Central Festival Shopping Mall in Chiang Mai

Central Festival Mall in Chiang Mai, inaugurated in 2013, represents a prime destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment in Northern Thailand. This modern facility is designed to cater to a diverse audience, including locals and tourists, offering an extensive range of retail stores, eateries, and leisure activities. Its strategic location and comprehensive amenities make it an essential part of the Chiang Mai shopping landscape, blending traditional Thai culture with contemporary lifestyle trends.

Its architecture combines modern aesthetics with local cultural elements, creating an inviting atmosphere that appeals to a wide demographic. The mall's design emphasises natural light and open spaces, providing a pleasant shopping environment. Compared to Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre, another popular mall in Chiang Mai, Central Festival stands out for its larger scale, more diverse range of international brands, and extensive dining and entertainment options, marking its significance in the local retail landscape.


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Central Festival

Central Festival Mall in Chiang Mai enhances the shopping experience with services and amenities tailored for convenience and accessibility. Tourists can take advantage of the free shuttle service, making trips to and from the mall seamless. A dedicated tourist information counter offers various services, such as wheelchair and baby stroller rentals, ensuring a comfortable visit for all. Additionally, the mall caters to diverse needs with facilities like EV charging stations, a prayer room, a family lounge, and specially designed kids' toilets.


  • Ground Floor:

Acts as the gateway to the mall, offering a wide array of dining options in the food court, alongside premium supermarkets for quality groceries and pharmacies for health and wellness needs.

  • First Floor:

Fashion and beauty dominate this level, featuring local and international brands. Shoppers can find fashion trends, beauty products, and health services.

  • Second Floor:

Dedicated to luxury shopping, with high-end fashion boutiques and beauty spas. This floor caters to those looking for premium brands and pampering services.

  • Third Floor:

Focuses on technology and lifestyle, housing electronics stores, sports apparel shops, and beauty product outlets. It's a go-to for tech gadgets, athletic wear, and cosmetics.

  • Fourth Floor:

This level offers practical services, including banking facilities, a variety of food and drink outlets, and stores for electrical appliances, catering to everyday needs and convenience.

  • Fifth Floor:


A mix of health clinics, more dining options, and the cinema provides a comprehensive entertainment and wellness experience. It's ideal for leisure activities and medical consultations.


Central Shopping Highlights

Central Festival Mall's Central Department Store stands as a core shopping destination, offering an extensive selection of brands under one roof, akin to a mall within a mall. The store features everything from fashion and beauty to electronics and home goods, catering to various shopping needs.

Within Central Festival Mall, shoppers can explore a variety of stores such as high-end fashion brands like Zara and H&M for contemporary clothing, Boots and Watsons for health and beauty products, and specialised shops like the Apple Store for electronics. Additionally, exclusive local boutiques offer unique Thai crafts and goods, blending international and local shopping experiences.


Central Dining Options

Central Festival Mall in Chiang Mai offers a rich array of dining options, from bustling food courts featuring various local and international cuisines to notable restaurants for sit-down meals. Speciality cafes and dessert places dot the mall, providing perfect spots for coffee enthusiasts and sweet tooth lovers. For first-time visitors, exploring the ground floor food court is a must for an authentic taste of Thai dishes. In contrast, the upper floors offer more international dining experiences and speciality desserts, ensuring a comprehensive culinary journey.

The mall's restaurants range from high-end dining experiences to familiar global chains, ensuring variety. Speciality cafes provide a cosy retreat with artisanal coffee and unique beverages, while dessert places dazzle with inventive sweets and traditional Thai desserts, making every dining experience memorable for visitors.


Central Entertainment

At Central Festival Mall, entertainment and leisure activities abound. The Major Cineplex (top floor) offers a state-of-the-art movie-watching experience, including IMAX screenings for film enthusiasts. The mall houses a fitness centre (fourth floor) equipped with modern exercise equipment and sports facilities for those looking to stay active. Families with children can enjoy the children's play area and educational zone (third floor), which are designed to provide a fun and interactive learning environment. These amenities ensure a well-rounded visit for all ages, combining shopping with entertainment and healthful activities.

Central Festival Mall in Chiang Mai hosts various special events and offers throughout the year, including seasonal sales that coincide with major holidays and festivals, providing ample opportunities for savings and unique shopping experiences. Additionally, the mall offers loyalty programs specifically designed for tourists, which include discounts, rewards, and exclusive promotions, enhancing the shopping experience for international visitors. These programs and events are designed to celebrate Thai culture while catering to the diverse tastes of the mall's global clientele.


Finding Central

Central Festival Mall in Chiang Mai is conveniently located at 99, 99/1, 99/2 Moo 4, Chiang Mai, making it accessible via various transportation options. Visitors can use Grab, the popular ride-hailing service, or traditional Songthaews for a local experience. Those with personal vehicles will find ample parking, including designated areas for ladies, families, and electric vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free visit.



The best times for tourists visiting Central Festival Mall in Chiang Mai are weekdays and early afternoons for fewer crowds. Respect local customs by dressing modestly and removing shoes where required. Maximise your visit by utilising the free Wi-Fi and mobile charging stations available throughout the mall, ensuring you stay connected and your devices powered up during your shopping experience.

Central Festival is 7.5km (15min) from akyra Manor Chiang Mai via route 11.



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