the ultimate of pad thai. The incredible dish includes mussles, shrimps, two river prawns, squid and caviar for 250 baht. The dish is decadent and you will not be disappointed. You can also try the classic pad thai for 80 baht, including delectable prawns. The flavours are authentic, and the trip is worth your time.


Octave Rooftop Bar

When you want to relax, have a cocktail and enjoy some good Japanese food, head to the Octave. You will find the bar at the Marriott Thonglor on the 45th floor. This building is the tallest anywhere in the neighbourhood, and the pride of the residents. You will be close to a lovely five-star hotel located near the airport. Your views of the city are clear, unobstructed and absolutely gorgeous.

The sunsets from the bar will take your breath away. If you are planning to visit a rooftop bar while in the neighbourhood, this is the one. There is a wide variety of cocktails to choose from and more than enough food to keep you satisfied throughout the night.


Sit and Wonder Cafe

In most cases, the truly divine local food is sold at expensive restaurants or street food stalls located randomly all over the neighbourhood. The exception is Sit and Wonder Cafe. You will discover authentic, inexpensive and delectable local fare for less than 150 baht per plate. This is one of the few local cafes with an upscale feel without the exorbitant prices. The pad thai is chewy, juicy and filled with all of the ideal ingredients. The best part is you will enjoy a sensational meal for under 100 baht.


Travellers Cafe and Hostel

When you are leaving the Thonglor BTS go down the stairs and you will see the Travellers Cafe and Hostel. You can view the inside through the graceful windows running from floor to ceiling. The cafe is cosy, quiet and the ideal escape from the crowds on Sukhumvit Road. The owner of the establishment is Chart, and he has done an amazing job with the cafe. As a coffee connoisseur, he has tasted every type of roast from numerous parts of the world. His customers love everything he has shared with them.


Soul Food Mahanakorn

If you are interested in some serious drinks, great cooking and wholesome ingredients, look no further than Soul Food Mahanakorn. The restaurant is divine for anyone delighted with authentic Thai flavours enjoyed in a lovely setting with wine or drinks to compliment a fine meal. Choosing a dish from the menu is difficult because everything sounds good. Consider the lemongrass and crab curry over rice noodles. This is an excellent place to spend time with both your family and friends.


Hideaway Cafe

The name is deceptive because you will have no difficulty finding the Hideaway Cafe. The building is in Parklane Shopping Village and stands alone. When you look at the signboard, it simply says x Cafe. The sign on the front door shows Omu Japanese Omurice x Cafe. The signboard is correct. Hideaway Cafe is the x Cafe. The stairs in the building will take you to a loft delightful for enjoying a cup of coffee during both the morning and afternoon.

The restaurant on the first level is also divine. The name originated in Japan for the fluffiness of the amazing egg rice. You will see a lot of Japanese expats enjoying coffee upstairs as well as dining in the restaurant below.


The Commons

The Commons encompasses numerous retail establishments, restaurants and cafes beneath the same roof. The architecture is stunning with the feeling of an oasis. You can easily escape the concrete jungle of the city in an open and airy space with extremely high ceilings. Tourists and locals alike visit the Commons to relax and enjoy a lazy afternoon or day. You will find a lot of Thai cafes and restaurants here, but there is no poor choice among them. A lot of people come for an excellent working venue, park their bicycles at any of the designated parking spots and even bring their dogs.

The Commons is one of the hippest places in Bangkok, attracting travellers, visitors, locals and expats. The large selection of boutiques is sensational. A lot of different businesses have come together to offer their services and products to the community. You can find almost anything you are looking for just by spending some time at the Commons. One of the best parts of staying in Thonglor is the wide selection of restaurants and cafes where you can eat out. One of the coolest restaurants in the neighbourhood is right next door. Bo.lan offers sensational food.

Just opposite, you will find Bacco. You can get a really good pizza at this Italian restaurant. The market styled food court also offers hipster and bunting lights, churros with a variety of different dips and craft beer. The wine bar is excellent with numerous food options such as steaks and lobster rolls. If you loved Soul Food Mahanakorn, you will find the fast-food version right here. 555 Soul Food offers lemonade and incredible pulled pork burgers. One of the best combinations is som tam salad and the crispy chicken burger. Be careful, the som tam salad can be extremely spicy.


