Serviced Apartment Hotels make Ideal Family Holidays in Bangkok

When you are planning a holiday getaway with your family to Bangkok, what do you think of? Do you think of cramming your whole family into one room, the stress of getting everyone out to a restaurant three times a day, and bland sterile hotel rooms? Or do you think of a stress-free space to relax, quality family time, and a comfortable home away from home?

As you probably know, when it comes to a relaxing getaway with the family, standard hotel rooms just don’t cut it. No matter what, everyone eventually drives each other mad. You may end up more stressed out than you were before the trip. You may not be able to value your time together as a family. The solution: give serviced apartments hotels a try!

Serviced apartment hotels are becoming more and more common among families on holiday in Bangkok, and with good reason. Even compared to B&Bs and Airbnbs, serviced apartments have the advantage. They are often more centralised in the city centre and offer more dynamic living spaces without compromising privacy. They also offer better security, reputable quality and incomparable hotel perks that you can’t miss out on. With a serviced apartment, you can have it all!


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We know you’re busy, but planning your next holiday doesn’t have to be a huge job. We’ve compiled this list of 8 key reasons why serviced apartments are ideal for your family:

1. Flexibility

While on holiday, you and your family may not appreciate having to get up early for the hotel restaurant’s breakfast or waiting for lunch service to begin. Every family operates on their own schedule, and it’s not easy to get your family to adjust to a new schedule. Trying to everyone out at a non-routine time can make the holiday feel like anything but. Lucky for you, serviced apartments come with a fully-equipped kitchen to make meals a breeze.

We all know how stressful the restaurant experience can be with the whole family, especially with picky eaters and small children. To avoid the chaos, the best option might simply be to eat in. Get something easy to prepare or make your family’s favourite meal. You’ll save yourselves the trouble of getting the kids ready to eat out, every single day, three times a day. And when you do decide to eat out, it will be a much more exciting and rewarding experience for all!

With your own kitchen at hand, meals will undoubtedly be cheaper, easier and more healthy. What’s better is you can have them when and how your family wants, according to your own routine.


2. Independence

Most importantly, serviced apartments give you independence. Not only independence with meal options and schedules, but personal space. While you’re on holiday and hope to spend quality time with your family, spending every waking minute together is bound to drive some of you mad. A serviced apartment generally offers 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom options, offering parents, young kids and teenagers the space they need to unwind and rest up after a long day out and about.

What this means is better quality time together as a family when you’re ready for it. Serviced apartments also include social areas for everyone to gather and truly appreciate being together.


3. Home Away from Home

A serviced apartment offers so much more than a place to stay -- it offers luxury, comfort and personality. Most serviced apartments include top-line appliances, including fully-equipped kitchen and living areas. These unique perks make your holiday more special with delicious home-cooked meals, unforgettable family movie or game nights, and personalised amenities to let you truly relax. Browse through the serviced apartment offerings at your destination, as many include unique luxuries like a Jacuzzi, private terrace or state-of-the-art entertainment systems!

Serviced apartments prioritise comfort. Imagine trying to be comfortable in a hotel room with your whole family crowded around one bed and one small television screen. Now, imagine everyone gathered around a large Smart TV, comfortably spread out on the plush L-shaped sofa, ready to watch the latest James Bond film a bowl of fresh popped popcorn. Everyone can finally relax after a long day of sight-seeing. This would be impossible in a hotel -- but a serviced apartment has your comfort guaranteed!

Tasteful personality is also a given in a serviced apartment. Hotels generally look the same after a while: the same starched white linen, bland coloured duvets, and dull inoffensive drawings of flowers or landscapes. A serviced apartment, on the other hand, is generally decorated in a unique, intentional style with plenty of personal touches. You’ll often find apartments with tasteful artwork and inspiring decor, making you feel immediately at home in this new place. In no time, you’ll feel immersed and relaxed in your new home away from home.


4. Location, Location, Location

Serviced apartments are often found in larger cities, making them the ideal city getaway. They offer the perfect compromise between small downtown hotel rooms and more spacious hotels in the suburbs. Imagine living in the heart of Bangkok for a week, with all of the convenience and independence of your own flat. Step out and you’re a minute’s walk from the high street, the best museums and the trendiest shops and restaurants. A serviced apartment in the city centre is the ideal option with all the advantages and convenience of being downtown without compromising your family’s comfort. Now where you go is up to you!


5. Peace of Mind

Do you get bored living out of a suitcase after a day or two? Does it drive you mad when you can’t seem to find anything in the tiny hotel room? For those who get peace of mind with organisation, a serviced apartment is perfect for you! Everyone has a room for their own things and you’ll find a place for everything. Since serviced apartments include private bedrooms, a kitchen and living room, you’ll be at ease knowing where your things are.

The serviced apartment layout also makes it easier for your family to keep their routine. With separate bedrooms, early risers won’t bother those who value a good lie in, ensuring everyone is in a better mood to start the day!


6. Bang for your Buck

A serviced apartment is a fantastic option if your family holiday needs to be budget-friendly. Whether it’s beating the cost of multiple downtown hotel rooms or a suburban hotel (plus cab/metro rides), serviced apartments are a guaranteed better value. Multiple hotel rooms and transportation costs quickly add up, while a serviced apartment in a central location avoids those extraneous expenses.

Another bonus is the money you’ll save on restaurant tabs with a kitchen on site. Not only will dining out when you decide to be a luxurious experience, but you might be able to splurge a bit on a special meal or two!


7. Safety and Trust

Have you ever walked into your Airbnb rental to find that the bed is too small, the kitchen ill-equipped or something not working properly? You never know what you’ll get with Airbnb, and it could be hours or days before the host can come by to fix an issue. If you’re staying in the centre of a busy city like Bangkok, you’ll also want a place you can trust and feel safe.

At a serviced apartment, you know you’re getting a quality space from a reputable host. If there are any issues, reception is just moments away to help sort out any problems. You also know your apartment and belongings are safe in a secure building with a front desk, whereas at an Airbnb you’ll be at the mercy of whatever security the host happens to have. Something else you usually won’t know until you arrive!


8. Hotel Perks

Best of all, you have all of the perks of staying in a luxury hotel at your serviced apartment. Most serviced apartments boast a reception, regular cleaning service, and a restaurant and/or bar on site in case you want a quick drink or easy bite. There’s nothing more relaxing and stress free while on holiday than having someone to help keep the apartment in order or calling reception to immediately resolve any issues. You are, after all, on holiday. The last thing you need is to spend all day cleaning the apartment or trying to fix a broken air conditioner!


Time to Try a Serviced Apartment!

Are you now convinced to book a serviced apartment for your family's next getaway? There are truly endless advantages to serviced apartments for families of any type and size. Hopefully this overview has encouraged you to try something new and different for your next family adventure. akyra offers a range of Long Stay Serviced Apartments.



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