Wie Immer Bangkok

Wie Immer Bangkok is a beautiful little cafe located in a side alley. The cafe looks a lot like a small greenhouse. You can try amazing drinks such as a classic Americano or a charcoal latte. If you are looking for something healthy, the basement offers yoga classes. There are numerous Japanese restaurants found throughout Thonglor. You will find Nobu and Wie around the corner from one another. The food served is very good. Get dressed in your finest and visit the Iron Fairies bar right next door to finish off your evening in true style.


72 Courtyard

One of the most popular baos in Thonglor used to be 72 Courtyard. Although the bao has closed, visit the same location to discover an extremely stylish assortment of modern and hip eateries.


Supanninga Eating Room

Another excellent option for anyone looking for authentic and tasty Thai food is Supanninga. There are three locations throughout Bangkok, all with sensational environments. The branch in Thonglor is exceptional for a cosy dinner or a chic lunch. The menu offers a wide selection of choices including seafood dishes, options for vegetarians and meat delicacies. The spicy food includes deep-fried tofu with mushrooms and glass noodles. Travellers and locals can both find something wonderful at Suppanninga.


The Eight Restaurant

The Eight Restaurant opens onto the expansive pool terrace and is also the venue for the daily gourmet breakfast, an indulgent spread providing a nourishing start to an inspiring day in the city. Get the perfect start to your day with our range of Western and Asian breakfast favourites. Choose a nourishing meal to power up for the morning, or savour an indulgent spread for a great start to a relaxing day.


The Lounge Restaurant

The Lounge Restaurant is an art-deco sanctuary with a choice of plush seating and private alcoves, the perfect dining destination based on an East Meets West concept with exquisite Thai cuisine complemented by international specials and a wide selection of fine wines to bring out the flavour of the freshest ingredients. The Lounge Thonglor is also a cozy place to gather with friends or family while enjoying afternoon tea, or relax with coffee, cake or a class of wine after a long day shopping in the Bangkok malls.


Activities in Thonglor Bangkok - akyra Hotels


Activities in Thonglor

There is no shortage of places to go and things to see in Thonglor. Stop by the Thonglor Art Village to find delightful and cheap vintage goods. Thonglor Art Village is affordable, unique and quaint including a complete rack filled with great deals for 100 baht. The neighbourhood also provides another sensational secondhand store called Eco Ring. You can purchase fantastic clothing, and browse through numerous items including bicycles and guitars.

If you came to Thonglor because you wanted to be pampered, you are in luck. The streets are lined with inexpensive massage parlours. You can experience the massage of your dreams here. If you came to explore, you will find lengthy areas of road filled with charming condos and numerous options for accommodations. Look closely between the accommodations to discover a nice selection of fruit stands. You can enjoy pineapply, mango and so much more. There are even a few hair and beauty salons available.


Nightclubs and Bars of Thonglor

You will soon discover Thonglor is filled with sensational nightclubs and bars. One of the most incredible bars in the neighbourhood is the Iron Fairies. The decor is both rustic and vintage with bottles full of pixie dust and a magnificent iron staircase. If you are dreaming about finding the ideal brew in a city not known for traditional beer, check out The Beer Cap. This is one of the best bars you will find in the commons with a few rotating beers right on tap.

You will enjoy the rooftop terrace at Badmotel. You can enjoy the unforgettable combination of a breathtaking view and a unique cocktail. Go straight to Flann O’Brien’s Irish Pub for an excellent pint of Guinness. The Greyhound Cafe has a great happy hour. Wine drinkers can take advantage of buy one, get one free. There are even a few karaoke bars such as J Style Japanese Karaoke and Bon Sai Bar.

Right off Sukhumvit Soi 55, you will find Beam. This hot nightclub provides the dancing and tech-house music you are looking for. If you go wild listening to music and love to party, your will enjoy the almost nightly DJs and stylish concrete interior of the nightclub. If you just want to have a few drinks, but are not interested in dancing, go to the Game Over Lounge. The bar is filled with gamers, offering board games, PC and high-end gaming and a lot more.


The Local Market

Go to the end of Sukhumvit Soi 55 to discover a great market. You will find a variety of both miscellaneous goods and Thai food. The market is located along the Khlong. The boat ride is inexpensive, and enables you to avoid the congestion found on the streets of Bangkok. Take a ride on the Khlong boat to view the city in an authentic style. You will also be able to explore to your heart's content.



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